It was supposed to be a gathering of friends and a mahjong session. Someone got lucky, getting more that his share of ‘pong’ & ‘Hu’ that day.

I never thought something like this will happen to me. It’s a true story that happened last Chinese new year. It bothered me for a long time and there is no one to share this with until I discovered a site that has a collection of similar wife sharing content.

There’s no need to keep anyone in suspense as to what happened. I can tell you straight away that my wife was fucked by one of her friends after her mahjong session on the 1st day of lunar new year.

Yes, my wife cheated on me.

What bothers me is not the fact that she had sex with a friend in our matrimonial home on Chinese new year. What bothers me is that amongst the angst and frustration I was feeling of being cuckold, I felt a tingle of excitement. That lingering taste of arousal in my head refuse to go away. It’s like experiencing a mental orgasm over and over again everytime I think about what happened that day.

That’s what drove me to find out more, that’s what drove me to the internet in search of answers.

I started talking via email to the writer of that site and he encouraged me to share my story, in my own words, from my own perspective. He wants me to relive that moment, pen it down in words and share it.

I was skeptical at first but I knew it was the right thing to do the moment I created a new word document and started typing away.

The arousal came straight back as if I was back on that day itself, peering down into the living area.


It’s the first Chinese New Year my wife Emily and I are celebrating in our new home. With help from our parents, we put a deposit down on a cluster housing project located in the north of the country a few years ago.

Our place is a two storey plus attic unit about 2800 sqft in size. Plenty of space for a childless couple but having grown up in landed houses, both of us are used to the wide open space that is considered a luxury in Singapore.

We moved in barely 3 months before the arrival of Chinese New year and being the first one, we naturally wanted the place to be lively and all. After reunion dinner on the eve of Chinese New year, Emily and I invited our friends over to our place for a night of drinks and some casual gambling.

Emily prefers to play Mahjong, while I gravitate towards poker.

So both of us invited different groups of friends over, the spare room on level two will function as the poker room, while the living area right on level one will be the Mahjong table.

It was already close to 9pm when we got home and we have barely 30 minutes to wash up and get ready before the arrival of our guests.

My wife washed up in the master bathroom while I used the guest bathroom.

I quickly showered, then I went on to set up the poker table in the guest room. I even carried up a case of beer and drinks to stock up the mini fridge we have on level 2. That will save us the trouble of heading down to grab drinks.

I was about to head down to setup the mahjong table for my wife when I saw her step out of the bathroom with a towel over her head. I could feel a stir in my pants looking at her clad only in a pair of black lace panty with no bra.

James : You’re not playing Mahjong with no bra in case you are getting any ideas.

Emily : haha. But I will probably win…

James : No…

My wife made a face at me despite knowing it was a joke. She picked out a simple white school girl bra and quickly put in on, racking up her firm C cup tits that I absolutely adore.

Looking at Emily’s breast, my eyes immediately gravitated towards that seductive pair of cheongsum that is already ironed and hanging by the clothes rack.

That will me what she is wearing for the first day of Chinese new year when we are visiting. Her choice of clothes with her well endowed figure is sure to make her the center of attention.

Emily grabbed a pair of shorts from the top of the laundry pile which happened to be a FBT running shorts from her Junior college. One that she has kept for casual home wear.

She was about to grab a casual singlet when she saw the red house t-shirt from her junior college as well.

James : You looked like you are determined to win tonight.

I said as I looked at my wife who could still fit perfectly into her PE attire she last worn about 10 years ago.

My wife gave me a wink before telling me that she is already trying to be subtle about wearing too much red.

She sat down to blow dry her hair and I could not resist going behind her. Pressing my nose onto her shoulder, my hands went around her body, reaching for her tits.

Emily : ernghhhh… don’t want… our friends are coming..

James : Seeing you like this…just gets me excited…

Emily : hmmmm… maybe later…?

She said, raising her voice so I can hear her over the hair dryer.

James : As long as you don’t say after you win…

Emily : Hahahah…yes! After I win…

James : I knew it…

I heard the doorbell chime and the first of our guest has arrived.

I gave Emily a parting look as I went downstairs to receive our friends. The first to arrive is Heng, Emily’s friend and also a co-worker in the same company, but the work in different department.

Heng : Hey James. Happy new year…

James : Eh…Happy new year…

Heng brought along with him a box of cream puff deserts.

Heng : This is very good, new bakery in town. Had to be on waiting list to get them… Emily and you have to try it.

James : oh wow..thanks…come in…come in…

I set the cream puff down on the dining table just as my wife started coming down the stairs.

I told Emily her friend Heng brought cream puffs.

They started chatting while I prepared the drinks just as the doorbell rang again.

My wife wasted no time in biting down onto Heng’s cream puff and I saw the pipped cream ooze out from the puff, staining the side of her lip and cheeks.

Never in my wildest dream will I expect that in a few hours, I will be seeing Heng’s semen oozing out from my wife’s vagina.

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