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A divorced hawker thought he was having a bad day, until he sees someone that can change it.

Cheebeng is a fish seller at a market in Chinatown. Having taken over the family stall in his late twenties, he is considered young for the hawker trade.

His toned body is testament to the hours he spends at the gym every day after work. Not to forget the hours of standing, loading and unloading hundreds of kilograms of raw seafood every day, Cheebeng’s work could be considered part of his workout regime.

With a high sex drive and an almost daily need for sex, his young wife could not take it any longer and she chose to divorce him. After the divorce, Cheebeng’s business suffered because he was simply not in the mood to work. All he could think about was sex.

As if his near daily need for sex was not enough, being a hawker who dealt with raw seafood day in and day out, also left Cheebeng’s body with a fishy smell that was near impossible to get rid of.

Without satisfying his needs, Cheebeng could not bring himself to do anything.

He spent most of the time staring at the girls walking by his stall; some of them were as young as teenagers following their mother to the market, while others were young wives, still fresh with the bliss of recent marriage on their faces.

“Oei Cheebeng, look at girls ar?“ The owner of a neighbouring stall selling meat teased him.

“Fuck off la.”

“Go Geylang and release la.” The meat seller teased.

The thought of hiring a social escort or a sex worker to take care of his needs did cross his mind but Cheebeng did not enjoy the thought of commercial sex. There was something missing from commercial sex.

That emotional connection was just not there.

Not that he didn’t try.

He tried having sex with the more popular girls in the red light district, roaming from house to house before he started surfing the net for freelancers. From sweet young things barely at the age of 20 to semi-young Milfs plying the trade, Cheebeng tried them all.

It satisfied his physical needs but it left a large void in the mental part.

It also doesn’t help that Cheebeng took a very long time to finish. On average he thrusted for 20-25 minutes non-stop before he even started to get into the mood. By the time he orgasms and ejaculated, it would be close to 35 minutes of non-stop thrusting.

Although well within the timing allocated by the sex workers, no one wanted to serve him again.


Because most of the men finish in 10-15 minutes. Cheebeng was just taking too long.

After getting countless rejections from the sex workers, Cheebeng made up his mind not to go for commercial sex anymore.

He needed another solution.

Maybe he needed to start dating again and get into a relationship or something.

Business was unusually bad that day. There was hardly anything close to a crowd at the market.

Maybe because of the rain shower in the early morning or something. He only managed to sell two fishes the entire morning. He was already not getting his sexual needs satisfied, if it compounded with bad business for the day, Cheebeng knew that he would end up in a foul mood.

As he poured more ice over his seafood, suddenly a beautiful woman caught his eye.

She was hot and well dressed for the market. Too well dressed in fact; such that she was turning the heads of the stall holders.

Clad in a body hugging white dress that showed off her firm breasts, the woman talked on her phone as she carefully walked across the wet floor of the market in her expensive heels.

As she walked past Cheebeng, he looked at her creamy fair legs and how tightly her dress hugged onto her bottom. She had a branded purse, slung fashionably around her shoulder.

It was impossible to hide panty lines with that level of tightness. Cheebeng concluded that she was not wearing any underwear as his eyes lingered on her ass whose cheeks were so tight that they were screaming to be slapped.

The woman kept talking on her phone and Cheebeng seemed to have fallen into a trance. He left his stall unattended and casually walked out as if he was headed to the washroom.

Instead he found himself following the woman.

The woman walked to the carpark and Cheebeng overheard her conversation with her in-laws regarding their helper. She sounded a little impatient to get off the phone.

He understood that feeling. There was something about in-laws that just irked him.

“I told Marie what to buy already; she will make her way over on her own. Ok. Yes…. James just boarded a plane… he’s going to be away on a 2 week work trip.” The woman said while looking at her manicured nails.

Cheebeng noticed that a few of her nails were chipped and broken. She would probably be thinking of getting them done again.

Unable to tear his eyes away from that beautiful body, Cheebeng followed her to the carpark.

The woman unlocked her car and happened to turn towards Cheebeng. She saw him staring at her while smiling in a lustful manner and she gave him an irritated look before rolling her eyes.

Sometimes a look can speak more than words.

A look that said he was dirty, smelly and belonged to the lowest rung of the social ladder.

How dare he even look at her as she got into her continental car? It was a look of disdain.

Cheebeng had gone without sex for close to a month and something triggered him.

Or rather, the way the woman looked at him triggered something in him.

Perhaps it was the overall package. Perhaps it was because she was wearing white.

That tight dress, the shapely figure, maybe it was her attitude.

He walked to his van and got in, exhaling slowly as his eyes tracked the woman’s every move.

Cheebeng started his engine and slowly left the carpark, pulling his vehicle behind the woman’s continental car.

“How dare you look down on me? How dare you?“ Cheebeng mumbled to himself as he lit up a cigarette with his right hand while keeping his left on the steering wheel.

As he exhaled the smoke, he suddenly felt so alive.

Today he would finally be able to satisfy both his mental and physical needs.

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