Please do not attempt to mix any of the drug/wine cocktail mentioned in this piece. This is a work of fiction.

James gambles that if he offers up his girl, he will get another. Like all gamble, you either win big, or you lose big.

Whenever I scroll through my social media feed to look at my friends profile, I would pay extra attention to my friend wives.

There is something about married women that attracts me.

I don’t know if it’s because they are no longer available, or because I know for a fact they are sexually active.

A married couple without kids is definitely sexually active.

You could see the glow on their faces.

The colour in their cheeks.

A glow that those who has never had sex before will never have.

From looking at their wedding photos to pictures of their everyday lives, I would create a fantasy of myself in my friend’s shoes. I would pretend I’m my friend, coming home to my beautiful wife and having sex with her in all corners of the house.

It’s sick but it’s a fantasy. Something I play out in my mind.

When the fantasy reached it’s peak the same time my orgasm came, the calm returns until the next set of happy pictures triggers another fantasy scenario I want to experience in my head.

Of the many wives that I regularly think and masturbate to within my circle of friends, one stood out the most.

The wife of an army mate. Yeow is someone I see only once a year during my in camp training.

We’re close during the 2 weeks training and we always hung out together because we are more of the chill type. Just finish our stuff fast and you get to rest. This allowed us to spend a lot of time talking about everything under the sun.

After the 2 week in camp training, we would part ways and aside from the occasional message, we don’t really keep in contact until the next in camp training dates approaches.

It’s weird but it’s the truth.

For 2 weeks every year, we would become close, and for the rest of the year, go on to lead our lives.

Close, but not too close.

During one particular training while we were resting in a training shed while waiting for the rest of the main body to arrive, we started talking about relationships.

Yeow’ wife Wen is a 1.6m tall leggy and hot woman. Her breast may not be big, but it’s proportional. She has that cheerful sunshine look that I like, the kind of expressions that I would imagine when she moans, she would be doing so with a smile that tells you she wants more.

I have been following his feeds for a while.

My urges for Wen increased exponentially after the wedding photos appeared.

It’s like seeing her in her wedding gown, with that wedding ring and looking all happy and blissful triggered something in me.

I envy Yeow of course. A married man with a beautiful wife to return to everyday, that is a true blessing.

Wen was his 1st girlfriend and they hooked up when they were in Junior college.

He asked about my relationship and while I am not seeing anyone regularly, I have someone I pay for regular sex. Cindy. No, not my girlfriend, not a sugarbabe, also not a fuck buddy, but Yeow didn’t need to know that.

Cindy was a freelancer plying her trade on a popular sex forum. She did it not out of choice, but because of the urgent need for money.

At 24, with a nice figure to boot, Cindy was immediately fully booked when she started advertising her services. Everyone craves for fresh blood.

With a sad sob story added to the flavour, which knight don’t want to rescue a damsel in distress ? Especially if it involves him putting his penis into her private part.

I couldn’t get a slot with Cindy on her first day of work actually. Her message to me came only at 8pm when one of her prospective clients cancelled on her on the last slot of the day at 10pm. It just so happened that I asked for a similar time slot earlier.

I told her I’ll make my way down and Cindy told me to take my time. She still has one more client before meeting me.

While many would be put off by the fact that Cindy has already been fucked by 5 other men that day, I don’t care.

It’s just sex. Commercial sex.

I pay for it, I get my fill, and I go. It’s as simple as that.

However, when I got to the room in a nice 4 star hotel in town, I had a shock.

Cindy’s last client before me not only hit her, he left without paying too. Before he left, he also robbed Cindy of all the money she made that day.

So you can imagine what kind of room I walked into.

There were some blood stains on the sheets, Cindy crying with bruises on her cheek and eye and on the verge of a complete breakdown.

What made it worse was she refused to go to the police because it was too shameful for her to do so.

How is she going to face anyone if this gets out ?

Needless to say, I did not get to have sex with her that night but I got something better.

No, not as a girlfriend but I get to play a bigger role. The role of a knight in shining armour.

I took Cindy to the doctor and along the way, found out that she was working to pay off the medical bills her dad chalked up in an accident. He was not insured. It’s similar to the sob story she posted on the forum.

Now, I have a heart of stone and I don’t flinch to whatever story the girls tell me but upon sending Cindy home, I saw with my own eyes that it was the truth.

Her dad was on a wheelchair, with bandages all over the place.

Her brother just entered secondary school. With Cindy’s meagre pay of 1000 at a clothing apparel store working part time through her final year in university, it’s impossible to support the family and pay off the debts.

I made her an offer right there and then. I will pay off the 22k hospital bill for her dad, and give her a monthly allowance in return for her to service me and only me.

Perhaps I caught Cindy at her moment of weakness, or she just needed someone to lean on at that point in time. She agreed. I paid the bill, and I gave Cindy 1000 even before I get to have sex with her.

If I were to admit to this on the forum, people would say I’m dumb.

It’s ok. I can spot a potential investment when I see one.

Cindy is an investment.

We had sex 2 weeks later at my place and it was one of the best I’ve had. I’m not going to kid myself and pretend it’s love, or something might come out of it.

It’s still commercial sex for me.

For Cindy, having sex with one man is better than having sex with many others.

2 years in, Cindy is now working in my company as an operations staff making 2.8k a month and on top of her work commitments, she satisfies all my sexual needs without complains.

I want to fuck her in the office, done.

I want her to dress up as some Japanese student spewing jap while I do her, done.

School uniform , Victoria secret lingerie, role playing, we did it.

In the car, outdoors. Holidays, staycations, a long weekend of mindless love making, all done.

None of my staff knew what was going on and we behaved like professionals in the office when there were other people around. Cindy gets the same bonus as the rest of my staff. However, during CNY, I would give her a large red packet often nearing 5 figures depending on how well the company did.

Cindy would do everything for me and she too knew her place. That’s what I like about her.

She knew her place. Until I say otherwise, she is my employee. Period.

I could tell she has a bit of feelings for me, but I’m not ready to return those feelings.

Cindy is a piece of meat for me. My piece of meat.

So I showed Yeow pictures of Cindy and lied to him she’s my girlfriend. Pictures of us together going on holidays and all.

“ She’s very pretty bro, you’re a lucky man. Haha. “

 Yeow’s eyes had trouble tearing away from my screen as I showed him pictures of Cindy in biniki at the beach

“ Nahh…. Ok only la…hahah…. I’ve have girlfriends who are a lot hotter… haha “

I replied while changing the photos to another set of Cindy in a hotel room after one of our staycation. Fully clothed by the way.

“ Woah… hahaha…. Happy ending ah…staycation at Fullerton ? “ Yeow returned the phone to me and asked me when am I settling down.

I told him I don’t know if Cindy is the one for me and I’m keeping my options open for now.

I casually asked if he regret not dating around more.

“ You married the 1st woman you dated… how do you know she is the right one… ? “

Yeow was a little taken aback but he replied that he felt comfortable and happy with Wen.

I knew he had more to say so I kept quiet and waited.

“ yah.. but sometimes… I wished I had chance to try others….hahah “

Yeow finally blurted out in a sheepish manner.

I looked around and I decided to try my luck, lowering my voice a notch, I asked Yeow if he has tried surfing sites that involves swinging.

“ what..! “

Yeow looked shocked that I would say something like that.

I revealed my own cards in an attempt to see his. I told him about my fetish for such kinks.

“ sometimes when I read those online fantasy stories about wife exchange and all… I get quite excited and aroused.. hahah “

Yeow laughed sheepishly and looked away and I continued.

“ I’ve actually talked to Cindy about it, she’s unsure though, hahaha… she don’t mind trying it out just to see what it’s like….but she’s also worried wait end up meeting some crazy person and all…..and we can’t exactly pluck someone off the internet ahhaa….  “

Yeow looked at me in disbelief.

“ you… you…. James… you are ok with that… ? to see your girlfriend have sex with another man ? “  Yeow exclaimed softly.

“ it’s quite arousing to think about it actually. Hahah… it’s just sex… not as if she’s going to leave me and marry him or something… we’re all adults…the hard part is finding the right couple to swing with…. “ I replied.

The rest of our group arrived and we left it at that.

I knew Yeow would have the rest of the day to think.

To let that idea fester in his head.

The idea of him not having the chance to have another partner before committing his life to one woman and the idea of my so call girlfriend willing to try something as sick as deviant as what I suggested.

After the sunset and the lot of us collected our night snack and retreated to the rest area, Yeow made his way over to me.

I made way for him and we laid down at the corner of the large training shed occupied by only a handful of us.

“ Eh James…… just a suggestion ah… if you looking for someone to help fulfil your fantasy….hahah… I can help… “  Yeow admitted that he too has such kink but it’s something that the wife would never agree to.

“ My wife Wen is just so… how do I put it, conservative….she will never say yes even if I’m ok…. ” Yeow mumbled with a look of resignation on his face.

I smiled before adding.

“ How do you know…..if you’ve never tried ? “


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