This is a work of fiction. 

All citizens are equal. 

All citizens must serve. 


All women must serve the country.

It’s the new law.

What was once considered a duty of men has now been extended to the women.

All healthy women between the age of 18 to 35 have to serve for a period of 2 years, and thereafter, complete a 10 year service period for 3 days each year.

It didn’t matter if you are pretty, tall, short, fat or thin.

Everyone is equal. This is what women’s rights group have been fighting for.

Pay benefits, bonus remuneration have all been regularised. It is now against the law to pay women lesser than men if they are doing the same work.

Discrimination against women comes with a hefty fine and imprisonment in some cases.

You can pursue any career you wish, that law states so.

The country has enough men taking up the roles of protecting the country.

There are enough men to man the tanks, to sail the ships, to pilot the planes.

We don’t need more soldiers.

We need more citizens. That is not to say women cannot pursue a career in the military, they still can. Only after fulfilling their mandatory service to the country that is.

Singapore need more babies.

In a rapidly greying society, our birthrate is at an all time low. With the native citizens highly against the import of foreigners to fill the ranks, the government had no choice but to pass a law requiring childbirth as a requirement to remain a citizen.

The government was forced to implement a service period for all women capable of bearing a child.

There are exceptions of course.

If you are married and have given birth to 2 kids, you are exempted from the 2 years of service.

Don’t celebrate too early yet because you are only exempted from the 1st 2 full years.

You still need to serve the remaining 10 years. 3 days each.

Women as young as 18 enlist into the integrated citizen hub. ICH in short.

The country is obsessed with integrated hubs.

Every fuck thing must be integrated into something. We have libraries beside pools beside malls, beside a hawker centre.

We even combined a large baby making facility, a confinement centre, a hospital and a polyclinic into an integrated hub.

Located right in the southern end of Sentosa, it offered a scenic view of the serene sea. This is where the women will serve.

By spreading their legs.

Spreading their legs to be fertilised.

The women have a choice.

The government believes in giving women a choice.

You can be artificially fertilised, inseminated by a syringe, do it in a lab.

Or you can let nature takes it’s course.

Get fucked like how nature intended by another man. A healthy male with good sperms.

There’s a catch of course, how can this be without a catch.

To bear a child for the country by artificial means, you need to do it 3 times.

3 times my friend. You need to deliver 3 babies. With the advancement in technology, most of the women bear twins during the artificial insemination. Some lucky ones get triplets.

Your body needs to bear 3 child for the country, 2 during the full time service and 1 more during your 10 year service cycle. This is the bare minimum for artificial means.

This is due to the cost of the procedure. The government needs to recoup their investment.

On the other hand, if you choose to do it naturally, you only need to do it once.

It’s your choice.

It’s cheaper to conceive naturally. It satisfies the lust of the men at the same time. That’s killing 2 birds with one stone from the policy maker’s point of view.

When the law as passed, those that can afford to , left the country. The rich, the famous, those that have resources, they all made plans to send their daughters away to a neighbouring country.

While the world was expecting an exodus of citizens, they were wrong.

Nowhere else in the world could we find such a level of security and healthcare.

As for the child, you always have a choice. The government will raise them for you.

There is no need for the mother to bear any responsibility.

Sounds unbelievable but there is actually a long queue. A long waiting list of couples wanting to adopt a baby.

Most are well to do couples in their late thirties who have tried for so long.

They have the resources and can provide the right environment for the child to grow. Let’s not forget you don’t spend a cent on the kid till he or she is 12 years old.

Yes, the government is paying for the kid’s education till they are 12.

All childcare and day care facilities are free.

Healthcare for kids and their immediate caregivers are also free.

Adopt 2 kids ? Good for you my friend. You get a government sponsored green car that runs on electricity till the younger child turns 6. Thereafter, you can continue to rent the car at a subsidised rate till the child turns 12.

As if that were not enough to convince locals to adopt or to reproduce, the government tied up with Disneyland and universal studios.

You get a fully paid family trip if you adopt or reproduce 2 kids.

This can be redeemed when the younger child is at least 4.

Everyone says the policy is doomed to fail.

That Singapore would not make it.

But we did.

We proved to the world that our policies work and Japan is trying to follow the same, so is South Korea.

As sick as the national service sound, you cannot deny the facts that it is replenishing the citizens.


I held onto my girlfriend’s hand as we hugged at the bus terminal.

She was trying hard not to cry.

James : I love you…. I will always love you….

Zanny : I love you too…. Will you still love me…. after… after my service…

James : of course…..which one are you choosing…. ?

Zanny : just once…. I only want to do it once….

I could feel the lump in my throat as I looked at my girlfriend’s perfect body.

The one that I had been fucking since we got to know each other.

We have the same birthday and on the day we turned 17, we fucked in my room. Back then I did not think that we would last but we fell deeper in love with each other every day.

We did what all young couples did.

We dated, we partied, we travelled. We want to build a life together.

No one wanted to talk about the inevitable.

Our national service.

I would be enlisting into the army while Zanny would need to serve the country in her own way.

Using her body.

As the day drew closer and closer, we started to talk about our options.

I love Zanny, and I know she loves me too.

We have to deal with the reality that we are going to part ways for a while, and that we would both be fucking someone else.

I would be fertilising someone else’s eggs with my sperm.

She would be spreading her legs for another man.

Why can’t we do it with each other you ask ?

Because the law says so. It’s random.

You don’t get to choose.

The computer assigns you your mate, base on blood type, family history, your IQ, your academic level.

Both Zanny and I have been given the top grading.

Neither of our families have any history of illness or diseases. My grandparents lived till 98. No one smoked in the family.

We are premium breeders.

There’s a chance I would get to breed with more than one girl.

I have broached the question of Zany doing it in a lab before but that would mean she needs to do it 3 times. Or ig she is lucky, twice. The ordeal is too much for some to go through.

Still base on statistics, almost 75% will go with the lab option, meaning more babies.

Weird as it might sound, the society still deem those who reproduce in a lab a virgin.

A virgin as long as you did not get penetrated by the penis of a man.

After much discussion, we decided to go with just one.

One time.

We both knew what that meant, that she would be quivering and moaning under the weight of another man shooting his sperm into her vagina.

And he will keep doing it for a period of 5 days.

2 days before her ovulation, on the actual day and 2 days after.

That is to ensure the optimum amount of sperm entering her privates.

Such a formula has resulted in almost 95% success rates.

A formula the government intend to keep using.

Whereas for me, I get to do it as well.

I get to do it to another girl. Maybe 2, I don’t know.

A girl I cannot choose.

I always wondered what it would be like.

There’s no telling when it would happen but the word is that it would happen in the middle of our training.

After the army has whipped us into shape, control our diet, trained us into the killing machines they needed to defend this country, only then will we be asked to breed our sperm into the women.

My girlfriend will probably be bred by someone a couple of years older than her.

I would probably be fucking a fresh graduate from Junior college.

Zanny and I shared a long kiss before we pulled apart.

As we backed towards our respective lines, I could not tear my eyes away from Zanny.

I mouthed ‘ I love you ‘ and she did the same.

We will not be able to see or contact each other for a period of 6 months.

The next time when we speak, she would most likely be pregnant.

Our phones were collected the moment we reached the training camps.

Everything went by in a blur.

I took the pledge to swear my allegiance to the country, I exchanged my identity card for a military pass, I was given my gear and I got my head shaved.

By 9pm that evening, I was lying in bed in a room of 12.

With the lights off, I could hear someone crying and sniffing away.

I pulled my girlfriend’s picture out from under my pillow.

I smiled as I looked at Zanny smiling back at me.


I took that picture during our last trip to Bintan.

A short trip before our service.

She was dripping wet in her swimsuit when she sat down at the table to take a spoonful of cereal.

My eyes traced the lines of her slim body.

Soon she would have a tummy.

Soon, another man she would never know would get to experience the same level of joy and pleasure her body has given me so far.



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