This is a work of fiction 


Under what circumstances, would you agree to something like this ? 


I let my wife go on a vacation with her ex-boyfriend.

Not only that, I agreed to her having her wedding photos taken with him during the vacation as well.

Am I mad ?

No I’m not.

If the above statements are not crazy enough, my permission for her to go comes with the implied acceptance that anything that happens during the vacation, remains and end upon the end of that holiday.

The decision did not come easy but it was one that stems from an ultimate act of love and no, it was not for her to relive her days with her ex-bf of 8 years before we got together.

This incident happened last year, however the seed for this unfortunate incident stems from something that happened almost 5 years ago when I first met my wife Ying.

I met Ying under a set of very unusual circumstances.

One that might sound like it was scripted for some love drama.

It was around 7pm in the middle of raffles place.

I just got off work and unable to get a seat at my favourite sandwich place, I bought my sandwich and a cold drink to go. Since one of my favourite pastime is to people watch, I settled myself down by one of the stone benches in the middle of the plaza to have my dinner.

The sun is setting, the lights are on and there’s still enough light to enjoy a meal without looking like a homeless person in the middle of town.

I found a spot away from the entrance to the train station, checked to make sure the seats are clean before settling down.

It was in the middle of the rainy season and I was lucky the skies although a little cloudy, isn’t going to start pouring.

There’s a gentle breeze passing through the large open plaza and for a moment, I was reminded of the time when I was studying in Australia.

Nothing beats sitting by the Yarra river with a few friends and biting into our sandwiches while watching the fire display at Crown Casino complex in Melbourne.

I set my ice cold drink down, pushed the straw in and was in the midst of unwrapping my sandwich while reminiscing the good old days when I saw a lady shuffling towards me.

She looked terrible and unkempt for someone in the business district.

Dressed in a pair of cotton shorts, and grey singlet, she had only 1 slipper on her left foot.

Her shoulder length hair was matted all over the face and neck.

She looked like she just ran a marathon or something.

She’s walking and breathing but the look on her face was as if her soul was no longer with her. There was no life in her eyes.

Now, I wouldn’t have paid much attention to her but she made eye contact with me when I had my mouth open and about to take a bite of my sandwich.

I hesitated for a moment because come on, it’s not exactly a nice sight to show people when I’m about to wolf down my dinner with my mouth open, so I sort of turned away from her before taking a bite.

As I chewed my food I could see the lady from the corner of my eye staring at me.

It was a long stare, one that is enough to make you uncomfortable.

I’m not someone to back away from a staring competition so I turned and look at the lady.

She’s pretty, has a nice figure but she just looked pale as a ghost.

Let’s not forget the unkempt state she is in, our eyes met for almost a full 10 seconds and I was about to ask her if she is ok when she walked towards me.

James : Hi… are you……

Before I could finish my sentence, she sat down beside me and picked up my drink and started slurping away.

What the fuck.

Instinctively, I stood up and backed a few steps away from her.

I looked around for signs of a camera crew that this is some trick or funny prank program that is going on.

I could not see anything out of the ordinary.

James : Hey.. that’s my drink…

The lady continued slurping and slurping until I could hear the air bubbles that told me the cup has been emptied.

Just my luck to bump into a mentally unsound person.

It’s just a cup of coke, and it’s a woman, ok, she’s quite pretty. Fuck it.

Just pure bad luck.

I did not expect the lady to raise her voice at me.

Lady : I’ll PAY YOU!! …. Sobzzz…!!! aHHHH!!! Sobzzz!!! Ahhhhh… I’ll pay you….!!

My eyes widened and I backed away another 2 steps.

I did not expect her sudden outburst but her sudden shout in the middle of town caused several passerbys to pause and turn.

I looked around and I knew it was time to make myself scarce.

James : ok… ok…. Lady… calm down… it’s just coke… don’t need to pay me….ok… everything’s cool….

I quickly reached for my bag which is on the stone bench but she held onto my hand and she started crying.

Lady : ahhhhhhhh!!!! Sobzz… sobzz… why…. sobzzz… ahhhhh !!!!

Her cries, did not come out as sobs.

It’s an all out bawl like a toddler having a breakdown.

James : Miss… hey… hey… calm down… ok… I’m calling the police…. You need help…

Lady : no !!!! please…. Don’t !!! why…. tell me why !!!!

I was in a full panic mode as I looked around at the half a dozen people staring at us in the middle of town.

James : everything’s fine…. She had a bad day at work…. Everything’s fine…

I gestured with a nervous laugh at the crowd and I almost fainted when the lady got down on her knees while holding onto my hand.

Ok, this is it. I’m calling it a scam.

This must be some new type of scam targeting unsuspecting single man in the middle of going home.

I’m going to call the police and this mess will be theirs to deal with.

Lady : I’m sorry…. I’m really sorry….!!! I’m sorry….

James : Hey.. hey hey…. Why… why are you saying sorry to me… it’s ok…. We’re cool…. Come on,…. Don’t do this… I’ll call help for you… I’ll call an ambulance…

I immediately pulled out my phone and I had already hit triple nine into the call button.

Before I could hit the call button, she pulled me down with her onto the ground.

My phone dropped and a crowd had started to gather around us.

Several other ladies offered help to her while I was given the dirty look by everyone watching the spectacle.

I saw 2 police officers arrive on the scene and I thanked god for the efficiency of this country. I thought I would get a chance to explain what was happening but the lady cried harder.

The officer looked at me and I gave him an incredulous look and shrugged my shoulder.

James : bro…! I don’t even know her !!

One of the office dispersed the gathering crowed while the other asked me to follow them to a more private corner. I could see their vehicle parked a distance away.

Another 2 officers joined us, one of them a female.

The female officer tried to ask the crazy lady what was going on but she only cried harder, sobbing so hard that her knees buckled and knelt down on the floor again.

Officer 1 : Hi Sir…. Can I see your identifications….

James : What the fuck man… I really don’t know her….!!

Officer 2 : Please watch your language sir….

James : oh god… I don’t believe this… !!

I glared at the lady on the floor who managed to look up at me. She looked apologetic and she said sorry.

Lady : sorry…. I’m sorry!!!! I’M SORRY….!!! I’LL PAY YOU… I PROMISE I WOULD PAY YOU…!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh… sobzz…sobzz….

All eyes turned back to me as I desperately tried to explain what happened.

James: No need to pay me.. it’s ok… it’s just a cup of coke….just my bad luck !!

Officer 3 : she cried this badly for a cup of coke…. ? is there anything you are not telling us Sir… ?

James : come on… I really don’t know her… check the cameras man… you guys have a shitload of cameras covering the whole plaza…. Just check it…

I was getting a little worked up and I could see the officer resting his hand on his taser.

Fuck. i don’t fucking believe this.

I was asked to calm down and I took several deep breaths while glaring at the sobbing lady.

James : Ok… ok fine…. I’m calm….

Pointing to the lady, I told everyone present that she needs to calm down.

Only when she talks, can we clear up this misunderstanding.

10 minutes, a bottle of water for each of us later, the lady finally spoke.

Ying : sobz… I’m Ying….he’s…. he’s telling the truth…. We don’t know each other…. i….. i… sobzz…. I walked all the way here from….Bukit Panjang… sobzz… i…. I was really thirsty….and…I’m sorry… I’m sorry….

That was all she managed to blurt out before she started crying again.

A wave of relief swept through my body and while I’m glad the misunderstanding cleared up, Ying insisted on paying me for the coke.

James: no need… it’s really ok….

Ying : i…. I insist… I’m sorry… I’m really sorry… sobzz… sobzz…

Another 10 minutes later, I gave her my name card, the officers left with Ying and that was it. I would not have given her my card if not for the fact I want to get out of there.

Instead of getting on a train, I hailed a cab and promptly got out of town and back home.

My weekday dinner adventure was over, or so I thought.

I never expected Ying to pay me a visit the next day in office.

When the reception told me someone was looking for me, I told her I was not expecting anyone.

Receptionist : She said her name is Ying….

James : what.. !… oh… oh.. o….ok… I’m coming right out….

I walked out of my office and when I saw Ying again, I could feel my heart skip a beat.

No longer was Ying the sobbing mess I saw her the night before.

Her hair no longer unkempt.

The permanent frown on her face replaced by an embarrassed smile.

In her hands, held a bag with the same cup of ice cold coke from my favourite sandwich stall.

Ying : Hi…. James…. I’m… I’m sorry…for the trouble I caused you last night….this…

She passed me the coke and I took it.

James : it’s ok… you… you didn’t need to do this…

Ying : ermmm…. I don’t suppose…. You want to grab lunch ? ….my treat of course…. I hope you would accept it…. As an apology…

I really wasn’t expecting something like this from her.

I mean she’s hot, and I would love to have lunch with her but the incident the night before, it’s just weird.

What if she’s a mental patient or something, or she suddenly snaps in the middle of lunch in the business district. I would literally die on the spot.

Ying : don’t worry… no crazy outburst… I promise… hahah

I was still sceptical and part of me still thinks this is some sort of a scam. Maybe after we sit down and place our lunch order, she would start selling me some dubious investment schemes.

I still agreed to lunch in the end.

She’s hot when she’s not bawling like a crazy bitch. Period.

James: hahaha… ok…ok alright….

Ying : what time’s your lunch…. ?

James : It’s at 1pm….

Ying nodded with a smile and added.

Ying : I’ll see you at 1 pm then….

That lunch marked the start of a beautiful friendship. That was how it all started.

I found out from Ying that she was dumped by her boyfriend of 8 years the day before. It was a huge blow and she just started walking and walking, without realising she had walked all the way from home to town.

Ying told me she did not know the reason for the breakup.

Everything seemed fine until her boyfriend Luke packed up and left. By leaving I don’t mean shift out of her place or his home, he literally packed up and bought a ticket to the states without saying goodbye.

Even the boyfriend’s mother said she did not know what was going on with her son.

It was the abruptness of everything happening that caused her to snap.

She reassured me several times she is not a nutcase.

Ying and I had lunch 6 times within a month before lunch became dinner 3 times a week.

She is an amazing person to converse with, so bubbly and full of life.

It felt like a dream of sort to meet her.

She has the kind of smile that I dig, the body that I lust after and the personality that I can only say has been customised solely for me.

Before long, we started dating.

I was pretty sure I was her rebound guy but after a year or so of dating, I knew I wasn’t.

I’m just that lucky guy who happened to be there at the right place, at the right time.

Ying and I dated for 3 years before I popped the question and she said yes.

We got married on the 4th anniversary of the day she went all bonkers on me in the middle of raffles place.

Life was good, sex was amazing. Ying works as a botanist and she loves the outdoors.

It was like a fairy tale come true for me. Meeting such a wonderful girl and having her fall into my lap.

It’s really sheer dumb luck.

And the blissful moments continued until one fine evening when Ying walked in through our door, dazed and lost.

She had the same soulless look on her face as when I first met her. Ying was not crying but I could see she was a little shell shocked.

James : Dear… what happened…. Are you ok…. Are you ok…. ?

Ying took a while and half a bottle of wine to compose herself before she said she needed to talk to me.

She told me a story.

The story that came with a question

I could see the pain in her eyes and I know how much it hurt her to even ask me the question. It was overwhelming for me to listen to and I can only imagine the anguish she was feeling on her end.

Ying : dear…… i…. I don’t know….

Ying said that she would never agree to it without my blessing and understanding.

I could tell she meant it.

I could tell she wanted to do it, but she wanted me to say yes or there’s no way in the world will she go along with the idea. She’s always puts herself in other’s position, and empathy is something that she has no lack of.

I smiled and held her in my arms.

I thought I would say no.

I never expected myself to agree to something this absurd.

James: I think you should do it….

Ying looked at me in the eyes, trying to seek affirmation to what I just said.

Ying : Are you sure ? …. Dear I love you….. I have only loved 2 man in my life before and I chose you…. I want you to know that….

James : Yes I do…. I do know that…..

I could feel the swell in my pants and the build up of my erection.

It happened out of nowhere.

I can’t explain why I was having that erection.

It got harder the more I think about it.

Ying on vacation with her ex-boyfriend.

Photos of them in wedding gown and suit that the world would never see.

Ying and Luke sleeping in the same room.

It was just for one night.

No one said there would be sex involved.

It was not guaranteed but something inside me want it to happen.

Ying said she needed to be alone for a bit and I watch her head into the guest room. The place we use to go cool our heads off whenever we bickered.

Looking at Ying on the bed with her head buried on her arms, I felt a tinge of guilt towards her.

There is one thing, one thing I did not tell Ying.

Luke had already approached me 1 month before he approached Ying.


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