What if your wife decides to do something behind your back ?

    What if the only way to find out what it is, is to read it online after it has been done ?

    James realised his wife Shirley secretly started taking clients online via a popular sex forum. This is a betrayal that comes with graphic details. From wasapp messages to the detailed review given by clients after they fucked his wife.

    Afraid and unsure of what to do, James could only follow and slowly uncover how his wife is slowly being turned into a slut by reading the reviews and the photoshoot albums done by clients.

    Imagine having to face your wife everyday after work knowing what she does behind your back. Imagine being able to read what was done to her without her knowledge.

    How far would she go as she seeks not money but self validation. Pictures ? Photoshoots ? Reviews ?

    Wives will not show their husband their true inner slut. They will only show it to someone they don’t know, and hopefully never meet again…
    Or at least if she thinks they will never meet again…

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    14000 words