Imagine a site that allows you to find you the history of every women. Who they dated, how they lost their virginity and how many men they have slept with.

Imagine a site that allows anyone to upload a picture of a girl. You don’t need to feed it much information, just a simple picture with a name. It need not even be a real name, it could be a pet name, or a nickname.

And if you ever have a history with this particular girl, you could add it onto her profile. Say you have had sex with her in the back of your car when she’s 20. Or perhaps you hooked up at a club and had a one night stand.

How about both of you were going at it like bunnies in your younger days, from having sex in public to attending a gangbang party?

You can put it all down and tag it to her profile.

Now the big question comes along, how do you filter the bullshit, from the real stuff?

Of course anyone can claim to have slept with some super idol, anyone can say they have sex with a top influencer who have since settled down with a family.

Talk is cheap, made even cheaper when it’s done on the internet while hidden behind the veil of anonymity.

Anyone can upload multiple pictures of the same girl, write an erotic novel about doing the deed with her and hit submit, how do you prove it then?

This is where the beauty of the website comes in.

Any registered user can call out bullshit, and it goes the same the other way round. You can also collaborate something that has happened.

Pictures and videos can be uploaded to proof the deed has been done.

Identifying marks, voice recordings, private photos, events, secrets that only those closest to the girl will know, all of it can be uploaded and collaborated by others in the know.

The website then tabulates the date and generates the necessary information.

One can be lying if he says a particular girl is a slut, but when an entire class of former classmates, all working in different industry, located all over the world collaborated and agree on the profile, the website will verify it as real.

This is made worse by the very trait that every human, no matter how decent they claim themselves to be are born with.

The desire to see someone fall and burn.

We don’t admit it, but it’s right there in our head all the time.

It makes us feel good.

There is even a term for it.

Schadenfreude, the experience of pleasure at the misfortune of others.

This is a very common emotion.

If you have ever experienced satisfaction when you see someone else’ lives get fuck up, don’t be too hard on yourself. This is the result of deeply ingrained processes that the human brain has evolved over millions of years.

One would think men would flood the website with their cock and bull stories but everyone is wrong.

Majority of the users are women.

They label the sluts, the vixens and put them on the stake with a pile of dry wood beneath their feet.

Then that’s when the men come in with the fire.

Within hours of going live, it became a viral sensation all over the world.

From women wanting to see the downfall of their colleague, their best friend, to men who wants to know who the woman he married is like before they got together, millions and millions of profile and pictures are uploaded onto the website.

The website was blocked by all local service provider within days of it going online.

Suicide rates shot up overnight as dark secrets came pouring out all over the internet, often collaborated with accompanying pictures and videos.

After the initial fever, things calmed down a notch when most countries blocked access to the website.

However, there is really no way to stop someone from visiting a site he or she really wants to.

When there’s a will, there’s a way.

Using a VPN, I logged into the site one day out of curiosity.

Being a married man, I naturally typed in the name of my wife, Liting.

Close to 1200 matches turned up on the search page. By narrowing down the age and country, I immediately narrow down the search to less than a dozen.

And I spotted my wife’s picture on the page within seconds.

I clicked on the image and I felt as if someone punched me in the gut.

There are 3 comments on her profile, written by 3 men. A former classmate, a bartender, and a former boyfriend who is now unemployed.

All 3 are verified profiles and the website has cross referenced their uploads with each other. The way they described Liting’s body, character, her behavior in bed, it all checks out.

I looked at the removal request tab. The website tracks the number of removal requests. You can pay for them to remove it but if the men decides to post the comment and history back up again, that is beyond the site’s control. You can keep paying, or you can live with the fact that the stain will always remain.

There has been 3 paid attempt to remove the history profile. I looked at the dates and location of request, it’s all from Singapore. The dates sent a chill into my bone along with an excitement that tickled my spine.

It all happened a couple of weeks before our marriage, but the history kept getting reposted. I guess someone really wants to have Liting’s profile online.

I clicked my wife’s profile and I saw the link to key in my credit card details.

Taking out my card, I start putting in the information.

I’ve bought all manners of shit online, from furniture to seafood. Never in my life will I expect to be buying a piece of my wife’s history online.

I hit enter and once the transaction goes through, i felt an immediate rise in my pants as I looked at the information displayed on my screen.

From how she lost her virginity to a classmate while in junior college, to a one night stand with the bartender in a cheap Geylang hotel, to being exploited sexually by a former boyfriend, it’s all in there.

The door to the bedroom suddenly opened and I quickly minimized the window.

Liting : Hor! Surfing porn right!

My wife said as she went to the wardrobe and picked up a pair of earrings.

James:  No I’m not, I’m just reading.

Liting : Must be some erotic novel from some stupid site seeing how guilty you are.

She angled her head and put on her earrings while looking at me through he mirror.

I smiled and said nothing.

Liting : Don’t wait up, we’re going for more drinks after the wedding banquet.

James : Have fun.

Liting : you too. I’m not having sex with you tonight because I will be too tired, so you should just take care of it yourself ok?

She gave me a playful wink and sashayed out of the bedroom. I sent her to the door and watch her slip on her heels as she adjusted her sleeveless cheongsum like dress she has chosen to wear for the wedding dinner.

Liting : See you babe.

She gave me a kiss and I returned to the computer after she left.

I brought the screen up again and began to read, knowing full well that I’m probably going to fuck her brains out when she gets back that evening.

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