This is a work of fiction

Graphic materials comes from an album i bought some time back. It’s similar to the ones used in ‘The wedding Guest’

No nudes, no private body parts are shown.

Model’s face will not be visible in the video

What is the worst thing that can happen on a wedding night ? or rather, what is the worst thing James can do to his wife, his sister in law and his newly minted brother in law.

I sowed a seed that broke up a family.

It was a mistake.

One that I would carry with me to my deathbed.

I should be in jail for what I did, but I am not. Instead, I am enjoying the best of both worlds right now while waiting for Karma to hit me.

It happened on a happy occasion. A wedding.

My sister in law, Jean’s big day.

I’ve always taken a fancy to Jean. Right from the first time my then girlfriend, Julia introduced me to the family, I harboured a secret desire for Jean.

My wife Julia is pretty, the perfect girl next door that I’ve always see myself marrying. She’s sweet, caring and her happy go lucky personality resonated well with mine.

We love to travel, to visit theme park, to laugh and to read.

Julia and I were made for each other.

That’s what everyone around us says.

Now, I may have found myself the perfect sweet caring and pretty wife, but she lacked something.

Something that Jean has and she don’t

Jean, is hot.

A slutty kind of hot.

You know the kind of look, the kind of body, the kind of dressing, the exact type that if you see her walk past you along the street, you would definitely take a 2nd look.

If you are alone, you will cast a few glance at her, and her eyes will give yours that electric shock in your heart when they meet. That kind of seductive eyes with the kind of cold queen expression, one that immediately sends blood into your privates.

If you are with a couple of good friends, friends who you can talk rot and anything under the sun, comments would flow along the line of ;

“ This girl needs a good fuck “

“ Must give her one time jialat jialat “

“ I just want to give her a full tank”

“ Hold her down, bend her over the table and….!! “

Crude and disgusting remarks that decent humans don’t make, but in front of good friends where anything goes, expressions like these are aplenty.

It’s just something to do with the way she looks.

That seductive expression.

Men are shallow creatures.

We are easily swayed by appearances but in the case of Jean, her looks are unique.

Even my most decent friends would look at her photo, get stumped for a couple of seconds before saying that Jean is really hot.

I’m not saying that Jean is not a good girl.

She is.

She’s smart, beautiful, blessed with a nice body and most important of all, she is cold.

That cold, ice queen expression that will make everyone clamouring for ways to warm her up.

If Jean don’t talk, or when she is deep in thought, she has the ultimate resting bitch look on her face.

Her large eyes, prominent features and lush lips, coupled with her corporate dressing, finished with her power heels.

She is that executive you see in the business district that can outwalk you on her heels during rush hour.

She is the one when approaching the lift, the men would hold the door open and make space no matter how tight it is.

She is the one that all the security guards know because she is intimidating. From the way she looks alone, she is deemed to be someone important.

Power that is written on the face, and a hourglass figure that she carries off so well. Jean has an amazing dress sense.

No matter what she wore, she looked good.

It could be old dresses from a decade ago.

Bell bottom jeans for a company event.

Retro checkered tops, pant suits, even cross-dressing as a man with a drawn on moustache.

Jean hit the spot no matter what she did.

Jean had her fair share of suitors. From high flying bankers to company executives and even middle age CEO. They clamoured for her attention and affection.

There is something about that cold look that draws men to her.

The ice queen.

However when Jean smiles, or when she laughs, she can melt ice inside a freezer.

That sudden contrast from her cold expression to a warm smile will catch anyone off guard.

Jean just grows on you.

Despite a buffet of choices when it comes to men, Jean has her own peculiar taste.

Her choice ultimately, was a plain looking average Joe.

A draftsman in a small construction firm making 2200 a month.

My brother in law Tim is a really nice chap. He’s a simple man with simple needs.

He’s just someone that is happy with life as is.

A flat in a non-matured estate, walking distance to the mall and supermarket.

Ice cold beer served in a chilled mug. Good hawker food.

I like Tim. I really do.

He is a really nice guy.

The problem is, I like Jean more.

Jean is 2 year older than my wife Julia and same age as me.

At 31, you could say she is at the prime of her life in terms of both looks and career.

And she is getting married. I’m happy for her of course.

The big day arrived and if you have attended or helped out in a typical Singaporean wedding, you would know the drill.

The gate crash, the traditional tea ceremony and all.

It’s quite standard.

Then comes the banquet. The video presentation of cringe worthy baby to adult photos. Some touching speech and who could forget the drinks.

Drinks flowed freely that night.

Now the first to get drunk though, was neither the bride nor the groom.

It was my father in law, Thomas.

He was totally wasted.

I left my wife Julia to stay back at the hotel while I send my in laws back home.

The initial plan was for Julia and I to spend the night at the hotel as well since we booked an extra room. However, with a drunk in law, there was no one else to bring him back except me.

I can’t expect Tim to do it. Julia would have come along with me if not for the fact that she wanted to keep an eye on Jean who was happily drinking with the guests.

I drank quite a bit too and I took a huge risk driving back. Julia called me during the journey and say she’s about to grab a cab back soon. I should not be taking the risk of driving back down to look for her.

My still sober mother in law agreed as well.

We got back home shortly after and with much difficulty, managed to hoist my father in law up the stairs of the 4 storey house we all live in.

My mother in law was cursing by the time the 2 of us managed to drag Thomas out of his clothes and into bed.

It was already 12.30am in the morning.

I was exhausted. The physical workout sobered me up a little.

A shower sobered me up and I called my wife to check where is she.

There was no answer. After a few attempts, I gave up.

Instead of driving, I grabbed a taxi back to the hotel.

Along the way, I kept trying her phone.

She was not answering.

I tried Tim, I tried Jean, no one answered my phone.

Now as a member of the family, I have the key access to the bridal suite.

The bridal suite was empty.

There’s no one in there.

There’s no sign of the bride and groom.

I went next to the room Julia and I booked 3 doors down, and it too, was empty.

It’s close to 1.20am in the morning by then. There’s no way they are still in the banquet hall.

I was left scratching my head when I suddenly remembered the spare rooms we booked for the bridesmaid and the best men to rest during the day. 2 smaller rooms tuck at the end of the corridor.

I remember seeing one of the key cards on the table in the bridal suite. I went back to retrieve it and head down to the spare rooms.

I opened the door and I froze immediately at the sight that greeted me.

Tim was sprawled on the bed with vomit all over the floor. Empty bottles of vodka and Gin peppered the carpet floor. Half drank bottles of whisky sat in the middle of the bed itself.

“Oh my god… Tim… you got to be shitting me….Tim… hey.. you ok…? where is Jean… ? hey… ? “

I tried to wake Tim up but he’s out cold. He was snoring even when I was shaking him.

It was then I saw a familiar pair of feet.


Lying sprawled on the other side of the floor, hidden by the bed, is my wife.

“ Julia…. Dear… hey.. hey…. “

She was not responding too. She’s out cold.

This always happens when she mixes different alcohol types and from the looks of the empty beer cans and wine bottles on her side of the room, I can only imagine what kind of potent mix is inside her body right now.

Jean is nowhere to be seen.

I looked towards the connecting door that links the bestmen’s room to the room used by the bridesmaid. It’s closed. I don’t know what got into me but I reached for the circular handle and I turned it.

I was expecting to see the closed door of the other room but I was wrong.

It was opened and ajar.

I pushed the door wider apart and then I saw Jean on the bed alone.

Well, at least she’s safe.

I entered the room and I was thinking how to get them back to the bridal suite when I suddenly started shaking. I felt an erection in my pants.

I was shivering as I looked at Jean on the bed.

She looked amazing in her bridal gown.

Her body, her hair, her breast.

I went over to Jean and I shook her gently, trying to wake her up.

She didn’t respond at all to me.

I could not resist touching the material of the wedding gown, feeling the lace, the straps and the ribbons.

I saw Jean’s phone buzzed. I took it up and unlocked the phone with her finger.

I saw the group chat she had with the bridesmaid.

They sent pictures of Jean vomiting in the toilet a couple of hours earlier.

I wonder how much she drank.

It’s my sister in laws big day.

As I looked at her deep in her drunken slumber, I thought to myself.

If I play my cards right, it could jolly well be my big day too.

But my wife and my brother in law is just next door.

Then my erection got harder to the point of pain.

Looking at my wife and brother in law in the same room, I was hit with a really sick thought.

If I take advantage of my sister in law, isn’t it only fair that my brother in law do the same to my wife ? Even if he didn’t, I could always make it appear as if he did……

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