James tries to use black magic on his sister in law. Will it work?

I looked at the yellow piece of paper my brother-in-law took out from a bottle of oily liquid.

Lam : This is the secret.

James : Dude…don’t bullshit la. Sure or not ?

My brother in law never said a word as he slowly unfolded that oily piece of paper on a stainless steel tray. Using two tweezer, he carefully unfolded the piece of paper to reveal a few strands of hair along with the name of my sister in law on it.

I looked at him in horror.

Lam : Shhhhh. James. Don’t disturb me now. This is the critical part.

I watched as Lam took a few fresh strands of my sister in law’s hair and added it into the mix. Next he carefully folded the yellow piece of paper, following the previous fold lines.

Like he is diffusing a bomb, Lam replaced the piece of paper back into the bottle.

Capping it, he lit up a black candle to melt a stick of red wax. Dripping the wax over the cover of the bottle, Lam stamped the wax with a seal.

I looked at him in disbelief.

James : You got to be shitting me right? This is a joke right?

My brother in law carefully kept all the apparatus for his ritual before sighing loudly.

Lam : James, you look at me. Just look at me.

I looked at Lam, he just turned 40 this year. A good 10 years my senior. However, his wife, my sister in law, Carrie, just celebrated her 30th birthday.

My wife is 28 and we all live together under one roof in a landed property while waiting for our flats to finish construction.

While my wife Celeste and Carrie are the typical head turning sisters you see in the streets, Lam can literally be considered as invisible if you get my drift.

At 40 and starting to bald, he is not exactly the kind of man one will consider to be attractive. Lam is about 10 kg overweight but you can’t exactly tell he’s fat, just that he has this bulging belly.

His features, although not ugly, but you will be lying if you say he’s at the top of every woman’s choice. He just looks plain, like the typical uncle you see along the street or the one drinking beer alone in the coffee shop.

Lam : You think for someone that looks like me, at my age. I can get a hot babe like Carrie ? Come on la. Don’t be silly.

James:  You sure or not ?

I asked again with a frown on my face as I sipped my beer.

James : don’t fuck with me can or not.

Lam : I treat you as a brother then I tell you. If not. I will take this to the grave man. It’s a done deal, I just need to keep maintaining it to keep the passion. Hahha.

He gave me a few twitch of his eyebrow and a naughty smile. I thought about Carrie and I could feel this excitement in my tummy. Which guy don’t have a fantasy about his sister in law ?

They say the forbidden fruit is the sweetest.

James : How does science explain this ?

Lam : Please la, you want to talk science, go learn the life cycle of a butterfly or something.

James : but there has to be an explanation!

Lam : No there isn’t. There’s nothing! This is black magic through and through. I know you look good, you are young, handsome and all. Celeste is head over heels for you, both of you are attracted to each other. I mean you guys are perfect. You look good together man. I would love to be you, but the fact is I am born this way. I don’t have the qualities you have, so I have to resort to things like this.

My brother in law quickly followed up to say that he truly loves Carrie, he didn’t do it just because he wants to fuck her or something.

James : You mean you can use this to fuck someone you like ?

Lam gave me an evil grin.

Lam : You’re married bro. To my sister in law no less. Don’t have naughty thoughts ah. Hahaha.

James:  Come on. I’m just asking. It’s possible?

Lam sighed and waved his hands in the air, trying to absolve himself of the responsibility even though he is eagerly sharing the information with me.

Lam : Look. If you believe it, it works. If you don’t, it doesn’t. It’s up to individual. I can share with you the information, what you do with it, is up to you. Hehehehe.

He proceeded to take out a bundle wrapped in yellow cloth and put it on the table.

James : what is that!

Lam : We may be brothers in a way, but James, business is business. This package cost $1.5k. You want I can sell it to you. It’s impossible to get it anymore. The master is no longer producing bundles like this.

James : 1.5k ? You trying to scam me or something ? Now scammer use phone and impersonation scam. You outright try to scam me in my face ah ?

Lam : Eh. Eh eh… I never force you ok. I’m just showing you. You want you take, you don’t want, I can always keep and sell to the next person.

I looked at the bundle and I could feel myself struggling to make sense of this. I mean, come on. Black magic?

It’s absurb.

However, looking at my brother in law, and putting a picture of him beside my hot as hell sister in law Carrie, what he says does make a bit of sense.

James : Ok I’ll take it!

Lam : Alright…tell you what. You go do this first. I don’t care who you do it to, or when you want to do it. After you are done. Then you pay me. Got scammer this steady one or not ?

James : You sure?

Lam gave me a wink and a click of his tongue. He got up and made me swore on my life never to tell anyone about the conversation we just had.

James : Of course not.

Taking the bundle back to my room, I looked at the picture of my wife taken with her sister sitting on the dresser table.

I smiled to myself as I looked at Carrie.

She’s already under the influence of one black magic, what is another one more?

Besides, it might not work.

Only one way to find out though.

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