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Author : Antyhowacc

Writes on Sammyboyforum

When it finally came to it, I hesitated.

Months of planning, preparation, stalking and this was the moment. The time to strike. There was no one else around, exactly as designed, but I was finding it hard to move.

Ugh, I hate myself sometimes.

Slapping my own cheeks to focus, I moved. With the key I had prepared I unlocked the door that kept me from my prey.

Carefully, silently.

Stepping into a humid cloud, I treaded lightly and closed the door behind myself as quietly as I could. The sound of joyful, oblivious humming and the droning swoosh of falling delighted me.

Everything was about to change though.

A loud “Zippppp” echoed as I ripped across the plastic shower curtain and authoritatively stepped inside. Hot water splashed against my body as I reached out and skin came into contact with skin.

There was a brief struggle, some meaningless yelps. But soon Mae was pinned, wet and fully naked to the wall. The shower head continued to spew its comforting broth when she pleaded for the last time.

“Ian, please…”

We both knew it was not going to work.

Securing Mae’s wrists behind her, I squeezed myself into her as Mae exclaimed at the sudden intrusion. The sensation was simply delightful as I chased for it again and again, ploughing right into the warmth repeatedly with the same finesse.

I hadn’t quite noticed it, but Mae was matching my pace after a while, coming to meet me in the middle as best she could. Any semblance of resistance in her wrists have completely disappeared, instead all efforts were focused below before I completely let loose.

It caught me by surprise when Mae spun around and jumped on me, arms across my neck, legs across my waist as I slammed her back onto the wall. Mae was kissing me all over my face but gasped hard when my fingers dug into her buttcheeks and peeled them apart, coordinating it with a hard slam back into the midst of her.

Mae would later tell me how hard she came from that.

I made Mae clean me up with her mouth after we were done in the shower, which she was more than willing to do and our relationship was never the same after that.

Funny how it all started with a hunch huh?

Mae and I were both staying in the same flat in the same university, along with other housemates. While we each had our own room, there were many shared facilities in the flat such as the couch, the TV, the kitchen space and of course, the toilet.

A few times when I walked past the toilet while Mae was showering, I thought I could hear her playing with herself, deep-throated moans that were obviously being suppressed. However the water was always too loud for any clear indications.

So I started with pinhole cameras. Why risk getting caught by peeping right? A few in her room while she was away, a few in the shower enabled me to know everything I wanted. Mae was a horny bitch despite her good-girl image and her apparently long-distance boyfriend could do nothing to satisfy that.

Somehow after weeks of voyeuring at Mae, I had a nagging suspicion that she wouldn’t even resist it if someone had one day overstepped their boundaries with her. Mae had frequent webcam calls with her other half, which usually ended up in her pleasuring herself in front of the camera she knew, and the camera she didn’t. Somehow, you could tell that it wasn’t enough. Especially if you knew she brought along her dildo into the shower to finish herself off better. All this time, I knew she couldn’t see me as I gleefully stared through the lens, but I felt that I had begun to know Mae.

So it was that one fateful evening that happened where all of our housemates were out, leaving the two of us alone which I struck. Life was never the same again.

I started with small steps, unsure of myself initially. But Mae had willingly gone along, each and every tier on the ladder.

It began with simple stuff, like pinching Mae’s ass when we were both alone at the kitchen, asking her to flash her bra at me in little pockets of time when no one else was around. It quickly escalated however, to Mae grinding her butt on my fingers at the couch discreetly while all of our housemates were on the couch watching TV. Turns out she wasn’t wearing any underwear and I could actually feel how wet she was.

Needless to say, it had gotten us both really turned on and eager for a quickie. Unfortunately we could not simply walk into each other’s room for one without arousing suspicions. Instead, I had to come up with the excuse that we were going to get some drinks from the supermarket nearby before coercing Mae into the staircase a few stories higher to release our pent-up frustrations.

With each passing day Mae had grown more audacious and the staircase a few flight of stairs up were becoming our go-to spot. We clearly knew the risks, but if anything it only served to heighten our arousal.

But we never got caught.

In fact, if anything it only emboldened us. We had begun with quick intersections of our privates, our clothes fully on. But I had progressively become more daring.

I would unclasp Mae’s bra as we fucked at the staircase, for better access to her wonderful flesh on one hand, but also to leave it on the floor on the other. Such that it was clear to anyone who chanced upon us what exactly we were up to. From then it evolved into leaving Mae topless, then fully nude, even adding in spanking as we went at each other at the same spot.

It was as if we were dying to get caught, but we were never.

It was then when I had the wickedest of ideas (at least to me).

I told Hector, one of our male housemates and a close friend of mine that I was screwing Mae regularly. But naturally he didn’t believe me for we all knew Mae has a long-distance boyfriend that she is dating. So I told Hector to pay attention to his phone that night and as usual, got Mae right where I wanted her.

Texting Hector to visit the exact location discreetly, my work began. I ensured that Mae was butt naked and even dared her to place all of her clothes half a flight of stairs away from where we were. We quickly got into action, facing Mae away from where I think Hector would come into the picture while I kept a look-out.

Expectedly, I soon see the shape of a familiar figure creeping upwards towards us, until Hector’s eyes could clearly see both of us in unmistakable. I gave Hector a wink and leaned forward to whisper in Mae’s ears, “I think Hector just spotted us.”

“Uhh… unnnhh? What? Oh my god! Fuck!” Mae replied in a panicked whisper. But her body was honest. She had squeezed me tight at the realization of how her slutty persona has been exposed.

“Should… Ohhh, should we… unhhh, stop?” Mae asked mildly, putting up a token resistance.

I just simply pounded away until I came, leaving Mae panting at the wall when we were done.

We retreated back to our individual rooms, Hector smart enough to know that he should leave before Mae and I were done. I was just texting Hector about the craziness of the whole affair, appraising Mae’s figure and sexual prowess when I received a video call request from Mae.

When I picked it up, Mae explained how hot it was to have someone watch as she had sex and she wanted to try it again as she webcam called her boyfriend. So there I was, watching Mae talk slutty to her boyfriend and fingering herself for her boyfriend, but also secretly for me, as her computer camera, her phone camera and the cameras I installed in her room all stared at her wide open thighs and dipping fingers.

It was a tiring night for me as I just had to blow my second load at such a sight.

Word quickly spread and it wasn’t long before every single male living in our same flat knew about what Hector had seen. In fact, I had even made a pact with the guys that the next time they will all be invited to watch. The thought of seeing Ms. Prim & Proper’s tits was already enough to drive them crazy, let alone the sight of Mae bonked senseless without her knowledge.

In the interim, Mae complained to me about how the male housemates in our flat were becoming especially crude to her, asking questions jokingly that they wouldn’t have usually.

“Mae, what’s your cup size ah?”
“Eh what’s your favorite sex position?”
“Do you like G-strings or not?”
“How often do you masturbate one ah?”
“Send me your nudes can?”
“Have you tried webcam sex ah? Your boyfriend long distance one right”

Mae naturally deflected the questions one way or another, but the increased frequency seemed to have bothered her a little.

Nevertheless, we soon found ourselves back at the staircase. As Mae rode me reverse-cowgirl, I told her that this time, all of the guys will be watching, so Mae will have to put on the blindfold I prepared.

“I can’t wait.” Mae replied, hiding a snicker. Front-facing the flight of stairs as she rode me with the blindfold on.

“They’re here. They’re watching your slutty pussy” I whispered in Mae’s ears.

“Fuck me harder, fuck me!” Mae purred between ragged breaths. She rode me at an unrelenting pace as I kneaded her breast from the back with one hand and spread her pussy lips wider for a better view with the other.

We finished in doggy. Loud and unrestrained, Mae’s jaw was wide apart as moans gushed true from within at each entry. Her knockers clapped in wild rhythm to the delight of our audience. Mae’s crescendo heightened with the knowledge.

Sadly, there was no further opportunity to push Mae’s boundaries further. While it was clear she enjoyed the trysts as much as I did, her priority was clear the second she found out that her boyfriend was shifting back to Singapore.

I never knew what happened to her after she moved out to live with her boyfriend, but nonetheless I was lauded the legend by those present that fateful night for the gift that no money could buy them.