This is a work of fiction.



I met Ning when we were both doing temp jobs at a pharmacy.


She’s doing it as a temp job during her school holidays whereas I’m doing it because I need to make a living.


Armed with only a ‘O’ Level cert with mostly ‘F’ grades, there’s not much for someone like me in Singapore.


The only ‘B’ I got is for English.


At 16, I started working, hoping from temp jobs to temp jobs, I wanted something permanent too but no one wanted me.


Most companies stopped using me after the initial trial period.


The pharmacy job was the one that lasted the longest, 6 months.


So for 6 months, I worked with Ning in the same shop, arranging items, attending to customers, her sweet demeanour made her the customer’s darling.


Everyone wanted to be served by Ning instead of me.


It’s not a gender thing, it’s because I’m stupid.


Yes it’s true.


I’m stupid and clumsy, I make mistakes all the time and despite repeated reminders, I would still make the same mistakes.


I can’t help it. I know I’m stupid, low IQ , I don’t know. Something is wrong with me.


Ning on the other hand, is so much smarter. Let’s not forget she is smoking hot as well.


Her long legs looked so good when she turned up in shorts. I always imagined I was hiding in the store where she changes into her long pants for work. That way I would be able tot steal a glimpse at her panty.


Ning scolds me sometimes when I mess things up but it’s ok with me.


She will always remain the sweet helpful girl in my heart.


You can probably imagine by now I’m that loner hiding in a corner of the room with a book in hand.


The one with no friends.


It’s true, I feel more comfortable spending my time with books that with other people.


Ning knows this, and she gives me quite a few books she no longer wants. I took them all. It didn’t matter if the covers were pink and the titles were girly.


I treasured everyone of them, arranging them neatly in my shelf.


I would even smell the books and imagine I was smelling Ning’s hand.


I masturbated to Ning regularly, I want her but she would never want someone as stupid as me.


She’s a smart university undergraduate, whereas I’m just a lowly stupid guy working in a retail store. It wasn’t long before I started writing poems and love notes to Ning.


She read each one and laughed. She thinks it’s a joke.


I don’t blame her.

It’s like a toad lusting after a swan.


We kept in touch after she went on to study full time in university while I enlisted in the army.


Kept in touch meant sending each other a merry Christmas, or New year message once a year, usually one of those meaningless animated stuff other people forward.


I followed her social media feed, I stalked her postings.


Everytime there is something new for me to masturbate to, I will download and keep it in my computer.


We may be apart but my infatuation with her grows ever stronger.


After my service in the military, I started doing work as a security guard in a condominium.


It was simple work, recording vehicle numbers, and patrolling the grounds and scanning the various checkpoints. I still get scolded though, some residents can be pretty mean, expecting me to do everything from catching a lizard from their unit to changing a light bulb or helping them bring their trash to the recycle bin.


3 months into my work at the condominium, I got a shock when I saw Ning walking towards me at the pool.


Ning : JAMES !!! oh my god !!! what are you doing here !!!


James : Oh…. Ning…. You stay here ??


Ning : are you a security guard ?? hahahaha….


James : Yes…. It’s…. the only thing I can find … after I finish my army….


Ning : It’s been so long since I last saw you !!! my god… years… !!


It may be years since she last saw me but it was only last night when I saw Ning, not in person though.


On a screen, with my hand wrapped around my cock.


We caught up a little and Ning told me she is starting her own branding company slash online ecommerce slash marketing company.


James : wow… that’s impressive….. you’re so smart… I’m sure you will do very well….


Ning laughed as she looked at me in the ill fitting security uniform.


Ning : James…. Cannot la… you… you don’t look like a security guard… hahaha….


I smiled and immediately was a bit conscious of how I look.


I was about to excuse myself to save me the embarrassment when Ning held me on my shoulder.


Ning : JAMES!! James !!! look… I have an idea….there is no future…. In doing this… I mean… come on… security… ??


James : i…. I’m not exactly flooded with choices…. You… you know how I am…with work and all…


Ning patted her chest and gave me that sweet cock sure smile.


Ning : work for me James….


James : what ?


Ning : I have so many engagements, I have no time to edit my articles…. And write my reviews…. This is perfect….. remember you used to write those notes and peoms…. You write so well !!! what do you think ??


James : huh ?? .. i….


Ning : ok… look… I’ll pay you…. There’s CPF, there’s medical benefits…. I have a proper office….. you have your own desk, computer… a real office job….you deserve better….


This is like a fucking dream come true man.


Working for the girl you are masturbating to regularly.


Even if I’m stupid, I will not say no.


I nodded my head and Ning punched a fist in the air.


Ning : You are my first employee James !!! yes !!!… hahaha


She added that together, we will grow the company to great heights.


It all happened so fast, within a month, I was out of my uniform and i find myself standing in front of Ning at her so call office.


It’s a industrial unit in Paya lebar, it’s big, about the side of a 3 room flat.


It’s stacked full of sponsored clothing and samples. There are shoes and heels piled on top of each other on the metal shelves.

Clothes were strewn all over the place like it’s a war zone.


My own table was a cold metal desk and the computer I was given is Ning’s old laptop with 3 hello Kitty stickers.


It’s ok, I don’t mind.


Beggars can’t be choosers right.


I start work at 9 and I usually leave at 7pm.


There is so much to do.


Besides editing Ning’s work, I need to take photos, I need to drive her to engagements and events, I need to buy her meals, I need to wash her clothes.


I’m being worked like a slave.


Within a couple of months, Ning’s true colours started to show.


In front of the customers, the clients, she is the sweet darling of the influencer world. In front of me, she is at her absolute worst.












Abuses like this fly on a daily basis.


Ning gets especially angry when the photos I take are not satisfactory.








“ NO… NO… NO…. TAKE AGAIN….!!! “






I continued working quietly and I took the abuse, because I like Ning.


She looks so good in the photos. Especially in her sports attire. She’s pretty big in the sporting scene, doing active style type of clothing and endorsements.


The smile, the slim and tone body, that pair of sexy legs.


In photo, everything is perfect.




What about my pay ? Well, I’m being paid 1200 a month. The same rate I get for being a security guard. At least I get to work with Ning, a pretty and hot babe.


How do I handle the stress then ?


I masturbate of course. Almost on a daily basis.


Ning’s clothes, her worn shoes, socks. Everything her sponsor gives her, she wears them for the shoot then chugs them in the office.


I was tasked to wash and hang all of them up nicely. Before I do, I would indulge in them.


Sports bra ? Yoga tights ? those are my favourite.


Sometimes I wonder myself if I deliberately made the shoot more difficult to see Ning sweat and get all worked up, or maybe for her to stay in the clothes longer.


The longer she wears the clothes, the more of her smell accumulates on them. The greater the satisfaction when I use it to masturbate.


She usually leaves office around 5pm, leaving me with enough time to jerk off with the day’s offerings before heading home.


It’s a good thing for me, I get to see Ning, masturbate to her clothes.


Ning did not know that I have secretly taken pictures of her undressing.


I also have video of her peeing in the toilet.


Yes, I also have plenty of her upskirt.


At the days turn to months, and the months to years, Ning got more popular.


She started to get more busy but I remained her only staff.


My pay went up to 1.4k and I spent many night in the office.


Our office expanded to include a small studio and with 2 sections converted into 2 small bedrooms.


One for me and one for Ning.


There are nights when we are simply too tired to go on and we would just sleep over in the office.


I would touch myself under the blanket, thinking of Ning sleeping next door from me.


I thought maybe one day the shouting, the scolding and the verbal abuse would stop but it never did.


It’s ok.


It’s ok because I like Ning. She is my angel.


Until one day everything changed.


It was a Sunday.


I felt this throbbing need to jerk off and I did not want to do it at home.


I want to do it in the office, surrounding by Ning’s belongings and clothes.


I want to smell the clothes she has worn that week that is still lying in the laundry basket.


I made my way to the office and I was in the midst of picking out a bikini she modelled a few days ago when I heard commotion at the door.


I could hear Ning but she was not alone.


I panicked and I tried to find a place to hide.


I dashed into a large full height wardrobe with held all her long dresses and gowns and I held my breath.


Seconds later, I saw Ning come into office with a guy.


Another man.


They were smiling and giggling, they were holding hands.


I felt the anger rising in my heart but I felt that familiar rise in my cock.


Ning’s giggling stopped when the guy took her in his arms.


My erection throbbed when I watch them kiss and the guys hand started roaming downwards to Ning’s breast.


I find myself shaking and trembling in the wardrobe.


I was angry.


So angry that I felt like charging out and pulling them apart.


I watch Ning pull her own top off as she smiled at the guy.


That slut.


That fucking slut.


She has never smiled in that manner at me before.


I watched her remove her skirt, revealing a cream pair of lacy panty I’ve masturbated to before and before I realised it, I was smiling.


I was smiling as I look at Ning.


I smile not because I’m watching her undress.


I smile not because I know I’m going to get to see Ning have sex.


I smile, because my mind started to get flooded.


Flooded with images of the things I’m going to do to her.


She’s so proud of her body.


She like to show of her flesh and tone abs and humble brag about it.


I should grant her that wish of sharing her body with the world.


And before I do that, I’m going to enjoy her body.












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