This is a work of fiction

An erotic encounter on a packed morning train.

I only wear undies when I’m having my period.

I need it to hold up my pad.

On days when I am not bleeding, I will choose to go without my panty.

It’s an exciting feeling, especially when I know there are men looking at me.

To compound that excitement, I would wear short skirts or tight dresses. Anything figure hugging.

As long as it’s tight and shows off my figure and gives anyone paying attention that I’m not wearing undies, I would wear it. I won’t admit it but it’s arousing to go without panty especially when I’m wearing something short.

That breeze you feel on your bare skin when you walk, my god.

The excitement of stepping up on an escalator or having a man come too close to you with his phone in hand, it was enough to moist my love canal.

I consider myself to be pretty decent looking.

There must be a reason why all the men turn their heads to look at me when we cross each other.

I have a good figure too, I work out, I watch my diet and I spent hours at the gym trying to make that butt of mine look desirable. My breast is full and supple,  don’t really need to wear push ups to make them look bigger but I wear them for the support.

I look for those cuts that would give me a snug fit, one that would deliver the same kind of feeling as a man grabbing onto my tits from behind.

Imagine walking around all day with that feeling all over your love pillows.

How can a girl not get wet ?

I love it when other women gives me dagger stares especially when their partner’s roving eyes checked me out.

My ego craved the attention. The thought of their partners looking at me when their own girl is beside them gives me this erotic triumph feeling I cannot describe.

They want me. They want to do things to me.

They want my body beneath theirs as I moaned in the middle of passionate love making, alas, that moment would not come.

Perhaps it would only happen as a flash in their own minds, for a split second before it’s forgotten.

My body is something they cannot have. I’m not a slut okay, I don’t want to throw myself at anyone, but I’m not a virgin either.

Look all you want.

Feast your eyes on me.

It makes me happy.

Happy to know that men are looking at my body like a piece of meat that they cannot have.

Just go ahead and look.

Looking is perfectly fine and legal.

Make eye contact too.

You never know when you might get lucky.

And many have gotten lucky over the years.

I’m going to turn 30 in a year, and I have no idea how long my body will last in it’s peak condition.

So why not have fun while I’m young right ?

Make the best of it.

I love peak hour in the train.

Peak hour train in the morning when everyone is packed like sardines is when the excitement begins for me. It was obvious the men were all slowly shuffling towards where I was standing.

Their bodies would press tightly onto mine and when the train rocked and move, I could feel their hands, fingers and erection rubbing against me.

It’s arousing not just for them, but for me as well. I like that feeling of bodies plastered together in a tight space, but of course, I’m not going to admit it. I’m just going to pretend to be that innocent office lady heading to work.

Slap on a pair of high heels, a tight dress and no panty on, I could get wet just feeling my own vagina lips rub and brush against each other as the train rock it’s way to town.

More than once, I felt the men pushing their luck with me. Their fingers gently rubbing against my buttcheek.

Once someone put his whole palm on my buttocks.

Another tried to lift up my dress from behind.

I did nothing, or rather, I pretended to do nothing while I enjoyed the excitement and pleasure the tease is giving me. That man that lifted my dress up from behind had his finger slowly stroking my ass cheek.

It was ticklish and arousing but I got upset that day.

Upset that his finger did not venture further to my vagina lips that were literally dripping in it’s thirst for attention.

When the train reach town, and the crowd started to disperse, I sometimes turn and made eye contact with the lucky guy that get to play with my body for the duration of the short train ride.

A sultry smile would put the full stop on the short adventure.

I’m playing with fire I know but I can’t stop because I crave the excitement.

I’m attached. I have a wonderful boyfriend, but excitement like this is of another level.

It’s different from the plain old sexual intercourse I engage in.

It’s just touching.

Then one day, I encountered a train breakdown.

It broke down during morning peak.

While the breakdown is a stressful situation for all commuters, it ended up giving me one of the dirtiest experience ever.

Authored by Juliette

4900+ words

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