Singapore is facing a population crisis and the government has implemented the breed together token as a means to increase birthrate. DNA information of all residents are uploaded onto the token or app, and if they are in proximity of a potential mate, it will be activated.
The moment there is a match, you are required by law to breed.

Bala carried Suwen, my wife onto the king size bed. After putting her down, his rough wrinkled hands from days of soaking in water and car shampoo started to undress my wife.

You see, Bala is the guy from the car wash at my neighbourhood petrol kiosk.

Day in and day out, he sprays the endless streams of cars with water and concentrated shampoo, rinsing them clean in an efficient manner.

The closest we ever got to him was when we wound down the window to pay him and on occasion give him a tip.

But today, Bala is not washing cars. Today Bala is going to breed with my wife.

He undid the knot to my wife Suwen’s pants, pulling them down eagerly.

Suwen pressed her eyes shut, unwilling to deal with the reality of what was happening. Her chest rose nervously and I watched her breasts fill the bralette that she was wearing.

Bala climbed onto Suwen, his strong arms supporting his muscular body. He had already removed all his clothes. His throbbing dick was erect and ready to go.

He pushed up Suwen’s top, revealing her trim tummy. Within seconds Bala was rubbing his erection against my wife’s naked skin.

“Ms Suwen, please be reminded that the clock is ticking.” The administrator said.

I turned and looked at the stern looking woman in her mid-forties observing the procedure. She looked like someone who has never had sex before, probably an old virgin.

In fact, she looked like she was going to enjoy watching the procedure.

My wife’s shaky hands touched Bala’s penis. Her fair skin presented a stark contrast against Bala’s member. His reproductive organ was huge, at least 50% longer and thicker than mine.

Bala groaned in pleasure as he felt my wife’s hands on the shaft of his penis.

He usually sees my wife from the outside of the car. Suwen was always seated comfortably, playing with her phone in our large SUV, while Bala cleans the car on the outside.

Today, it’s different.

How did it come to this?

It’s all because of the Breed Together Token.

With dwindling birth rates and the government’s pleas for citizens to reproduce and start a family falling on deaf ears, they decided to implement the breed together program.

New citizens are all required to sign up for this if they want to remain in Singapore.

My wife Suwen and I, we are from Penang, Malaysia.

However, we spent our entire lives here in Singapore. We went to school here, we grew up here, in fact, we think of Singapore as our home rather than Malaysia.

But because we wanted to hold property titles in both countries, we hesitated to take up citizenship. That’s when the breed together initiative was announced.

It’s compulsory for both permanent residents and new citizens only.

Singapore no longer cares about how much new citizens and residents can contribute to the country in monetary terms. It didn’t matter if you were a cleaner or a professor in a lab.

If you wanted in, you got on the program.

Your DNA data will be uploaded into an app or a token. It will then be matched with people around the area who are also on the program.

The moment you get a match, you are required by law to breed together.

Data analytics is employed to find the best match for you based on family history, genes and blood types.

New citizens only need to do it once. If the impregnation is successful, the government will pay for the cost of having the child. After birth, you can either raise the child as your own, with the expenses fully subsidised by the country until the child turns 16, or you can give the child up for adoption.

If you do not get pregnant after the procedure, you are done. There’s no need to do it again. However, because of the breed together token, success rates are above 95%.

The token knows when you are ovulating; it also knows which male around you has the highest chance of giving you the best sperm for your eggs.

This is national service in a way for people who want to become citizens of the country.

Permanent residents who wish to work here, enjoy the benefits of the country and still hold onto their citizenship from their birth country, are required to use the Breed Together Token until they clock a birth of a child for the country.


Yes, twice for permanent residents.

There are exemptions of course.

  1. You start a family within 12 months of getting your citizenship or permanent resident status.
  2. You are certified unfit by a panel of doctors.

That is it.

The only exceptions to the rule

People made noise of course but that was quickly quelled. With a strong economy, a stable government, safe streets and plenty of jobs, everyone came to accept it eventually.

It’s a small price to pay for being able to live in a safe country where you can raise your family. Maybe the locals won’t understand but for those who come from overseas looking for a fresh start; this is a small price to pay.

Suwen and I are two weeks past the 12 month allowance given by the government.

We tried, we really tried to start a family but it’s not as easy as just ejaculating inside your wife. The odds for getting pregnant were stacked against us as a couple in our mid-thirties.

Just when we were wondering if we could appeal for more time, we got a match. We got a match during our monthly car wash and the next thing we knew, we were at a government designated hotel and Bala was there grinning at us.

I never expect the token to find a match when we were sitting comfortably inside our car while Bala was scrubbing away on the outside.

Bala is single and in the prime of his health according to the report emailed to us. He is in his early twenties, has only 3% body fat and is a vegetarian. He has no health issues and his family history dating back 3 generations showed no signs of hereditary diseases. His grandparents still worked on their farm at 80 years old.

No matter how you looked at it, his genes were better than mine given that I sit behind a laptop for 9 hours a day at the office. I’m also short and a little overweight.

My wife Suwen however, is the prime of the female species even at 33 years old. She is slim, blessed with a good racks and legs that men would die for. Bala must be thinking that he just struck the lottery.

I looked at the clock in the room and mentally willed it to go faster.

The hardest part of the breed together token program was not having the husband watch the wife being bred with another man.

The hardest part was watching the administrator score the breeding process.


Because if it is deemed unsatisfactory, you need to do it all over again until you hit the minimum score mandated. I’m not sure about Suwen but from the look on Bala’s face, I’m sure he doesn’t mind doing it more than once.

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