James is a new cleaner at the MOPC, he’s about to discover what goes on in the basement, or rather, a small section of the basement.

Carl : I am the cleaning the supervisor for the basement levels. Everyone working below ground level reports to me and only me. Is that clear?

James : Yes.

Carl : This is your access watch. Put it on.

I put on the watch and followed Carl to the cleaning trolley he prepared for me. Everything on the trolley is new.

Brushes, mops, disinfectant cans, wet tissues, trash bags and metal tongs. It’s all laid out neatly like they are ready for a inspection by a Company Sergent Major.

Carl : These are your equipment. Every morning before you scan in, I need to check all of these. They are to be arranged in this manner. The same goes for everyday before you leave the building. I need to make sure everything stays inside here.

James : Yes I understand.

Carl pointed to the trashcan green singlet and shorts I was given to change into and said only MOPC issued clothes are allowed once I clock in for duty.

Carl : Are all your personal belongings in the lockers?

James : Yes they are.

Carl : Good. Your watch will tell you where to go, which level you are needed. Just follow the instructions. Expendable items like trash bags, napkins, paper towels and washing liquid can be topped up in this office. The computer automatically detects the inventory amount on your cleaning cart. It will direct you back here if you need more supplies before you begin your next duties. Is that clear ?

James : Yes I’m clear.

Carl : Good.

Carl took a deep breath and congratulate me on landing the job as a cleaner in the MOPC.

Carl : It’s not a easy position to get in. I hope you do well.

James : Thank you. I will do my best.

Carl activated my watch and EROS, the supercomputer immediately assigned my duties to a toilet in Basement 3.

It even lists the kind of inventory I will need for the cleanup.

Aside from the usual mop, paper towels and cleaning liquid, I saw the last item on the list and I cursed quietly under my breath.

I knew there was a catch for the amount they are paying for a cleaning position for a Diploma holder. A position where I had to attend 3 interviews including a psychiatric evaluation and a lie detector test before I was hired.

I’m getting the same pay as a fresh grad engineer with first class honours doing the work of a cleaner.

Of course there is a catch.

I looked at the inventory list flashing on my watch, especially the last item.

4) Body bag.

As if that were not bad enough, after a few flashes, a X2 appeared behind it.

4) Body bag X2

James : fuck.

I exhaled and started pushing my cleaning trolley towards the service lift.


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