This is a work of fiction

James hires a personal trainer after hearing his friend’s good review. 8 months. 8 months was all it took for his friend to transform, train and change his wife from a sweet and loving wife who is shy and conservative into a sex siren with an insatiable sexual appetite.

If that trainer can turn Tom’s wife who is a pious church goer and really conservative school teacher into a orgasm craving minx, he wonders what would happen, if the same treatment was applied to his own wife.

My jaws dropped when I looked at the sex video my friend Tom shared with me on his phone. It was a video of his wife Karen. A school teacher.

She was moaning and playing with her own breasts while riding Tom. Not only that, she was talking dirty, asking Tom to fuck her harder. She used a lot of derogatory terms on Tom, calling him weak, useless and that his penis was too small.

I could hear Tom grunting in the background as the insults his wife threw at him spurred him to perform harder, giving his thrusts an infusion of energy as he delivered pleasure into his wife’s body.

Satisfied with the increased energy and intensity of her husband’s thrusting, Karen moaned sensually while admitting she was a slut and she wanted to fuck as many dicks as Tom would allow her to.

She was moaning openly that she wanted to feel the cocks of all her colleagues in her school, to feel their cum creaming the insides of her vagina.

If my ears could get an erection, they would have grown twice in size.

The video ended with the 2 of them screaming as they came in each other’s embrace.

James: What the fuck bro….. what the fuck…..?

Tom: Power eh…. Ahahaha never imagined Karen would be like this…

James: She is one of the most prim and proper persons that I ever knew……….. Ever….. Period…. Dude…. She teaches my kid moral education in school… What the fuck man!

I never knew she was this aggressive in bed.

Karen frowned upon anything remotely indecent.

Tom: She was not like this initially when we dated…. and not like this when we got married…. it was boring…. only missionary… and nothing crazy…. I’m sure you know that….

James: Yeah…. you complain all the time… but… but… what happened..? She looked like a totally different person….

Tom: I’m the adventurous type…. you know me…. hahaha… I want to do more… outdoors…. upskirts… exposing in public…. and of course… more fun stuff in the bedroom and all…. but Karen always said no…. and if things remained that way…. I think my marriage is going to suffer…. my sex life will just die…

James: Doesn’t look like it to me… you’re fucking her in that video with her dressed in her JC uniform and a butt plug inside her…. and she’s playing with another vibrator on her nipples…. That is like…. like… what my wife does perhaps in an entire year….. On separate occasions I must add….

Tom: Hahahah…. hot right…. Fuck my sex life has changed so much…. it really invigorates me man…. my work is better, my life is better… everything just seems to get better when the sex is good…. haha…

James: What’s your secret….? How did you get Karen from that sweet, conservative and quiet girl…. to…. to this…. and fuck… man I can’t get that video out of my head… that image….

Tom: Hahaha… makes you wonder why you didn’t get to experience this when she was dating you back in school eh…. hahahahah…!

James: Bloody hell…. it was just a bit of touching and a handjob for me….. I didn’t even get to see her totally naked…! Karen just said no to everything…

Tom: Well…. please la… I didn’t even get a handjob from your Lisa…. when we were dating…. How is she doing…?

Tom waited for me to update him about my wife since it had been a while since we last caught up. You could probably guess by now that my wife used to be Tom’s ex-girlfriend and that I used to date his current spouse.

Our conversation topic changed, from sex and bedroom activities to general topics. Life, mortgage, whether to start a family.

As the drinks flowed and we got deeper into the night, I could no longer hold it in me any longer.

James: Eh Tom… share leh… how…? How did you transform Karen into a sex siren….?

Tom smiled.

Tom: With proper training of course…. training… by a professional…..

James: A professional?

Tom: Yes… a professional Trainer…. Hahahah.

As Tom started to relate to me what he did to my former girlfriend who was now his wife, I found my erection building in my pants. It got harder and harder to the point of pure pain as I listened to what Tom did.

By the time Tom was done relating to me what the trainer did, I was staring at Tom with my mouth wide open, unable to believe my ears.

Tom gave me a nudge on my arm with the beer bottle.

Tom: The trainer is good…. most important of all, professional…. and I assure you… give it a few months… your wife Lisa…. woooo…. you will be the happiest man alive…. hahaha!

My throat felt dry and I just stared at Tom.

James: Are you…. are you…… really sure you did that….?

Tom confidently pulled out his phone and started searching for another video.

Tom: This is the trainer….. having sex with Karen….

I dropped the beer bottle in my hand as I looked at Tom.

Tom gave me a cheeky smile and he reminded me again what he did in order to turn his wife into a sex siren. And he said it in a soft sinister whisper.

Tom: Yes … I hired the trainer…. Made Karen fall for him…. and he started to scam her of her money…. to the point that my wife started prostituting herself in order to feed the trainer’s demand for money…..

Tom drained his beer as he looked at my shocked face.

Tom: So you want the contact or not….?

I opened another bottle of beer from the ice bucket.

James: Fuck yeah….

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