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Author : Antyhowacc

Writes on Sammyboyforum

“What? That’s completely crazy!” Pam protested.

“C’mon gals, the whole point is to go crazy right?” Ruth defended her suggestion.

“Yes, but not THIS crazy? What are we going to tell Steph’s husband-to-be?” Pam shot back.
“Well, we could just tell him we went dancing and had some drinks. It wouldn’t be that far from the truth. Besides, it’s Steph’s night, so I leave it up to her…”

All eyes turned towards Steph in anticipation.

She didn’t have an answer for the ladies. Steph was about to be happily married to the love of her life in a week’s time, and now her besties have come together for her hen’s night. She did tell Ruth she wanted something wild, something once-in-a-life, although Steph had no idea she would go this far to set everything up.

Besides, Ruth’s logic is undeniable. The whole point of a hen’s night is to do something crazy that a lady should never ever do again after marriage right? In that sense, this is completely reasonable. Also, Steph couldn’t deny the tiny sparks of excitement she felt when Ruth announced their plans to her and the gals for the first time. It really did set off something in her…

“Ahem, erm… Is it safe?” Steph enquired.

“Completely. I know one of the guys involved, which is kind of weird in another sense, but the arrangement is that there will be just showing, no touching. Well, they can make us touch each other, but yes, they don’t get to touch us. Is that sufficient?” Ruth answered.

“Well, if Pam and Queenie doesn’t mind, I’m all for it…”

“WOOHOO! The Bride has spoken! Lezzgo girls, I’ve got the outfits ready.” Ruth whistled loudly, corralling the others and their muted protests.

“Is this really all we are wearing?” Queenie asked as she inspected herself in the mirror.

Queenie had never worn such revealing outfits before in her life. They felt more like kinky lingerie meant for the bedroom, which of course they were. In fact, the sole string meant to cover her slit could barely do its job, contrasting the bright thin line on top of her darkened skin below.

“Yes darling, the whole point is to, you know, not be wearing anything. Anyway I think we look really hot so let’s go!” Ruth ushered.

Covering themselves with jackets and coats so they don’t get arrested, the ladies met up with Ethan, Ruth’s friend who happily guided them to the hotel room.

“Can’t believe you’re really doing this Ruth. Where do you even find such pretty colleagues. Well, it’s my buddy Hank’s bachelor night and I sincerely hope it’s gonna be a good one!” Ethan chatted.

Ruth took the lead when they entered the room, identifying who the groom-to-be was amongst the 4 guys present (including Ethan) and starting off the show with her solo performance. The others meanwhile stood back and watched, amazed at how confident Ruth was in barely anything, in front of mostly strangers.

Ruth ended her short dance, panting, but not forgetting to go through the ground rules, no touching of any of the girls, no filming, although tipping is encouraged.

When everyone was clear and consented, the rest of the ladies came out and each took their turn, presenting a short sassy routine to kick off the night and toss their shyness aside.

Excited voices immediately filled the room once again, it was clear that the guys were enjoying it and the exercise from the dancing is getting everyone’s heart pumping hard. The guys quickly whispered among themselves who they thought was the best, and to no one’s surprise they zero-ed in on Steph.

Plus, Steph did add in an extra kick or two, well aware that it was her last night to be crazy. Tossing sultry looks and teasing a little too much, eyes could barely leave her even after she ended.

With the ladies in their “proper” attire, Ruth began to instruct on the games to be played for the night. It was simple. Drinking games, card games, guessing games. For the games that involve the men playing against each other, the winner gets to choose a lady to do a task. For games that the men play against the ladies, the men get to choose a lady to strip further.

Needless to say, Steph was the first one to find herself fully naked as the night went deeper. Before long, Steph found herself kneeling on the carpeted floor, bent over and making out with Pam on the guys’ instruction while Queenie’s fingers snuck in between her legs and spread out Steph’s privates, lightly stroking her exposed pussy.

Steph knew the guys were staring at her, and the audacity of that fact coupled with the stroking and tongue-on-tongue action with Pam meant that Steph was fully aroused, panting and moaning despite herself.

The scene was completely erotic and Steph was enjoying every moment of it.

As another game concluded, one of Steph’s free-swinging globes were palmed and squeezed, before the brown tip felt a tongue circling it. The sensation was too much for Steph’s to bear and she felt the combustion from deep within her as she ignited, her legs turning jelly while her voice turned from deep moans to high-pitched screams as she came and collapsed onto the carpeted floor to enthusiastic cheers around her.

“Alright, it’s time boys let’s go!” Hank announced fervently and the sounds of zippers being released came from all around the room as the men’s pants hit the floor and their well-kept monsters released.

“Time to fuck the bitches.”

“Wait what? No no no!!!” a disheveled Ruth quickly came to her senses and stopped their advances. “No touching remember guys?”

“Oh fuck off, you are just strippers, we’ll pay for it bitch.” Floyd roared, eager to get Ruth out of the way.

“No no please. This is different. If you guys want to be pleasured I’ll… I’ll do it, I”ll pleasure you guys okay. Please. Don’t touch my sisters.” Ruth pleaded.

“Well then, what are you waiting for bitch. Get naked and get on your knees.” Glen commanded.

The atmosphere was tense as the ladies retreated to a corner with whatever clothing they have while the men gloated, staring at Ruth while she peeled off piece by piece. It was weird getting naked in front of strangers, but somehow weirder in front of Ethan, someone she knew. But Ruth knew she had no choice, she couldn’t possibly allow Steph, one of her best friends, to be brutally fucked when just when she was about to get married. The other ladies have boyfriends too for goodness sake.

Ruth only had one choice and she knew it. Drain the men so the others could leave safely.

Strong fingers gripped Ruth’s chin, interrupting her thoughts as she was dragged onto the floor, her face before Hank’s crotch. Ruth began to utilize all that she knew, stroking Hank softly with her hand, teasing as she playfully used the tip of her tongue to touch him. It was a sequence Ruth knew worked well with men but before she could proceed further, a strong hand slammed the back of her head in, Ruth’s oral cavity forcefully filled and her gag reflex kicking in.

“Too slow, bitch.”

Her head still woozy, Ruth felt herself turned around, with pairs of strong hands gripping both her cheeks and her pelvis, before she was penetrated simultaneously from two different ends.

“Gawr augnh!!!” screamed at the sudden intrusion, tears streaming down her eyes at the rough treatment.

“We’ll fuck your sisters too if you can’t make us come in 5 minutes” Ruth heard. Panicking and reaching out for the two unattended males with her hands, Ruth found herself in a full-on gangbang as she struggled to devote sufficient attention to any particular person. Especially so when her face was harshly plummeted into.

The ladies could only cower in the corner at the treatment of their friend, dreading the inevitable, yet powerless to help.

When the alarm for the five minute mark came, Ruth pleaded with the last of her will. “Please, I’ll do anything. Use me anyway you like, just don’t touch Steph. She’s getting married in a few weeks”

Yet Ruth’s words simply served as an aphrodisiac for the men, who instead couldn’t wait to get their hands on Steph, the taboo, the corruption of an innocent too alluring to ignore.

Discarded by the rest, Ruth heard Ethan’s trembly voice by her ear telling her how much he’d wished to ram her slutty pussy since he had first knew her, before Ruth was held back and penetrated once again. Ruth could only look on helplessly as the other men approached the ladies, while Ethan wasted no time fulfilling his own needs on Ruth’s roughed up body.

When it was all said and done, Steph had doubled the number of sexual partners she has had in her life, tripled or quadrupled the number of men she had fucked at the same time and engaged in positions and actions that she never even knew was possible.

All in one night.

They had even coerced each of the ladies to add the men on Facebook, and recorded images and live movies that they knew should never see the light of day again.