This is a work of fiction

An unfortunate incident on a Friday night. It’s a first for Juliette, but it would not be the last.

I am a scholarship recipient from Penang, Malaysia. The first time I set foot in Singapore at 18, I was blown away by how efficient everything is.

From collecting my luggage at the airport, to public transport, to getting to my place of lodging. It’s really user friendly and easy to navigate. I have seen and read a lot about the country that is so close to mine yet so unreachable for a girl like me.

My parents are hawkers in the market and as much as I wished we could all go for a holiday in Singapore, we never had the chance to.

Still, it never stopped me from asking my parents about it every year.

I’ve always wanted to study in Singapore too, and eventually land a job here. Besides the appeal of the country’s strong currency, my main concern is safety.

Singapore is safe.

One of the safest place in the world.

You can walk home at night on your own and not worry about anything. I have friends and cousins over there who tell me the streetlights are always on the moment the sun set.

They can go party and drink till 2am in the morning and still make their way home safely. You can leave your gate open and nothing will happen.

One of my cousin left her laptop in a café, went to the bathroom, then to grab a snack before coming back to see everything is right there.

It’s unbelievable.

The low crime rate is probably one of the reasons why my parents would allow me, an innocent girl who appraise the world with rose tinted glasses to come alone for my studies.

They always say I am too nice and too gullible.

Well that’s my character.

I find it hard to turn down people who need help even though they are out to cheat me.

Anyway, with the scholarship, I finally had a chance to experience the country.

I would have loved to stay with my cousins but the place they were staying at is already full.

Through friend’s recommendation, I shared a landed property with 5 others in Clementi. The rent is a bit steep but given the proximity to my school and the availability of amenities in the area, my parents felt it was worth every cent.

The house I’m staying in is an old 3 storey bungalow. The exterior looks old and dated but the interior is still in pretty good condition. The lights, the air-conditioning and the water heater works at the very least.

High speed internet included. What more could I ask for ?

I share the house with 3 guys and 2 girls.

Alex , Ben & Charlie, all fellow Malaysians studying in university.

Alicia and Brenda are sisters from Johor. They are in polytechnic and since their home are so near, they are the only ones that would make the trip back home over the weekends, leaving me alone with the 3 guys.

Now I know how I look. With my figure and long legs, I attracted quite a bit of unwanted attention even back when I was in my hometown.

My breast fills a B cup snugly and depending on the cut of the bra, I can fit a C comfortably as well.

Blessed with naturally fair skin and flawless complexion, I have had my fair share of suitors over the years but I never accepted anyone of them.

There are other things I want to do in life. A relationship is the last thing on my mind.

My room has an attached bathroom which made it all the more convenient since I’m a girl. The only downside is that my room and my bathroom is located right at the front of the house on level 2. It cantilevers out over the carporch almost to the gate.

This is why I made sure the curtains are always drawn.

A girl has to know how to protect herself.

You never know when someone might be looking.

I have seen my housemates stealing glances at my body a few times. Especially Alex. He has those kind of roving eyes that you know is up to no good. Alex has that really perverted look on him.

There was once I went to the yard to collect my laundry only to find him standing suspiciously close to my lingerie. He jumped a little and quickly went to collect his own clothes.

Ben on the other hand, is more decent looking. He’s a bit cute too and sort of fit the profile of guys that I’m interested in. Unfortunately he’s attached.

His girlfriend comes over sometimes.

Charlie is that jovial and overweight guy that seems to brighten up the atmosphere no matter what occasion it is.

He loves to crack jokes and he is just so funny. I lost count of the number of times I laughed myself to tears from his jokes.

So aside from the creepy Alex, I’m fine with my other housemates.

6 months in and an unfortunate incident happened.

It was a Friday evening and I had just said goodbye to Alicia and Brenda. They were going to catch a night bus back to Malaysia.

Charlie is out with friends while Ben probably will be spending the night with his girlfriend.

This means there’s only Alex and me left in the large house.

I locked myself in my room as usual, doing my revision and surfing the net. Realising that I had skipped dinner earlier, I could feel the growl in my stomach.

I tried to ignore the hunger but gave up in the end.

I ordered food delivery.

The food was supposed to arrive in 30 minutes.

It didn’t. The app kept pushing back the delivery time. I was too hungry to cancel the order and since I had already placed it, I could only suck it up and wait for it to arrive.

Seeing that the app is still displaying a 15 minute wait, I decided to take a quick shower.

I never expect that the moment I soaped myself in the bathroom, my phone started ringing.

“ Oh god, no way this is happening ! “ I push the curtain aside slightly to look down from my bathroom window.

It’s the delivery guy. He’s waiting by his bike.

I answered the call and told him I’m on my way down.

I gave my body a quick rinse and ran out into my bathroom. I don’t want him to wait too long and affect the rest of his delivery so I gave my body a quick towel dry before pulling on the 1st shirt I could grab from the closet. I did not even bother with a bra.

Only after I finished putting on the 3rd button did I realised that it’s a light coloured blouse.

“ arhghhh., shit. ! “ I cursed under my breath.

My phone buzzed again and it finished buttoning the long blouse. I cursed under my breath again when I stepped onto the stairs to realise I was not wearing my underwear too.

My eyes looked around the house and thankfully the ground floor is empty.

I literally ran to the door and right up to the gate.

With my hair dripping wet and my body barely dry, I saw the delivery guy’s eyes widened as he stared at me.

I looked down and realised that I was practically giving him a free show. I thanked him for the food and I held onto it with one hand while the other pulled the blouse away from my body so my erected nipples would not show up so obviously.

The delivery guy got on his bike and I quickly hurried back into the house.

I took the steps 2 at a time, eager to quickly get back to the safety of my own room. I felt so naked and vulnerable especially in my current state of dressing.

Before I could heave a sigh of relieve after stepping into my room, my heart skipped a beat when I saw Alex in my room by my computer.

He heard me approach and he spoke without looking at me.

“ Juliette, I need to use the scanner urgently, you’re done with it already right ? “ Alex was already dismantling it from my laptop when he turned and saw the state I was in.

I had borrowed it from him the week before and I forgot to return it to him.

I could see a change in his expression the moment he laid his eyes on my body.

My heart started beating really fast and I could feel my hands trying to cover up myself.

“ Yeah I’m done with it, thanks for lending it to me, sorry, I totally forgot about it. “ I retreated away from the door in order to make way for Alex to leave with the scanner/printer.

I avoided eye contact with Alex but his eyes remained glued to mine as he picked up the scanner.

Alex smiled at me as he started to walk towards the exit.

My eyes immediately went to the door handle and the lock. Just a few steps more and he will be out of my room.

I walked closer to the door so it would be faster to close it, I never expected Alex to stop at the entrance.

“ you have a very nice figure Juliette.” Alex said while looking at my body

I pretended not to hear that.

It’s so weird hearing it from him, especially in that state of dressing.

I continued looking down and my hand gripped onto the door handle, ready to close and shut the door at a moment’s notice

“ you are so pretty, I’m sure you have a lot of experience with sex, how many men have you fucked Juliette ?” Alex asked with a sly smile.

“WHAT !?? ALEX !, what are you saying ! ? “ I was so angry and upset that I shouted at Alex, something I have never done before.

Alex dropped the scanner and he grabbed me on my arm. I got a shock and I tried to pull myself away from him only to realise how strong he is.

“ let me go !” I shouted as I struggled to break free

I never expected Alex to make a grab at my top, lifting it to reveal I was not wearing anything underneath.

“ ALEX!, STOP! “ I shouted on the verge of tears

I broke free, or rather Alex let go of me. Staggering a few steps back, I regained my balance and I felt a cold chill run down the back of my spine as Alex shut the door behind him and locked it.

“ You know what Juliette, I think you are a slut. A Slut that likes to tease and seduce me, a cock tease, that’s what you are “ Alex spoke with a low trembling voice as if the content of what he just said is not enough to fill me with terror.

Before I had a chance to react or reply, Alex rushed forward and by the time I registered the slap on my face, I was already on the ground with Alex straddling my body and pinning my hand to the ground.

I wanted to scream but Alex grabbed a pillow off my bed and pressed it over my head.

I struggled and kicked for my life.

I’m a virgin. I’m untouched.

A rare breed among my other friends who have had sexual experience as young at 16.

I wanted to keep it for someone special. For the right person.

The lack of oxygen made it harder and harder for me to resist and fight Alex who is a lot stronger than me.

By the time I manage to push the pillow away for a deep gasp of air, Alex ripped my blouse apart, uprooting the buttons and revealing my naked and wet body.

I tried to shout for help but Alex covered my mouth with his hand. I felt the pain of his teeth biting down on my right breast and the first drop of tear rolled down the side of my cheek.

My very first time with a man.

Not like this, I thought to myself.

Not like this.

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Authored by Juliette

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