This is a work of fiction 

All good citizens should be taken care off. 


I walked into the large imposing lobby in the spanking new building in the middle of marina bay with the card clutched tightly in my hand.

Aside from the single security guard shaking dry his umbrella at the lobby, there was no one else in sight.

He looked at me and I showed him what I have on my hand.

He immediately gave me a wide smile and gestured to the self service kiosk in front of me.

I keyed in my ID number and verified my identity with a facial scan. As I waited for my data to be generated, I was seething with anger. In fact, I was trying hard not to curse out loud.

I wanted to scream in the quiet lobby but I know I must control myself.

I am a good citizen.

The kiosk, as if sensing my short fuse, immediately displayed my full name with my particulars on screen.

The kiosk directed me to lift number 2 and I walked over to the lift lobby.

Lift 2 opened as if it was waiting for me to get near.

The moment I got in, it closed with the top floor button lit up.

37th floor.

I’m about to enter a newly set up government agency.

Ministry of anger management.

Yes, you read that right.

With the fast pace of life in Singapore, you need a whole new ministry to manage people’s anger and resentment, but this is no ordinary ministry.

This is no ordinary building.

It’s one reserved for good citizens.

Good model citizens who behave.

The government understands that everyone gets angry from time to time.

However they want to better manage the population by managing their anger.

Good citizens like me gets special treatment.

Good rationale and level headed citizens like me gets extra attention and perks.

If not for my flawless records, I would not have been even to get a lift sent down to me.

And to have the lift take me up to the highest floor, it’s the greatest honor a model citizen can ask for.

When the lift door open I could see a customer service officer waiting for me.

Dressed in formal black pant suit with a white inner blouse, the lady introduced herself an Felicia.

Felicia : Hi there Mr James….. my name is Felicia, I will be attending to you today… please follow me….

I followed Felicia and appraised her body from behind.

She’s pretty, with a nice perky butt.

I would fuck her but that’s not why I’m here today.

I’m here because I’m fucking angry.

I’m fucking pissed and angry with the government.

And I want my voice heard and issues addressed.

Entering a sound proof room, Felicia sat down behind her terminal and asked me what can she do for me that day.

Felicia : I can tell from your body language you are fuming Mr James…. May I know the cause of your anger …. So I can better address your needs…..

I could no longer hold it in and I exploded right there and there in the room.


I screamed and kicked the chair in front of me while Felicia remained calm as if she had seen it all before.

James : why do you make it so hard for singles like me to get my own flat !!!!! fuck !!!!why !!!!

Felicia nodded with genuine empathy.

James : I’m already 35 !!!!…. I want my own place to live !!!! and how many fucking times you want to fucking make me ballot for a place to call my own….!!! And even then… it’s a small fucking place !!!!… to live in such a pigeon hole !!!!! FUCK YOU UNDERSTAND !!!!!FUCK YOU !!!! AHHHHH….

I lifted the chair and slammed it against the wall. Knocking 2 wheels off the chair and denting the wall.

Part of me is glad that my good citizen status enjoyed immunity once I’m inside these walls.

I kicked the wall, threw my body against the door and I hammered my fist on the table that Felicia is using, causing her stationary to bounce about.

This is so unfair.

I tried to get a small place to call my own for more than 4 times through the balloting system. Each time I was rejected because the number of applicants is too many.

I tried to get my flat from the open market but my high income restricted me only to bank loans and not the subsidised loans the government is offering.

I tried appealing to the PHB , Public housing board and they bounced me from one officer to another.

James : you know the feeling of being passed around from one officer to another…. ??? FUCK!!!!! You know the feeling of being on the phone and listening to recorded messages, asking you to press one for English…. Press 2 for Chinese…..PRESS YOUR FUCKING CUNT I’M TELLING YOU….!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!

I was perspiring badly by then while Felicia remained calm as ever.

I was given a few moments to calm down and Felicia opened her drawer to give me a bottle of water.

James : thank you…

Felicia : please drink Mr James… and allow me to help understand your problem….. Housing issue has always been at the heart of this government and…

I could feel Felicia about to cough up another line of well rehearsed line so I took it out.

I took the card out.

That treasure of a card.

The card given to good citizens.

Felicia paused mid sentence and her entire demeanor changed.

Felicia : May I have a look at that card Mr James….

I handed it over and she scanned the QR code beside my face and ID details.

Felicia : Please face the camera Mr James…. For authentication…

3 seconds later Felicia looked at me with the widest smile her face could muster.

Felicia : Congrats Mr James… you are a model good citizen….. and as you know… the criteria for getting a good citizen card is really tough…..

James : Yes I am aware…

Felicia : As a reward for being a law abiding citizen, paying your taxes on time, voting for the ruling party and being pro government for the past 5 years…. You have been awarded the good citizen card….. can I confirm you would like to use it now…. ?

James : yes… I want to fucking use it now….

Felicia : very well….

Felicia started typing on her keyboard as I sipped the water from the bottle she offered me.

Felicia : Alright Mr James… I can see you are in the queue for the new  construct to order ( CTO ) flats that will be launching at the waterfront site in the new southern waterfront ….

James : yes.. it’s my 5th attempt !!!

Felicia : well… I’m pleased to inform you that you will be getting a single digit queue number for this application…

James : what… really ?

Felicia : yes… and despite your high income threshold…. You are eligible for a subsidised government loan for the entire purchase sum….

James : are you serious !??

I could hardly believe what I was hearing.

Felicia smiled.

Felicia : yes I am…..

James : wow….

Felicia : It’s the least we can do for our good citizens…..

James : I’m…. I’m speechless…..

Felicia continued typing on the terminal before going on.

Felicia : I can see your pent up anger and frustration stems primarily from dealing with the public housing board PHB……

James : well… i….

Felicia : as such… I believe we need to address the root cause of your anger…. So that once that is resolved…. You can continue in your role as a model and good citizen of the country…..

James : ermm… wow… yeah…. How do you propose….

Felicia typed away on the terminal before turning the screen to face me.

Felicia : I’ve isolated 276 female staff from PHB that works in the balloting, customer service and loan disbursement department….these are the staff currently not having their menstruation period….. May I know your race preference…. ?

My heart started beating faster.

I don’t believe this.

It was a rumor.

A quiet rumor in the web that on one can verify but it’s happening to me.

There were rumors online that says the new ministry would do everything to satisfy the citizens needs and manage their anger.

It’s happening right in front of me.

Felicia : Mr James ?…. race preference… ?

James : Chi…. Chinese….

The screen refreshed itself and the number of candidates got lesser.

Felicia continued without batting her eyelid.

Felicia  : marital status…. Married or single… your preference….

I was trying not to shake in the broken chair.

James :married…

Felicia : age range….

James : 24- 32

Felicia : ahhh…. Young Milf in the making….. hold on….

When the screen refreshed itself again, I was presented with the pictures of 18 girls. From frontline staff to senior executives, they were all employees of PHB.

Felicia : may I suggest filtering down to those recently…. Married…

I looked at Felicia who maintained expressionless.

I nodded.

The candidates reduced to 6.

Felicia : Mr James… you are now looking at the staff in PHB, all married within the past 2 years, within the age range and race preference….

I was nursing a full hard on by then as I look at the 6 pictures of the PHB staff smiling at me.

3 are pretty average, 1 is totally out but 2 are pretty much my cup of tea.

James : can…. Can….. can I look at these 2…. ?

Felicia : of course….

Felicia called up the social media profile of both girls and I could see the 1st one has a big bone frame and her complexion isn’t really good. The 2nd girl however was perfect.

She’s sweet looking and petite.

I like petite girls.

Felicia : seems like you have made your choice Mr James….

James : yes… yes… this.. this 1….

Felicia brought up the full profile of the girl of my choice.

Felicia : Elena Qiu… recently married… about 6 months ago… a pretty new staff at PHB…. Less than 3 years…. She’s pretty… good choice….

I could not stop looking at Elena.

I could feel precum leaking from my cock.

Felicia : I will make the necessary arrangements….. for tomorrow…. And Mr James…. I sincerely hope your anger will subside after this….

James : of… of… of course…

Felicia : It is the government’s wish for all our model citizens to be happy…..

I nodded eagerly.

Felicia : I would like to remind you that Elena will not be a willing participant even though she is required to by contract….. she might get a little resistant…. Base on the aptitude test we administered during recruitment….

James : oh…

Felicia : as such… we will be giving her something to calm her down…. No she won’t be a dead fish…. She is still conscious and aware of what is going on…. She can still fight but… with say 50% of the strength and intensity… that should make the session enjoyable for you I think…

James : that… that sounds good….

Felicia : Elena will be asked to attend an offsite meeting tomorrow…and she will be delivered to you…. And to appease your pent up anger and frustration, I shall make a note for her to be formally dressed with heels and her PHB staff pass…..would that be ok ?

James : yes… perfect…

Felicia stood up and shook my hand.

Felicia : I hope you would not remain angry with the government after this…. And continue to be a good, model citizen for the rest of your countrymen….

I was shown the way down to the ground floor where a concierge handed me an envelope with a hotel key card of a 5 star hotel in town.

Concierge : Mr James….. I am pleased to inform you that Elena from PHB has confirmed her attendance to the meeting tomorrow…. May your anger be appeased after your meeting….

I nodded, speechless and unsure of what to say.

Concierge : Have a good day….and remember… the government needs good citizens like you…. For us to thrive and prosper….

I dug into the envelope and there were several print out photos.

Photos of the PHB staff I’m going to meet tomorrow.

Photos of Elena.



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