This is a work of fiction

*Inspired by a reader’s account with his form teacher*

James saw something he shouldn’t have in the teacher’s office between his favorite teacher and the principal.

This happened when I was 17.

I will never forget that year.

While most of my friends and peers would remember that year as the year we took our ‘O’ levels, I will remember it as the year I lost my virginity.

No, not to my girlfriend.

To my teacher.

My form teacher Mrs Liu.

Mrs Clara Liu.

Mrs Liu was our form teacher when I was in secondary 5. She is one of the newest teacher in our school and she comes highly recommended by our principal.

Word is that she transferred in from another top school from the western part of the island.

Everyone liked Mrs Liu the moment we saw her.

She is really pretty and she looks like a celebrity.

The first time we saw her on the 1st day of school, she walked into class wearing a long sleeve white blouse made of materials I don’t even know exists.

It’s soft and flowy, it looked comfortable and airy. The soft fabric clung onto Mrs Liu’s breast which by my estimates is not big, but proportionate to her petite body.

Mrs Liu is shorter than me. I think her height is about 1.6m.

She has a nice pair of legs and even though the pale grey skirt she was wearing is not exactly short, the amount of flesh she was showing below her kneecaps were enough to give many of us boys erection.

We were all 17 once, I’m sure you understand that feeling. It doesn’t take a lot to get us aroused.

Mrs Liu’s hair is always tied up neatly into a bun, much like how all the air stewardess do their hair.

She is friendly but strict. Her smile will melt your heart but if you make her angry, her stern stare only served to arouse you further.

I lost count of the times I had to sit through the class with an erection in my pants.

Especially when Mrs Liu had to reach up above her head to write at the top of the white board.

She always wear heels. It’s crazy isn’t it ?

For someone who needs to stand for long hours, Mrs Liu wore heels.

Not very high types but high enough to give me another jolt in my pants if you get what I mean.

Mrs Liu is pretty young, only 28.

That means she is only 11 years older than me.

She’s married and her husband is in the Navy.

Needless to say, we became the envy of other classes. All our friends from other classes would sneak by just to catch a glimpse of Mrs Liu.

Things got out of hand when someone managed to snap a video of Mrs Liu’s upskirt. It started circulating in chat groups and I found myself masturbating to that video of Mrs Liu in the toilet when raging hormones drove me out of control in the middle of the day.

The culprit was caught eventually and expelled.

The situation mellowed down a little but the attention on Mrs Liu remained.

It’s just human nature.

We all like to look at beautiful things, beautiful people.

The incident happened on a Saturday afternoon.

My class came back for extra lessons conducted by Mrs Liu.

Everyone was doing our own stuff while Mrs Liu marked her papers at her desk in the front of the classroom.

I had a question for my assignment and after raising my hand and getting Mrs Liu’s attention, she gestured me over to her.

I put my paper down and asked Mrs Liu about the question.

Then I froze.

My erection came like a flash of lightning.

Mrs Liu’s top was pretty loose. She was wearing a cardigan on the outside but the inner layer was loose. When she bent forwards slightly to explain, I could see her bra.

It’s only bra you say, but to a 17 year old kid, that is like seeing an unicorn.

Especially the bra of your favourite teacher, the one you masturbate to everyday.

“ James…. you try separating out this polygon,and just look at this section“

Mrs Liu drew a diagram on my paper and she continued speaking

There’s a right angle here isn’t it…?”

As my teacher moved, I saw her movement of her bra cups and I thought I caught a glimpse of her nipples.

The erection in my pants got so hard that I knew I need to sit down immediately before my classmates realised what was happening.

I thanked my teacher for the clarification and quickly went back to my seat.

I could not solve the sum on my paper.

All I could see and visualise in my mind was that sight I just saw.

Mrs Liu’s bra covering her full breast.

After the extra lesson is over, some of us grabbed a quick lunch at the canteen, most of my classmates went back home.

Instead of heading back, I went to play basketball with my friends.

Time flew by and before we knew it, it was already 6pm.

All of us parted ways and while grabbing my bag from the canteen, I saw Mrs Liu carrying a stack of files to the office.

I could feel my erection getting hard and I looked around the school.

There’s only a couple of students milling around. It’s a weekend afterall.

I ran to my bag and pulled out my book.

My intention is just to pretend to ask Mrs Liu a question and try to sneak another glimpse of her downblouse. With a fresh image of that in mind, I will be able to masturbate myself in the toilet before going home.

I ran and caught up to Mrs Liu as she opened the door to the teacher’s office.

She did not see me.

I was nervous.

Of course I am nervous. I’m about to do something naughty.

The door closer kept the door opened for a while as I slipped in after Mrs Liu.

Then I paused by the door as panic set in.

I remained stationary and in my mind, all I could see was Mrs Liu’s breast.

Her heels clicked with a seductive rhythm as she walked along the row of cubicles towards the deeper part of the office.

I must have spent a minute day dreaming by the entrance before I finally got going.

I knew her desk is right at the back of the row.

I walked quietly with my book in hand.

I passed by empty cubicles of other teachers. No one else was around.

I could heard Mrs Liu’s heels clicking at the cubicle towards the end of the office.

Just before I could close the distance, I heard a voice.

A familiar voice.

That of my principal.

I froze and I did the first thing that came to mind. I ducked into the cubicle on my left and I don’t know what came over me.

I was not doing anything wrong. I just wanted to ask Mrs Liu a question.

There was no need to hide.

My Principal Yap’s voice is distinctive. I could make him out in a crowd.

He was asking about Mrs Liu’s day.

Yap : everything ok… ?

Mrs Liu : Yes Mr Yap… everything is fine….

Then I felt my heart beat faster. Instead of just remaining in the cubicle of another teacher, I find myself squatting down and squeezing my body under the desk of the cubicle.

Yap : There is no one around… why are you calling me Mr Yap… Clara…

Mrs Liu : Tsk…!   Stop it…!… someone might hear us…

Yap : hahaha…. Everyone has signed out…. Mr Koh just drove off… we are the only one left in schools…..

Mrs Liu : ernghhhh… don’t do that….erng..please…. stop….ernghh…

Yap : You sure you want me to stop Clara…..?

Mrs Liu : stop please…. We cannot do this …. No here !!..ernghhh !

Yap laughed.

I felt my heart skip a beat.

Yap : when is your husband coming back…?

Mrs Liu : gasps ! no…. dirty….don’t la…erngh.. haven wash….

Yap : hmmm… I like it when you don’t wash…

Mrs Liu : Mr Yap… please….. !!

Yap : I love it when you beg me…. hahah…

I could feel the hair on my body stand the same time my erection throb painfully against my pants.

Something is going to happen.

Something that will give me a chance to get closer to Mrs Liu.

All I need to do, is to play my cards right.

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