Tom’s wife wants to work as a hostess in James’ sleazy KTV. It’s up to James to change her mind about working in such a industry.

James : Your wife want to work in my KTV? Say at one more time in my face bro.

I blew a cloud of smoke towards him and he waved it away.

Tom : I’m serious bro, I’m at my wit’s end. I need your help.

James : do you know what you are asking ? I run a KTV in Textile Centre, not the family friendly kind of KTV in community centre.

Tom : I know. I know. Listen to me first.

I looked at my friend who is on the verge of pulling his hair out. He has been having issue with his wife Brenda for a while now. He met her when she is working as a retail assistant in a clothing chain. Tom got lucky when he approached her at a vulnerable period, coming to Singapore all the way from Vietnam to work, Brenda took some time to adjust to the culture and environment.

And it’s normal for a girl looking for someone to lean on. Tom is a nice chap, pretty decent looking and is working as an engineer in a large company. They dated, got married and looked like they are about to embark on a journey of the discovering rest of their lives together when Brenda got involved with a group of friends from back home who also came to Singapore to seek greener pasture.

Now this group works in a KTV joint in town run by a competitor. With the money they are making, branded bags and goods are all within easy reach. From hundred dollar heels to thousand dollar bags, some of Brenda’s friends got it all within weeks of landing in Singapore.

Hanging out with them created this sort of imbalance in Brenda when she compared herself with her newfound friends. Her pay of barely 2000 including commission is nothing when her friends can make that same amount in a night.

Tom : She told me she wants to go work in a KTV and she has already quit her job.

James : What the fuck..?

Tom : She has this thinking in her head that she must make as much money as she can while her looks and figure still allows her to.

James : She’s what, 25?

Tom : 26, but anyway, we talked, quarreled , scream and shouted countless times about this but there is no way I can change her mind. She is determined to go down this route.

James : And what? You want her to come work for me? Bro, KTV leh. You know people don’t come here to sing, to eat fruit platters, eat crackers and order Tze Char in…. they come here to smoke indoor illegally, they come here to drink, to touch girls’ boobs, to dig their pussy and stroke their legs…and you are saying you want your wife to work here? Are you fucking nuts?

Tom : What choice do I have? At least at your joint, you can help look after her, if she goes to other joints, she might get pulled into a gangbang on the first night or something. Anyway, the point is not for her to work there for long. I want you to scare her out of the scene.

James :  How you know she won’t get pulled into something like this on my joint? I have regulars that likes gangbang too. She’s a fucking adult, not a kid.

Tom : Please James, help me out on this. I really don’t know what to do.

James : I attended your fucking wedding bro, now you want me to let your wife work for me. This is fucking weird.

Tom : Look at it this way. She’s a permanent resident, no work pass issue, give her something that can expose her to the harsh reality of your work. Help me change her mind. Just show her how terrible working in a KTV is for a woman.

I sighed and lit up another cigarette.

James :  Bro, I tell you honestly. When the money is flowing, no matter how terrible the work is, you will still take it in stride. I have been doing this for a few years, money can do anything. It can make the prettiest sweet young thing put her mouth over the cock of a shriveled old man.

I told Tom the moment Brenda steps into this industry, she’s as good as gone.

Tom : Then how? What should I do? I love her, I want her. I need her.

James : That sounds awfully like black magic bro.

Tom : Come on be serious.

I snuffed out my fag and looked at Tom draining his glass of beer.

James : Ask her for a target.

Tom : Target ?

James : How much she wants to make ? 100k, 200k? Agree on a target. When it hits, she stops. That’s the 1st rule.

Tom : And?

James : tell her you will give her your blessing if she can promise to stop and never step back in once she hits her target.

Tom : ok sounds reasonable.

James : You have to be mentally prepared that she will be touched every night and she may need to sleep with clients who decides to take her out.

Tom went quiet and I could read him like a book. He could probably deal with the touching and grabbing of boobs, but knowing his wife have to sleep with another guy, that is something hard to swallow.

James : I will have to interview her. And during that interview, I will scare her. I will make her rethink her decision.

I pick up my beer for a sip and the next thing Tom said made me throw out my beer. In fact, I choked and had to wipe beer coming out from my nostril while making sure I don’t stain my own pants.

Tom : Are you going to fuck her?

James : what the fuck Tom…

He handed me some wet tissues before adding something that sent my heartrate racing to the moon.

Tom : I don’t care what you do James if you can scare her off…

Tom said quietly at the table.

Tom : I rather she get fuck by you, than by a hundred others.

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