This is a work of fiction, and it’s not suitable for anyone who cannot differentiate fantasy from reality.

This work contains some scenes of violence and non-consensual act that might make readers uncomfortable.

James wants to find a safe spot to indulge in some exhibitionism with his girlfriend. Not wanting to do it in Malaysia where he works and stay, he decides it’s safer to do it across the causeway in Singapore. It’s one of the safest place in the world, where can you find a better place to show off your girlfriend’s naked body ?

I got to know Jenni when I started work as an intern in a logistics company near my home town of Yong Peng, Johor.

She strikes me as the kind of girl that would make a good wife. Jenni is not the prettiest of the lot in the company but I feel she is rather attractive.

With a slim figure that is always clad in shorts and T-shirt, my attention is always drawn to her perky butt and smooth hairless legs.

Jenni needs to be very mobile at work so most of the time she turns up in comfortable sports wear rather than the standard office attire you expect. On most days, it’s shorts, a simple t-shirt and sneakers.

This combination could not be more simple. Most men would find it plain but not for me. There is something about Jenni that attracts me and I don’t mean just her legs.

One of my favourite days was during major stock takes where Jenni comes into work in her sports bra, singlet and FBT shorts. The warehouse we work in is massive. It covered 4 football fields and even with the use of a manual skate scooter, it’s a lot of grounds to cover.

Anyway, I was assigned to work under Jenni and I knew i had to make my move. It took me a few months to finally win Jenni over and we started dating secretly.

After my internship, I went back to school for my final year before joining the company as Jenni’s colleague. Even then, we kept mum about our relationship.

No one suspected anything because usually the attention in on the hottest girls in the admin or finance section. Those that get to stay in the air conditioned office and wear short tight dresses into work.

I find it baffling that no one is interested in a cool active babe like Jenni.

I realised I was wrong about the last statement a couple of months after joining full time.

There are people interested in Jenni despite her petite figure and small breast.

There are still a lot of men lusting after Jenni but we don’t notice them usually. It’s the Indian workers at the company.

The office hires about 2 dozen Indian workers to help with the goods sorting and delivery on paper. However, there are at least 50 workers working in the company illegally.

Everyone knew what is going on but no one said a word.

As long as the money continue changing hands, no one will want the status quo to change.

This is Malaysia for you.

Initially I did not like it when I see the foreign workers lusting and looking at my girl. I would get hit with waves of jealousy, it would make me angry and restless. I could not accept seeing the men smiling and lusting at Jenni while looking at her legs, her small B cup boobs and secretly taking pictures of her while she briefed them.

It would make me edgy and when I get to fuck Jenni, I would do it with much more vigour and angst.

I started to imagine my girlfriend being lust after and molested by the Indian workers and the only way I can save her is by having sex with her and flooding my cum inside her vagina, thereby flushing the semen of the other men out.

It’s a sick fantasy that slowly evolved.

The evolution is partly fuelled by Jenni’s character as well.

She’s sweet and pretty shy in nature.

I was the one who always initiate sex, and Jenni, would always reject me upfront.

She says she don’t want but there’s the funny thing.

As her boyfriend, I know she wants. In fact, she craves for it, which is why I don’t understand why she declines it verbally all the time. I would grope her breast, rub her down below, teasing and trying to play with her sensitive bits. Jenni functions like an electrical appliance that needs to be switched on.

A switch needs to be flipped.

And once that switch is turned on, all hell would break loose.

Jenni would allow me to do everything and anything I want. From taping our sexual encounter to fucking in the warehouses. We did everything.

Then there was once we just finished a quickie.

I went to the washroom to wash up but when I came back out, I saw an Indian worker hiding near a shelf.

He was squatting down and peeping towards the direction where I left Jenni.

He was peeping at her.

I kept really quiet to see what he was doing.

It was then I realised he was looking at Jenni put on her clothes.

Unaware that someone is looking at her, my girlfriend was wiping the excess cum I left inside her that was rolling down her legs while standing totally naked in between 2 shelves.

After wiping herself down, she slowly clasped her B cup tits with her plain white bra before putting on her top.

Then she slowly stepped into the cotton panty before walking over to a ledge where we left her shorts.

The Indian worker, having feasted his eyes on Jenni, decides to bolt and witnessing this left an impact on me.

It was really arousing. The idea of other men peeping and seeing Jenni. It made my cock so hard that I was ready to go for another round.

Then I was struck with an idea.

That evening, without telling Jenni what happened, I told her there is something I want to try.


“ what is that ? “ She asked.

I told her it’s the act of exposing herself in public while dressed seductively.

It’s like a foreplay of sort.

She immediately said I was crazy and said no.

I knew she may have said no verbally but all she needed was a bit of convincing. After a month of manipulation and depriving her of an orgasm, Jenni finally agreed.

We will do it.

Not only are we going to do it, we’re going to be taking pictures and videos to upload onto popular forums, with our faces masked of course.

Now, Malaysia isn’t exactly known for it’s security and for a young couple heading out at night to expose themselves before making out, is just asking for trouble really.

However, we realised the best place to do it is just a ride away across the causeway.

Singapore is one of the safest place in the world.

We can always make a trip across the border. Find a nice quiet spot and get to it.

Jenni and I planned for it. It was a Friday night.

We planned to spend the weekend in Singapore, driving around like tourists while doing a bit of kinky stuff at night.

We found a quiet park in the day and Jenni, dressed in a simple halter dress, stepped out of the vehicle with apprehension.

We walked around and within the span of 30 minutes, only saw an old man taking his walk.

“I think this is a good spot.” I said.

“ You sure ? “ Jenni looked unsure.

“ yes, it’s just a few photos. “ I reassured her it would be fine.

It’s broad daylight and we’re on high ground.

We can see people coming up.

Jenni started posing for regular shots initially as a warmup.

The dress she was wearing is already something that is different from her usually get up. She knew she would not dare wear something like this back in Malaysia.

Only in Singapore she said over and over again.

I took a few shots of my girlfriend against the lush backdrop before signalling for her to do more.

“ show me more of your back.” I said, knowing full well I had asked her to remove her bra in the car earlier.

As I took picture of Jenni, I kept imagining that someone is peeping at us. That someone is looking and it was so arousing to think that there are people enjoying my girlfriend’s body besides me.

Seizing the right moment, I asked my girlfriend to flip up her dress and exposed her underwear.

Jenni shook her head and frown at me. She’s nervous and scared.

I kept encouraging her, I told her it’s just for a second.

The park is deserted anyway.

No one will know.

I don’t know why but that helpless front on Jenni’s face only made my dick harder.

When she finally did it, I shot it at the right moment and I could feel precum seeping out of my uncircumcised cock.

A short flash.

Just a short flash

It’s like a drug.

The more we did it, the more I craved for it.

We continued shooting and we came to an abandoned shelter tucked in the park. It look like an old pillbox of sort, a relic from the war.

I only manage one last shot before I heard the approaching sound of another group of park goers.

Jenni and I got back to the car and by then, a physical check revealed my girlfriend was soaked through down below.

We drove back to our hotel and the both of us had one of the best sex together ever.

With the weekend drawing to a close, we decided to do it one more time.

One more round of exhibitionism before we go back to Malaysia. It’s going to be a while before we can afford to splurge for another weekend out in Singapore and we have no plans to do something this crazy back home.

This time round however, I decided I want to up the stakes.

I want to expose Jenni at a place where other people can see. I want other men to feast on her body visually. If I do it any old how in housing estate, we will surely get into trouble, but I know somewhere we can try.

Somewhere where there are a lot of men who would not mind a free show.

In the middle of a workers dormitory district where foreign workers stay.

I’ve gone past it once with my boss when we came over to Singapore for a work trip.

I have it all worked out.

I will make Jenni strip off all her clothes in the car. Lock the doors and take a slow drive into the district. In the evening when the men are out and about, they would surely be unable to resist feasting their eyes on such a visual treat.

Would it be dangerous ? Of course not.

Singapore is one of the safest place in the world.

I’m sure the foreign workers would not try anything funny. This is the reason why we are doing this in Singapore and not Malaysia.

I told Jenni my plan and she was reluctant to do it but after see how aroused and turned on I was, she agreed.

It’s just removing her clothes for a slow drive into an industrial area where 36000 foreign workers live.

What could possibly go wrong ?

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