For students who like to skip classes and break the law, there is now a better place for them.

This piece takes place in MOPC ( Ministry of Population Control )

James pulled his car into the parking lot one level below the rooftop.

The level is empty and his car is the only one present that midday morning in the middle of a residential estate. He got out of his vehicle together with his partner Betty.

Both of them are dressed casually in dri fit t-shirts and track pants. The letters ‘MOPC’ is brightly printed in yellow behind the dark blue top.

James removed his sunglasses and looked at the notification on his phone.

Betty : Another rebellious teenager.

Betty shook her head and commented that their target Joyce just turned 18 the day before.

James : secondary 4 at 18, she retained for 2 years.

Betty scrolled on her phone before commenting that Joyce smokes as well.

James : Going to take a while to clean this one up.

The two of them took the stairs to the roof top garden of the multi-storey carpark.

Peeking through the glass panel of the fire escape door, they could see Joyce smoking in her school uniform.

James : What a waste of a perfectly good body. Smoking at such a young age. My god.

Betty : Well, it won’t be a waste once we retrieve it and being her back to MOPC.

James and Betty pulled out their stunt baton from their belts and reported their status back to HQ.

James : We’re about to grab target G22, Joyce Chu Jia Min. Permission to proceed over.

The acknowledgement came within seconds.

“Please proceed with care, target has been identified at a prime breeder base on her genetics profile.”

Betty : She should have stayed in school…

Betty said as she pushed opened the door.

James : I guess her body will serve a higher purpose once we bring her in.

Joyce took a long drag of her cigarette before turning to see James and Betty running towards her. She threw the half-finished cigarette onto the floor, picked up her bag and started to run.

She could feel the abrasion of her sanitary pad against the insides of her thigh as she put one foot in front of the other. Just when she is about to reach the door on the other exit stairs of the roof garden, she blacked out when James’s stun baton came into contact with her neck.

Betty held onto Joyce before she crash onto the ground in a series of spasms.

James kept his baton and knelt down to check Joyce’s vital signs.

James : She’s ok.

The 2 of them grabbed Joyce and brought her to their vehicle.

James took the opportunity to touch Joyce’s breast, kneading them through her school uniform blouse.

James : I always find it irresistible when I grab school girls like her..

Betty lifted up Joyce’s skirt to reveal that she is having her period.

Betty: Too bad for you… she’s not available.

James : what a waste. Would have loved to have a first go before sending her in.

Betty : hahhaa…well, there’s always others.

James : pity though, she’s so pretty. Should have stayed in school.

Betty : I hope she enjoys her stay in MOPC.


10800 words

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