James finds an interesting notebook.

One that can affects what the people around him do.

This happened to me last year.

I had just moved into my new executive condominium with my wife Chrysan in Punggol.

We got a ground floor unit that came with a large patio that allows you to access the pool deck directly.

We love the private enclosed space and that is where we put out dining table.

The patio is big enough to accommodate a group of 8 comfortably. Chrysan and I have always been very eager to play host to our friends and having that patio to chill is a dream come true.

A bottle of wine, beer and finger food, a few good friends and plenty of laughs, what more can I ask for ?

It happened on a Saturday evening.

My wife is hosting her colleague Adrian and his wife Suwen at our place for dinner.

Adrian is Chrysan’s superior at work but he also happens to be an old army mate of mine back in national service.

Suwen, aside from being Adrian’s wife, is also Chrysan’s BFF back in secondary school.

The world is so small and imagine the surprise when the lot of us met up accidentally one day in a mall. There was the usual ‘oohs and ahhs’ before the hugs and fist bumps.

Now, back when Chrysan and Suwen were in school during their secondary school years, they were frequently hailed as the 2 goddess of the school. They literally drove the boys nuts with their looks and of course, the fullness of their breast.

Both girls are blessed with a full C cup and while my wife has that demure girl next door look, Suwen has that leggy flirty look that I dig.

The lot of us went on frequent couple dates and we even travelled once together to Thailand.

So when Chrysan and I moved into our new condo, it was natural that we invited them over for dinner.

Adrian brought over a bottle of wine while my wife whipped up a rack of lamb and pasta.

We had a good meal that was peppered with plenty of laughs and ideas of future couple trips to Japan and Korea.

As we head into the night, our conversation grew a bit more serious as we talked about life in general and finances as a couple in Singapore.

I finished pouring the wine and as I got up to get another, everyone took the chance to take a quick bathroom break.

I had a big bucket of ice water set near the gutter at the side of the patio. It makes sense because of all the water and condensation, no point letting the water streak across the whole floor.

It was a dark corner but the ambient light is still bright enough for me to see.

I reached in for a bottle or Merlot when something fell from the sky.

A small black notebook the size of a 4R photoframe.

On the front of the cover, it says, ‘ High Note’

I burst out laughing as I shook the water from my hand and opened it.

My neighbour must be really free.

Most probably a manga or Japanese anime fan.

                                                            High Note

The human whose name is written in this note, shall have an orgasm.

The orgasm will not take effect unless the writer has the person’s face in their mind when writing his/her name. Therefore, people sharing the same name will not be affected

If the cause of the orgasm is written within the next 40 seconds upon writing the person’s name, it will happen.

If the cause of orgasm is not specified, the person will simply masturbate himself/herself to orgasm.

After writing the cause of orgasm, details of the orgasm should be written in the next 6 Minutes 40 seconds.

I laughed and I shook my head.

Whoever did this is fucking creative.

I wiped the bottle of wine down and opened it to let it breathe.

While waiting for the rest to come back, I took the book out again.

I looked at the blank pages and chuckled.

I grabbed a pen from the living room and I wrote Adrian’s name.

Since he is in the guest bathroom where my wife’s worn clothes are, I laughed to myself as I wrote in the note that Adrian masturbated with my wife’s lingerie before cumming all over them.

I saw Suwen walking towards me and I kept the notebook.

My wife happened to join us too and I could not wait to show her what I found later when the guest are gone.

I refilled the glasses of the girls and just when I was about to reach for Adrian’s glass, I heard shouting and grunting.

“arghh,arghh,arghhh!” Adrian grunted and shout at the top of his voice so suddenly that all of us jumped.

“oh my god is he ok ? “ My wife asked.

Just as the lot of us were about to walk towards the guest bathroom, the door opened and the girls screamed.

I dropped the wine bottle as I could not believe the sight that greeted me.

Adrian was totally naked, he was wearing Chrysan’s bra, and he held another one over his face.

His dick was exposed and he was wearing my wife’s G-string. Wrapped around the top of his penis was another boyshort panty that my wife was wearing earlier that day.

Everyone was shocked as Adrian literally rubbed one out in the middle of my living room.

“ arghhh..arghh..a ghhh..arhghhh ooh fuckk!! “ Adrian grunted and came into my wife’s underwear as his own wife covered her mouth in shock.

Chrysan fainted, Adrian collapsed onto his knees and continued stroking away as Suwen screamed and went over to help my wife.

Everyone was doing something.

Everyone except me.

I swallowed a gulp of saliva as I touched the notebook in my pocket before mumbling to myself.

“ bloody hell…”

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