Some people are just better at selling.

I was a little shocked to be honest the first time I saw my wife’s video on a sponsored facebook advertisement.

It felt weird to see her dressed up nicely and introducing a property she is selling.

I watched the whole video from start till end a few times and I could not believe the number of views that video received. About 50000 views within a couple of hours of it being uploaded.

Is the property market really that hot in Singapore that everyone is viewing related ads ?

It was only when some of my friends forwarded me the links to a local sex forum that I realised my wife Audrey, is the topic of hot discussion on several threads.

Instead of the discussion being centred on the property my wife is trying to sell, the discussion centred around Audrey’s body, her looks, her legs, how she look in heels and of course, her ample asset. My wife is a beautiful and classy woman and I have no doubts her presence boost the amount of view counts.

I brushed it off as noise and told my friends I could not be bothered about it. Let the men say whatever they want.

I might act nonchalant on the surface but deep down, I was quite affected by what was being said online.

Accusations such as Audrey sleeping with clients are rampant even though I know it’s not real.

She just started as a property agent 4 months ago and has yet to move her first unit. It was mostly tagging along, getting familiar to the procedures, and learning on the job.

From the discussion, the netizens dug up my wife’s history. From where she went to school, which university she attends and somehow, even our wedding pictures ended up online.

Almost all the comments came from guys that want to fuck her.

Some said she has the look that made men want to unload their semen on her face.

Perhaps the only comforting note was that everyone is jealous of the husband. They say I’m a lucky bastard to be able to cup those ample breast in my hands every night.

There are a couple of users who claimed to have dated Audrey before and that the sex was mind-blowing, drawing more to request stories of Audrey.

From being able to give a good blow to the sight of her bouncing tits while she rides her partner on top, the thread became a hot favourite in the sex forum.

I know Audrey has dated a few guys before settling down with me but there’s no way of verifying if what those nameless people say online is true. I’m not about to ask my wife about what was being discussed on the forum that’s for sure.

One week after the video was up, my wife came home and jumped into my arms, screaming and waving madly in the air.

She closed her first deal.

That’s good news of course. We celebrated over a nice dinner with a bottle of wine and that deal, although a small one, gave her the confidence to continue in this new career.

One thing for sure, making a video, showing your body and sweet smile is a sure-fire way to draw in the buyers. Her voice is really sweet too.

Over the next six months, more and more videos of Audrey went up online. Her property team is not blind to the fact that looks and body sells properties faster than putting some ads online in a portal.

Coupled with site analysis of potential capital appreciation, catchment of tenants and of course, some accidental crossing of legs while wearing a tight skirt or dress, my wife started closing one deal a week.

As I watched her income grow, her dressing also became bolder. Audrey became more confident and comparing her first video and the one she is churning out every week now, she looks so much more confident.

Audrey is not one to dress overly short or to reveal too much of her cleavage in a crude way. However, she understands the need to capitalise on her body, so the clothes she wore got tighter.

I thought the discussion on the forums will die down eventually but it didn’t. Audrey now has a fan base with people editing her video with deep fake software to simulate her in a gangbang or being fucked by a black dick.

The first time I saw it, I got an instant hardon even though it’s a poorly edited video of Audrey being gangbanged by three Korean men.

Scrolling through the other videos and comments, I saw one jump out at me.

A comment that got buried in the never-ending discussion.

It was a comment by a site visitor that did not even have a registered user name. While it would appear to others that there are no credibility to what this user is saying since he cannot even be bothered to register, this user said something that I believe it’s true.

Why is that so ?

Because I’m the husband that’s why.

It was under a discussion about Audrey’s dressing. Why she is always covered up. Why don’t she reveal more of her body ?

Some say it’s a tease, some say it’s because she wants to portray a good girl image.

“Audrey has a scar from an accident, but other than that, she’s perfect.” 

My heart skipped a beat when I read that comment that no one even bothered to respond to.

My wife has two scars from a car accident just after we got together. This means that comment could not have been from her former relationships. The first scar ran about 10cm from the top of her privates diagonally upwards towards her belly button.

The next one is one is a puncture wound on her left breast just beside her areola.

No one other than me and my in laws knew about the scar.

My wife’s doctor is a female doc in her late fifties, I highly doubt she will be on a sex forum, much less commenting about a former patient.

This can only mean one thing.

The person that made the comment, has probably seen my wife naked before.

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