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Author : Antyhowacc

Writes on Sammyboyforum

“Hey, not fair! There weren’t so many people around in the photos you’ve shown me!” Tami whined, pouting at the crowd.

“Of course there wouldn’t be! Who would include the throng of humans in the photos they take?” Una replied without a tinge of guilt.

“Oh no… is someone chicken?” Una taunted. “Want to go back on your word… Tami? Poor little girl who didn’t know what she was getting herself into?”

“Hmph. Whatever. We’re supposed to do this together right. So you first.” Tami struck.

“Hah, sure!” came the reply, a second before Una peeled her white graphic t-shirt over her head.

It immediately attracted the attention of both tourists and locals nearby, as Una stood proud in her papaya-colored bikini top.

Struggling with her balance a little, she soon also managed to do away with her jean shorts, staying only in her matching bikini.

“Okay okay, help me take photos first!” Una said excitedly.

Posing with the marvelous scenery below and the icons on the hike, Una was exhilarated. It sure felt crazy to be posing and taking photos in only her bikini, but she had seen so many on instagram try it and was determined to do so herself.

Fortunately, she managed to also convince Tami to do it with her, for Una would have never dared this alone.

The wind in her hair, the sunlight on her curves. Tami felt sexy. Tami felt alive as the shutters blinked and the phone snapped away.

And Tami felt naughty as she knew Una’s turn was next.

“Alright your turn now! Do you need help…?”

“Ew, no. Get away from me. I’ll do it myself.” Una scurried away. How could she back away from the promise now that Tami had gamely did it already right?

With a sigh under a breath, Tami stripped as well, showing off her own petite figure.

Tami was much shorter than Una is, but her strengths were in other areas. While Una is tall and lean with the figure of a ballet dancer, Tami is pint-sized, cute and burdened with baggage of significant female envy that hampers her movements.

The duo were good friends in university and decided to go on a graduation trip together now that exams are over. Tami couldn’t even remember when the idea of posing in bikinis at famous spots came up, but Una was really keen after seeing all the influencers on instagram doing the same and sort of just challenged Tami to it.

Well, Tami is certainly regretting it now as eyes from all around her looked as she undressed, showing her baby blue bikini, a stark contrast to Una’s.

Other than the fact that it was cold, Tami felt her cheeks flush ripe as she has never dressed so indecent at such a crowded place before. Even on the beaches of Sentosa she would hesitate about wearing a bikini unless they were at a private beach club, let alone here where people actually threw wolf whistles openly at them.

Thankfully, the ordeal was over quickly and the girls headed back down towards civilization.

Instead of wearing their clothes back however, Una simply dragged Tami along, making the full descent in nothing but their bikini. They earned a fair share of admiration by locals and tourists alike, who weren’t shy to make known about it.

And Una absolutely loved it.

The next few days found the duo in multiple locations, where they fulfilled their promise to strip down to their bikinis and pose regardless of the crowd, until even Tami was no longer repelled by the prospect.

Which was when they reached the calmest lake they have ever seen in their lives.

Unlike the many concentrated areas they have been to and stripped at, the lake was serene and calm.

There was a sense of tranquility the moment the water comes into sight, a light fog over it. No buzzing humans fighting for a spot with the famed icon, no frantically clicking cameras and clashing selfie sticks, it was nothing the two had experienced in the past few days.

In fact, it was so safe, the two got into their attire in a heartbeat. Feeling more appropriate than ever.

“Tami, this place is calm and secluded, shall we do this also?” Una asked.

Tracing the back view photos of famous influencers on instagram with their bikini tops off, Tami barely hesitated at this point, the sense of ease and comfort overcoming any inhibitions she might have.

In fact, they went even further than that, going not only topless, but also in the nude beside the calm water, capturing the breathtaking view as the background of their nubile bodies.

“I’m on if you’re on”

Cold water surrounded them as they dived into the lake, the water refreshing on their skin. They dared not venture deep, but it was comfortable despite the cold and the two frolicked as time ticked along.

It was only when the fog lifted slightly that they realised they were being watched.

Panic struck as they hesitated on their next move. The primal instinct was to rush up and secure their belongings, which remained on shore. But moving slightly upwards did they remember the state of undress they were in.

Una can now see clearly their audience, a trio of white caucasian men seemingly not too far from their age.

“Hey, wanna come up so we can get a good look?” the guy that seemed to be their leader shouted.

“Not in this lifetime” Una replied, thinking hard at what she should do while Tami crouched behind her.

“Oh really? Guess we just have to take all of your stuff and leave you girls naked then!” he exclaimed, trading hi-5s all around.

“What do you guys want? We can give you money if you leave us alone.” Una offered, cash often king in her opinion.

“Oh yeah? And you are going to pay us with this…?” fishing out a wallet and conveniently taking all of the cash.

“Just what do you want?!” Una shouted desperately.

“For you girls to come on up first.”

Resigned, the girls headed up ashore, their thin arms wrapped tightly around their privates, although it did nothing to give the men a show.

“Alright. We were just chilling by the lake today when we saw an awfully delicious sight. It’s simple, satisfy us and we return you your stuff. Fair trade in my opinion” the leader stated.

“Fine, I’ll do it, but you have to promise to leave my friend alone.” Una said, once again shielding Tami behind herself. Tami for her part, was trembling at how the evening had turned out, unable to think or speak under such a high pressure situation.

The next thing Tami knew was that Una was on her knees, her face in the midst of the leader’s pubic hair as she gagged slightly. Her hands were also on the two others, though they were barely moving as her concentration faltered when she could barely breathe.

“Ah this cocksucker is good! Now I wanna try the asian pussy. Ching chong”

“UNARGH” Una exclaimed as she lowered herself onto the leader’s member. It was longer than anything she had ever taken in her life but she couldn’t even enjoy it before her mouth was once again filled and she felt hands all over her body.

Fulfillingly filled, Una begin to feel herself getting wetter as she rode. She was turned on despite feeling as dirty as a whore. She hated to admit but immensely pleasurable when all of her buttons were being pressed at the same time.

They even knew to reach around and not leave her clitoris unattended!

Fortunately for Una, it did not take long before she managed to coax all three of them into submission, one within her, one in her mouth, and the last all over her as her hand quickened.

Una lay slumped on the ground as the men got off her, Tami, who is still naked, coming quickly to soothe and hug. Una is never going to admit that she just had the best orgasms of her life.

“Alright, here’s the stuff you earned.” the leader stated and placed one of the two bags on the ground.

“Now for the other one, she would need to pay her dues!”

“What? No!!! You guys promised!!!” Una yelled as one of the guys quickly overpowered her and the other two approached Tami.

When it was all said and done, the girls did manage to get back all of their belongings, less some cash and the bikinis that were kept as souvenirs. They made police reports of the rape, but in a country as big as the one they were in, hopes were abysmal and the two learned an important lesson.

Tami would hesitate twice when guys put their moves on her when she got back, but for Una, she realised white men were the only way to go.