With the right motivation, anything is possible.

It might not sound like it, but this romance piece is going to hit hard.

*This romance piece contains erotic scenes*

I’m 20kg overweight in 2017.

There is no way I can possibly pass the annual fitness test that all active National service man like me need to do.

Growing up, I’ve always been round, chubby cheeks, a bit extra around the waist. I still look cute I would say. However, starting work is the real killer for my eight gain because of my irregular meal time.

Working in a design firm, there are frequent nights where I need to stay well beyond midnight just to get some drawings out and on those nights, I will feast on instant noodles and pizza in the office.

Pile on the beer, the junk food and cookies, the weight really started piling on.

My usual roundness went up a notch, making me look like a walking circle in the street. At 1.65m in height, I’m not exactly tall for a guy, but my weight is a horrible 85kg.

I gave up all hopes of losing those extra weight and resigned myself to failing my annual fitness test.

Now for those who fail their annual fitness test like me, we are supposed to attend 20 sessions of additional training. These additional sessions are supposed to help us tone up to pass the fitness test but seriously, for gone cases like me, no amount of help is possible.

I mean yes, you can force me by law, to attend make up training to lose weight, but if I don’t have the will to do it on my own, there’s nothing you can do isn’t it?

What is the point of me going to a dedicated training camp at the expense of taxpayers money, only to gorge myself on fast food after?

It’s frankly a waste of time and resources.

Anyway, I adopted the ‘just get it over and done with’ mentality every year.

I will fail the test, and fulfil the requirement of wasting 20 evenings doing exercises along with others like me.

This went on every year until the 4th year of my 10 year cycle.

Something happened.

I was well into the 4th or 5th session of my additional training that year. I ended the session and walked out to the bus stop along the quiet road in the north of the island.

Perhaps it’s because I’m fat or just slow, some of my fellow trainees who walked on ahead already got on the bus, leaving me alone at the quiet bus stop.

No, I did not bump into a ghost or anything freaky that evening.

Checking the bus arrival timing, I was flabbergasted to see the next bus will only arrive 20 minutes later.

I was about to waste time scrolling through social media feeds when someone tapped on my shoulder.


Turning towards the voice, I was astonished to see a beautiful and hot babe standing beside me.

“Hi I’m Rene.”

I was too stunt to speak. She was wearing just a sports bra and FBT shorts.

Her amazing pair of boobs is literally staring at me at eye level and when I allowed my eyes to look at that beautiful pair of legs, I could feel blood rushing to my privates.

I have always been fond of nice legs.

Her flawless legs really strike me because not only are they blemish free, they look really good without appearing too muscular.

Then there is her butt, she filled up the shorts really well, redefining my expectations of a woman with a round ass.

With enough perkiness to make the pair of shorts look good, her butt pushed the fabric far enough to allow this teasing gap between the hem of her shorts and her thigh.

I could feel my fat overweight dick oozing precum by the time I saw her white ankle socks and well-worn sneakers.

“hi, you ok?” Rene said as she waved at me with her free hand.

“Hi…” I mumbled and finally focused on her face which seared the image of my masturbation target for the next few weeks.

Her eyes are electrifying, her smile almost hypnotic to look at and the dimples.

I almost cursed out loud at the bus stop as I appraised her beauty.

“hi…hi…” I mumbled, unsure of what else to say.

Rene introduced herself as a fitness trainer and handed me a leaflet.

“I’m offering one to one training service for men like you who wants to pass their fitness test. I charge per session and I offer a money back guarantee.”

I was in a trance by then watching Rene speak with a slightly bent posture.

Given the way I look, I know the only chance women will approach me is if they want to sell me something and Rene is no different.

“I host the class in my place just down the road. 1 hour sessions. Would you be interested?”


“ahhaha.. are you ok?”

“yeah.. you…errr…you are very beautiful.” I blurted and Rene laughed.

“well thank you…. I think you will look good too if you lose weight. What’s your name?”

There, there it is.

Sales talk.

“I’m James, I have no hope of losing weight.hahah” I said

“Well, then you’re in luck. I offer a unique system when I guarantee results.”

I laughed and Rene hit me on my shoulder with her leaflets.

“Hey I’m serious.”

“Well, no thank you.”

“Tell you what, I can see deep down, you want to do something about your body. I have time now. Let me give you a free 15 minutes trial. After that, I guarantee you will sign up.”

I laughed and shook my head.

“I ermm…”

“Come on…..what have you got to lose? Or would you rather waste your time sitting here and wait for the bus?” Rene folded her arms and gave me a smile that I find hard to resist.

“well, ok..”

Rene clicked her tongue and gestured down the small road to the cluster of private houses. I followed her to her place and entered a yard filled with workout equipment and exercise mats.

“lie down on the mat, let’s work on your core first shall we.” Rene said as she knelt down.

I got up on the mat, feeling a bit conscious of my fat tummy.

“Let’s try sit up first.”

“I suck at sit ups.”

“then let me help turn that into your motivation.”

Rene knelt down on my sneakers and she held onto my kneecap.

“aRGHHHHH!” I tried doing one and failed embarrassingly. “hahaha..see I told you.”

“1 more.” Rene coaxed.

“arGHHHHHHH! Cannot.” I panted.

“Come up, and reach for my breast.” Rene said and I almost choke on my saliva.

“I’m sorry? What?”

Rene straightened her body and thrust out her pair of beautiful boobs accentuated by her sports bra.

“come up, and touch my breast…” She said.

My jaw dropped an inch and I looked at her nodding at me to confirm what I heard is not my imagination.

I felt a streak of fire course though my veins. If I could illustrate a comic strip at that moment, it would be me absorbing cosmic energy.

“aRGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” I grunted with my hands in front of me, squeezing every last ounce of strength from my gut to sit up.

“almost…almost there…” Rene cooed and I could see her pushing her body a bit closer to motivate me.

“aRGHHHHHHHHHHH!” I have never felt motivation like this before in my life.

I could feel the muscles in my body firing and splitting up like the earth’s tectonic plates as everything exploded with one sole aim of putting my hands on those pair of love pillows.

With barely inches to go, my gut gave way and drowned me in disappointment as I felt flat back onto the mat.

“aww…that’s too bad.” Rene said.

“can I try again.” I asked while panting for air.

“what did you say earlier about sit ups?” Rene said in a coy manner designed to tease me.

“I said I suck at sit ups.”

My eyes widened when I saw Rene looked left and right to make sure there are no passing cars or neighbours.

“I’ll only hold this for 5 seconds James.” Rene smiled as she lifted up her sports bra and exposed her amazing set of B cup tits topped with light brown nipples to me that evening. “you said you suck at sit up…now get up…and start sucking..”

“arGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” I could see myself standing at East coast park with my back facing the water as I executed a ten thousand buddha return to temple pose with a tsunami reaching 5 stories high as I exploded with energy.

My mouth opened, muscles around my tummy contracted, my eyes are razor sharp with a singular purpose, my tongue extended like a viper tasting the air.

Despite my best effort, I could not do it.

Rene gave me a disappointed look as she lowered her sports bra and shook her head while I laid on the mat on the verge of tears.

“That’s too bad James.” Rene got up and offered me a hand to pull me off the ground.

I got up but my weak knees forced me to kneel back down in front of Rene like I was about to worship her.

“your 15 minutes trial has ended James.” Rene said and I replied almost immediately.

“Take my money. Take all of it! Take them now.” I panted as I collapsed face down in front of Rene, my chubby cheek inches away from her shoe.

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