Suspecting that he is shooting blanks, James decides to go get a checkup with unexpected results.

As a man, I’ve never doubted my ability when it comes to matters in the bedroom.

I can get an erection, I can have sex, and I don’t finish in 30 seconds after it starts. My sex life is healthy and regular from the time I turned 20 right up to this very day.

I watch my diet, I work out and aside from the occasional drink in the pub with friends, I don’t have any nasty habits.

Which is why I cannot think of any reasons why having a baby would be so difficult for me and my wife.

The first few attempts of going raw and finishing inside my wife after our wedding felt really good. It’s refreshing not having to pull out at the last moment or to wear a cap.

I could finish inside her.


Full tank.

We started trying in 2018. Every time her period comes, it signalled yet another failed attempt.

Well, nothing to worry about, just keep trying right ?

3 months, then 6, then 9.

Eventually it became a year.

A year of trying, can you imagine that ?

My wife Crystal and I are in the pink of health too. We work out, we run, we eat healthy, hell we even go for those Bali detox Yoga shit just to cleanse our body.

Still nothing.

At the 1.5 year mark, my wife could not take it anymore.

She went for a check up on her own without telling me.

My wife meant well. She wants to find out if the problem is with her. Is she the one that is making this difficult?

When the results came out, she was given a clean bill of health. All good. Nothing but ticks on the checkboxes.

I felt my heart skip a beat when my wife came to me and broke it to me as gently as she can.

“ It may be nothing dear… but… maybe you should go get a checkup… just so we know how to manage this…. “  My wife hugged onto me as she broke the news.

I don’t believe this.

After so many years, you mean there’s a chance I’m shooting blanks ?

It’s hard for me to accept of course but denying a problem exists, doesn’t solve the problem.

I decided to go to the same clinic my wife went to. It made sense because since her records are there, it would be easier for me to have my check-up there too.

I made an appointment and walked into the clinic located in town with much apprehension. It’s embarrassing and I prayed that I am not infertile.

Entering the clinic, I saw that there was one other patient in the queue. A pregnant mother with a glow on her cheek. She was reading a magazine when the receptionist asked her to go in.

I saw a cute looking clinic assistant come in and she reminded me of a sweet classmate I use to have a crush on back in my school days. Petite with shoulder length hair and a cute smile, I would do her anytime. She took something from a cabinet, had a short chat with the receptionist before walking back out of the clinic.

After a few minutes, the receptionist called out to me.

“ Mr James… ? “  

“ Yeah “  I got off my seat and went over to her.

She told me I’m the last patient for the day and she needed to go off urgently.

“ I have already informed the doctor, she’ll come get you after the patient inside is done “  

I nodded and I felt as if someone just slapped me in the face.

A ‘She’

Oh god, the doctor is female.

As if shooting blanks is not enough, I had to tell that to a female doctor.

I was considering whether to walk away and look for a male doctor when I saw the doctor come out of the consultation room with the pregnant mother.

“ take care of yourself ya…. I’ll see you next week…. Almost there….”  The doctor spoke to the pregnant mother in an encouraging tone.

Turning to me, I was shocked to see how young she is, or rather, how young, the doctor looked.

She cannot be a day over 35 by my estimates.

Her long white coat could not cover her pair of seductive legs clad in heels that I would love to make my wife wear in the bedroom.

She wore a tight pencil skirt in black and I could see the pearl buttons of her silk blouse take on a different shade of colour with every movement she made.

With shoulder length hair and a skin as fair as a Korean actress, she looked so hot and pretty that I could feel a reaction in my pants.

“ Mr James ? “ She picked up my file and looked at me giving me her signature brilliant smile.

I nodded as I was rendered speechless by the babe in front of me.

“ I’m Doctor Ella, nice to meet you… first time here right ?  “

I nodded again. I felt like I shrunk into a little boy facing a hot teacher I fantasised about in school.

Ella gestured towards her office with a nod of her head.

“ well… come on in… “

She walked on ahead and I could see how nice her calves are. If only she removed that white coat, I’m sure I would be treated to a figure of a well-kept Milf.

I got up and I hesitated.

Eventually I started walking towards Doctor Ella’s office.

If I need to talk about my sex life and show my penis to a doctor, I might as well show it to a beautiful one.

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