Innocent James loses his first time to his boss.

Eileen : James, are you done with the quarterly report ?

James : Yes boss.

Eileen : Send me, then bring me a coffee.

James : Yes boss.

I quickly hit the send button on my outlook and dashed to the pantry. I prepared the coffee, place a cookie on the saucer and brought it to my boss.

This is my first job after graduation. My time in the army was spent looking after a storeroom with only water cans in it.

People say national service is a waste of time, in my case, I think the country wasted her time on me instead. I’m a simple minded man with no direction in life. All I could think of was making enough money to pay my own bills and buy my own food.

My siblings say I will never be able to find a job given my level of intellectual ability but I proofed them wrong.

I got a job as a administrative staff for a small company and my boss Eileen treats me pretty well.

She is 32 years old, while I’m 23. Despite the age difference, she treats me like a friend. That’s what I feel anyway.

Eileen shouts at me sometimes, but I know that’s because I did something wrong.

She taught me a lot of things, from using the coffee maker to booking air tickets. You may be laughing but I have never done things like this before. In fact, I have never left the country before.

I am really happy working for Eileen. I have about a dozen colleagues, they are all very nice to me too. Then when the opportunity came for me to follow Eileen to Thailand for a conference, I jumped at the opportunity.

I was so happy. I applied and made my very first passport, I booked the tickets and packed my bags.

It was my first time going overseas, my first time going on a plane.

Nothing could describe the excitement in my veins.

Eileen’s husband sent her off at the airport and reminded me not to wander around and stay close to Eileen.

I overheard him asking Eileen why she chose to bring a block of wood with her on the trip.

Eileen : It’s for exposure. He’s improved a lot lately, he’ll get better as he get more confident.

Husband : Whatever. Just don’t lose him. Hang a badge on him or something.

I looked away when they embraced.

We walked into immigration and I offered to help my boss push her trolley bag. I carried everything from her bag to her jacket and coffee. I don’t mind doing it at all, it’s my job.

I was seated separately from Eileen, she took the business class seat while I went to the economy section. The flight may be short but I enjoyed the in flight entertainment, the food and the experience.

There was no time to rest and we went straight to the conference after landing.

By the time we were done with work and finally got back to the hotel, I was looking forward to a good sleep when my boss said we’re not done for the night.

James : There’s more work for me?

Eileen : yes, there is more work for you James. Go take a shower, and come to my room.

James : Yes boss….

Looking at my boss hit the room level of the hotel while holding onto her bottle of beer, I wondered what other work Eileen could possibly have for me at 11pm at night.

Whatever it is, I just hope it won’t be too tiring.

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