A dead man I am, i descend into the bowels of this land.
Each breath I draw, is by the grace of the country I serve.
I fear neither the darkness nor the shadows that lurks within.
I cower not, in the face of evil and adversity,
I fight unencumbered, i kill without remorse,
I harbor the weak, I deceive the cunning,
I outwit the brilliant, I outlast the strong,
The resolve of the fallen, fuels my unwavering grit
I am the wall, between the Nagas and men.
I am the wall , till my last breath ends.

Javen’s wife and child were taken from him in an unfortunate accident. His quest for revenge against the son of a sheltered and corrupted minister, landed him the death penalty.

Sitting in his cell, he was ready to go. To join his family in another world.

He was ready to pay for his crimes when an offer came. An offer to hear his child’s heartbeat again.

His daughter may have passed on but her organs were donated.

She lives on in the body of another.

How far would a father go, in order to hear the heartbeat of his daughter once again?

Is there anything he will not do?


“That prick deserves to die, but killing is a crime.” The man sitting in front of him pushed across a small recorder with attached headphones.

Javen put it on and he was immediately overwhelmed by emotions when he heard the rhythmic thud. It reminded him of the first time heartbeat was detected during an ultrasound checkup with his wife. The short recording lasted only 10 seconds but he played it over and over again.

The man tapped the folder in front of him, drumming his fingers slowly on the cover with a ‘classified’ stamp across it.

“The girl is very lucky, she got your daughter’s heart, liver and kidney.” He said. ” She is the same age as your daughter was, there are no signs of organ rejection and the doctors are positive she will go on to lead a normal and fulfilling life.”

Javen felt the hot tear roll down his cheek. His body started shaking as he broke down completely. He has held back his tears for so long. He told himself he will not be weak, he must seek revenge.

She has a wish, she wants to meet the parent of the girl who gave her organs to her. She wants to thank them in person. That is her only wish.”

Javen continued crying as he played back the recording over and over again, filling his head with the rhythmic thud of a strong healthy heart given a new lease of life.

His wrist strained against the handcuffs, causing the cold metal to dig into his flesh.

The man did not rush him for a decision. He remained quiet, waiting patiently for his reply.

A few minutes later when Javen composed himself and got his emotions in check, he looked at that man and asked him what he wants from him.

“What do you want me to do?” Javen said as he held onto the recorder tightly.

“To descend to the depths of hell itself.” Ron replied.

Coming soon.

4th quarter 2022