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Author : Antyhowacc

Writes on Sammyboyforum

Olivia’s eyes hardened as she stared at her phone. First came texts that she found easy to dismiss, then came jpg files one after another that were hard to deny.

Her body was set aflame, her blood heating until it boiled and bubbled over any rational thoughts.

“Anything else?” Olivia texted

“Yeah, a video too, but I can’t seem to send it to you. You wanna come over and see it?” came the reply.

“Damn right I will”

Despite Olivia’s haste, she still managed to maintain some semblance of thought, sending out furious texts in search of an explanation, in search of truth.

All she got for her efforts was a lack of response. Nothing. And even after a delayed period, lacklustre ones that frustrated her more than anything.

Olivia tried her best not to cry, but it proved to be too insurmountable a task, causing her to show up at Jason’s place teary-eyed and pathetic. Jason immediately soothed her with gentle words, the kind he remembered she needs.

Kind words, loving gestures and the message that none of this is Olivia’s fault softened Olivia’s clenched emotions. She fondly reminisced the old times with Jason, but Olivia knew she had a mission, for her confused heart and mind had something that they needed to see.

All other choices can wait.

The video was exactly what Jason had described in his texts, but seeing it for herself was the least that Olivia knew she should do. Her defenses completely crumbled when she saw, with her own eyes, her honest, loving boyfriend Issac strolling into a hotel with another unknown girl.

Olivia was not stupid enough to require evidence of Issac being caught in the act to know what transpired next.

All that’s left of Olivia was a pitifully wailing girl, crying her heart out and questioning herself if she had been a bad girlfriend, unable or unwilling to satisfy her boyfriend emotionally or physically that this resulted. She didn’t even blame Issac in the first instance, and Olivia hated herself for it when she discovered it.

Olivia felt Jason’s arms wrap around her in a full embrace, one that she used to love as she wept. Jason was denouncing Issac’s actions every other second while holding onto her tightly, but Olivia no longer cared.

Kisses began to rain all over Olivia’s head, in between curses.

Slowly but surely, the solace and care got to Olivia and she wondered when was the last time she had received this amount of attention from Issac. It was all “work work work” with Issac and Olivia wondered if she had ever been Issac’s priority, other than the first six months when it’s all lust and passion.

Olivia’s mind was made up. And she knew the perfect place to start.

Before the next peck could reach her temple, Olivia spun around, meeting Jason’s lips directly. Eyes closed, Jason kissed her slowly, tentative and apprehensive. But in Olivia’s mind, she knew this was what she wanted, at least at this moment. She has missed this and it just felt right, her heart told her. It felt right, her body told her.

Which was why Olivia took the initiative, extending her own tongue first, until it met its counterpart and evolved into a passionate mesh.

Olivia found herself lifted by strong arms and carried away a short distance, until her back smashed into the wall. Jason’s hands were all over her, tugging away the barriers to her soft skin until Olivia was only left in her underwear, a haphazard assortment that she hastily put on in her rush.

She held Jason’s wrist in restrain, asking one last question, “Should we really be doing this?”

“He did it first.”

And that was all it took.

On bed, Olivia was driven crazy as Jason touched all the spots he knew she loved. It was the kind of foreplay Issac rarely bothered with these days, leaving Olivia to once again wonder why she had left Jason in the first place. Intentionally teased, Olivia could feel her peak coming just from the clitoral play, leaving her yearning for more when Jason stopped.

“Ready for me?” Jason asked teasingly.

“Yes please. With a condom please.” Olivia purred.

“Always, my dear, always.”

Olivia was left sated on bed, the skin on her buttocks and breasts red and smouldering from the hard spanking that Jason loved to exact during sex since their time together previously. Jason seemed to have the impression that Olivia enjoyed it, although she never quite felt the same way. Rather, she preferred to tolerate it as she knew Jason loved handing them out, a kink Olivia was prepared to accept.

“You know what Olivia. Fuck that Issac, it’s still early on a Saturday, let me bring you out for a night of fun so you can forget about that bastard.” Jason suggested.

Still brimming with afterglow, Olivia agreed readily, focused on forgetting about everything to do with Issac for the day.

Which is how Olivia found herself in her sexy, new black dress. It showed off a little too much skin, clung onto her body a little too much, but not quite outright slutty yet. It was a sure recipe for male attention.

Drinking her woes away at the club with Jason and his friends (a couple), Olivia let herself loose after rounds and rounds of alcohol, flirting and teasing with Jason all night long.

“Wanna get out of here and do something crazy?” Olivia heard Jason whisper in her ear from behind, his hands continuing to trace and linger over the shape of her breast while the one traced small circles on the inner side of her left thigh.

“I thought you would never ask.”

Olivia was not spared even on the taxi en route to a destination she did not know. She only knew two things.

1. Jason’s friends (the couple) was together with them on the taxi; and
2. She was requested to sit on Jason’s lap even though there was a perfectly good middle seat available.

Essentially, the groping and teasing never stopped on the way, with Jason fervently alternating his attacks on Olivia’s nape, inner thighs and breasts along the way.

It was Olivia so horny she swore she could have fucked Jason right there and then if not for the other couple and the fact that they are in a taxi.

Which is why Olivia could stand it no longer and meekly asked Jason when they alighted why they were still together with the other couple when they should be having hot steamy sex at that moment.

“We’re getting to that right now, baby.” Jason replied smugly.

The two couples were soon ushered into a HDB apartment where Jason no longer showed any restraint and almost ripped Olivia’s clothes off.

“Oh my god, here?” Olivia panted as Jason started stripping.

“Yes, right here in front of them baby. Although I think they are probably too busy to look. Now put on the condom for me with your mouth. I have been wanting to fuck you in that cockteasing dress for the whole night already”

True enough, Olivia saw from the edge of her vision that the other couple were already balls deep in action, when she slid the length of Jason down her throat with the rubber film.

The next thing Olivia knew she was back on Jason’s lap, just like she was in the taxi, except this time Jason was firmly embedded in her and thrusting.

“Open up wide and face them, I want them to see your little pussy being fucked if they ever looked this way Olivia” Jason uttered, gradually parting Olivia’s legs as Olivia bounced atop him.

“Oh my god, yes, YES!”

Olivia was ecstatic. It was so hot having sex while watching others.

It was insane letting others watch them. Olivia felt so naked, so vulnerable, yet so right. It was pure animalistic lust in the room, and neither couple was holding anything back.

Olivia could no longer remember who said what or when, but she knew she was making out with the other girl side by side as their men ploughed into them from behind. She recalled Jason edging and egging her on, more tongue, more passion when there was an intermission.

A brief pause where Jason pulled out of her.

A hi-5 rang out loudly above, piquing Olivia’s interest. Olivia wanted to investigate, but was unable to do so as her counterpart firmly held her face in with both her hands and increased the intensity of the action, before a different-sized dick thrusted authoritatively into her.

Olivia wanted to shriek, to resist, but she was held firmly. She had just allowed a man she had met for the first time to not only see her completely naked, but penetrate her. Now somewhat willingly.

It goes against everything Olivia believed in, everything she was taught and she felt her whole body wants it to stop. Except her loins, which with each thrust, the resistance in her slowly ebbed away.

Until she was part of the choir, deep in the chorus.

When Olivia woke up the next day, her phone was overflowing with miss calls and concerned messages. Her boyfriend Issac had tried to contact her throughout the night it seemed, wondering why she never texted nor answered the calls.

Olivia simply tossed her phone away. Now that her head is clear, albeit throbbing from the stupid amount of alcohol she had ingested the night prior, she knew it was a mistake and her only justification was that Issac did it first.

What a weak argument.

Jason marvelled at the wonders of technology as he held his sobbing ex-girlfriend, Olivia in his arms. The soft and supple skin, the smell of her and the vulnerable state of a damsel in distress was a potent combination.

Jason knew he was likely going to score.

He just had to play his cards right.

Soothing words and light kisses at the spots Jason knew Olivia loved was doing the trick. Jason focused on steering Olivia towards exactly where he wanted her. Nothing overly obvious like pecking on the lips, just soft and gentle ones on her forehead, her cheeks, the top of her head.

When Olivia spun around and met Jason on the lips, the cat was in the bag.

Jason tore away at Olivia, pinning her to the wall and touching her in places that he used to be able to do regularly. He had lusted for this for the longest time ever since they broke up, something he frequently fantasized about when he was lonely in the nights.

“Should we really be doing this?” Olivia muttered, stopping Jason’s advance.

Seeing how innocent Olivia looked in her underwear, Jason knew he had to find the right words.

This was going to be the defining moment.

“He did it first.” Jason said calmly, surprising even himself.

That seemed to do it as Olivia showed no further resistance, allowing Jason to explore her body freely once again. Jason made sure to tease and tease, holding back his impulse to ravage Olivia, focusing on the foreplay he knew she loved.

It was painstakingly long, but finally Jason had Olivia right where he wanted her. Panting and wanting, yet not quite over the fence.

“Ready for me?”

“Yes please. With a condom please.” Olivia purred.

“Always, my dear, always.” and the rest was history…

Jason laid on his bed, eyes wide and staring at the ceiling as he cradled the snoozing Olivia by his side. He reminisced on how things have worked out more perfectly than he’d ever expected and the start of another wicked plan in his head began to spin…

It was all a chance encounter when Jason came across a familiar face about 2 months ago, shopping for jewellery. Jason could not recall immediately why the guy’s face looked so familiar, but he had a gut feeling and a quick instagram search confirmed his guess. It is Issac, Jason’s ex-girlfriend (Olivia)’s current boyfriend.

How interesting that Issac was shopping around with another girl, who obviously was not Olivia.

Opportunistic, Jason quickly trailed the two, snapping away at pictures even though he had no idea what he was going to do with them.

The two checked out several jewellery shops, but didn’t seem to linger for long at each, briefly exchanging some words with the staff before moving on promptly.

Unable to think of any way to utilise the photos taken, Jason quickly forgot about the whole incident until about 2 weeks later, when fate seemed destined to provide him with all the conditions he needed.

At the hotel Jason was working at, he ran into the girl that Issac was shopping for jewellery with the earlier. She was however, with another man (who isn’t Issac) and the pair quickly headed to a room upstairs for their lovely evening.

His mind turning quickly, inspiration struck Jason as he persuaded the security personnel of the hotel to allow him to make copies of the security footage that contained the girl in question.

After a few days of searching on the internet, Jason found the services he required and provided all of the pictures, video footage and funds necessary for what he had in mind, the superimposing of Issac’s face and body shape into the various videos.

Alas, Jason’s plan had come full circle and from then on it was a matter of simple, delicate manipulation before he was sure Olivia would once again be at his mercy, exactly like he planned. After all, it wasn’t hard to convince people when you showed them precisely what they wanted to see.

Except now, Jason was going to go further. Much further than he’d ever done with Olivia.

Some back-and-forth texting with his partner-in-crime and the plan was under way. Olivia was first driven to intoxication, before heavy petting on the dance floor to ensure that she was both sufficiently aroused and not clear-headed enough to resist whatever was to come.

The taxi ride was the cherry on top, clearly proving that Olivia was unable to oppose their suggestions. Olivia was suppressing herself the whole time, while Jason couldn’t help but exchange a look or two with his friends at the state Olivia was in, especially with what was to come.

When the moment of truth came, it was much smoother than Jason thought. Olivia only innocently asked if they were really going to do it in front of others. Needless to say, she was quickly found naked and fucked, in full view of everyone despite her slight reservations.

Even more surprising, Olivia barely fought when Jason and his friend switched, allowing herself to be fucked by a stranger.

“What a stupid, horny bitch” Jason thought as he entered his friend’s girlfriend for the very first time after watching his friend do the same with Olivia. “I guess I should really thank you Olivia, for this would never have been possible without you.”

The rest of the night allowed Jason to try everything he had ever wanted with Olivia, and thanks to the little arrangement with his friend (and his girlfriend), much was kept on record for his own future pleasure.

Jason wondered what he could do next with these records on hand…