Disclaimer : This is a work of fiction. A collaboration with the owner of former tumblr site kinkynatty. All materials and screenshots used with permission. If you are uncomfortable with blackmail and worn lingerie, kindly skip this read.

If you have been following my recent post, you would realised I recently posted the link to a tumblr account.


Google it and you will be treated to a surprise treat for the eyes. The hot body of a local sweet girl. Her face is not shown of course. Only her body.

Yet her body alone is enough to fuel your imagination for days.

Now you would probably think it’s weird I would mention something like this in the blog, you are right. It’s weird.

I’m not promoting Natalie’s tumblr.

Then why ?

Read on to find out.

Now if you had gone through the entire site, you would know she’s selling her worn undies and her videos. There is nothing wrong with that but it came to my attention many months ago that a few blog readers had been cheated.

They did not get their videos after paying and she would cancel their meetings for her worn lingerie transaction.

This is definitely not cool.

I posted as a buyer of lingerie and messaged her a couple of months ago to express my interest to buy her worn lingerie. It was not easy convincing her to meet up with words alone but from our messages and conversations, I know one thing motivates her.

It’s money.

It’s something I could use to my advantage.

Please do not ever try this on your own. I will not be responsible for any monetary losses you incur.

After a couple weeks of correspondence, and in order to proof my sincerity in buying her worn lingerie, I transfer close to a 100 to Natalie. In return, she sends me her pictures and videos of her in her lingerie.

It was good fapping material. Especially when she sends me the HD videos of her rubbing herself till she’s amply wet and it soaked through her panty. The sticky thick discharge riled me up, waking a sleeping monster I had kept suppressed within myself for a while.

Natalie did not want to meet up with me initially but I kept persuading her. I kept telling her it’s a simple transaction.

We can do it in a public area, it will be safe.

There will be people around. We will transact in the day time, in a shopping mall or something. I said everything I could, or you can say anything I think she would want to hear.

As long as I can convince her to meet up with me.

That was the most important thing.

To meet up with me and sell me her lingerie.

I even offered to pay for her transportation fee to meet up.

I finally got her to agree to meet up one weekday afternoon at a shopping centre.

Location will not be disclosed.

The agreement was simple.

She will turn up and she was to remove her worn bra and undies in front of me in a handicap toilet in a crowded shopping mall. There was to be no touching or filming.

And the price for this ? 400.

400 for worn lingerie ? Am I crazy ?

Read on.

It started out as 150, but the negotiation went on and the price increased. A price I was willing to pay. She has gotten so much more from the other poor blog readers, I need to give her a taste of her own medicine one way or another.

As long as i can get her out, i will be able to get a lot more out of her.


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