Juliette decides to try out a new Spa. One that provides services that far exceeds all her expectations.

Go for a nice relaxing spa and massage is one of the few things I do to pamper myself these days.

To some, it may just be your usual massage or facial but to me, it’s more than that. It’s like a religious ritual to me.

Women need to pamper and take care of ourselves.

It’s a ritual that I practise once a month no matter how busy I may be.

It would be a weekday so I can avoid the crowd.

I would hit the gym, take a shower before heading to a upmarket spa in the middle of town. From there, I would get a facial, then a full body massage. By then, my tender and relaxed body would crave for a good meal of salad before my feet demands it’s regular foot massage.

Many girls failed to realise the importance of massaging regularly. I wear heels most of the time at work and on the day I can skip wearing them, I would crave for the soothing rub of the masseuse on my tired feet and calves.

This ritual started in my working years when I could afford the financial to sign up for expensive spa packages and it continues well into my adulthood. Now that I’m married, it’s all the more important for me too keep up this routine.

I just turned 32 and although I still look strikingly good, I knew the day would come when my body would eventually go downhill. My husband already started putting on weight and his chiselled abs are gone, replaced with a belly.

We planned to start a family in a couple of years time and until then, I believe it is my duty to keep my body in it’s peak condition through a combination of diet, regular workout and of course, my ritual of self pampering.

I’m not exactly tall but at 1.6m, I think I’m rather passable. The heels I wear boost not only my height, but also my confidence. Most of my friends stop getting hit on when they turned 30 but not for me.

At least once or twice a week, I would get hit on by random strangers in the financial centre where I work.

I could be buying a coffee at the café when someone comes up and offered to get it for me.

Or I could be queuing for lunch when another asked me to join him at his table of friends.

One of the most memorable pickups was by a group of JC boys in their school uniforms. I was sitting at a café in town waiting for my husband when this group of boys approached me, thinking I’m a tertiary student in university.

Their jaws dropped an inch when I showed them my wedding photos and revealed my true age.

Nothing beats the offer by a gold merchant in Chinatown.

I was passing through the area when one of the older gentlemen, thinking I was a working girl from China offered to take me in as his mistress.

He offered me $4000 a month to be his exclusive mate. Nothing could describe the priceless look on his face when I replied in English that I’m not who he thinks I am.

Apologetic and embarrassed, he offered me his namecard and I offered him mine. Now, he’s one of my private banking clients. Every now and then when we meet up, he would cheekily make the offer again in good fun even though he’s old enough to be my father.

“ that’s very generous of you Mr Loh.” I brushed back my fringe and crossed my legs in a seductive manner yet trying to remain professional with a friendly chuckle.

I could see his eyes tracking my every move. This gets the men every time.

“but I’m already making more than that every month. Haha.” I added with a smile to which Mr Loh would always say ;

“ For you Juliette, if you decide to do it, it’s definitely not for the money.”

Latest offer by Mr Loh is at $6500 in case you are wondering.

I did not accept the offer of course but I like hearing the offer.

It’s like an acknowledgment of my looks and figure. As much as I hate to admit it, I enjoyed the compliments, the attention and the advantages my looks and body is giving me at work.

During a particularly stressful period of last year, a few of my colleagues quit together, joining a rival bank. My boss was furious and work just piled up.

I can handle the work park but then the spa I have been going to for the past few years collapsed.

It folded and the business owner could not be contacted. I didn’t matter I still have a few thousand worth of spa credits at the company, now I have nowhere to go to for the stress relieving ritual that I so desperately need.

It didn’t help that my husband took on a project that requires him to be out stationed in China for 3 months.

Taken in all, I’m now stressed with work, no place for me to unwind and I’m sexually deprived, the only relieve I was getting was form the 5 year old vibrator I own which it’s already not vibrating properly.

I trawled the internet, searching for a spa that fits my requirements.

Upmarket, classy and exclusive.

I finally found one but it’s without any reviews.

Unable to resist the allure of a good massage, I decided to head down to the spa tuck in one of the 5 star hotels in the middle of town.

I went on a weekday morning and the staff was surprised to see me.

“do you have a reservation Mdm ? “ She asked while looking down her list of clients coming in for the day.

“No I don’t. I’m a walk in.” I replied.

The receptionist explained that their spa is special, they have only their standard 3 hour package which consists of a soak in the hot spring, followed by a massage and a body scrub. And it cost almost $1000 including taxes.

I told her I would take it.

Money is the least of my problem with all the aches and angst in me.

“We are a reservation only spa but we have a cancellation slot. It starts in 30 minutes if you don’t mind waiting. “ The receptionist is polite and offered for me to wait in the lounge for a drink while I wait.

I accepted even though I knew this is probably one of their tricks to get me to sit down, and start selling me their packages.

To my surprised, she did not try to sell me anything.

The girl offered me a cup of hot drink that is red in colour.

“This is our special blend of herbal tea, please wait for a while. I will come get you in a bit.” She added with a smile.

The tea is sweet and fruity, I could feel my body relaxing the moment I took a sip. The interior of the spa is nicely furnished, the dim lighting and mood music raised my expectation of a good spa treatment.

No hard selling before I start my treatment is a plus point.

The receptionist came in a while later and introduced a therapist to me.

“This is Faye, she will bring you into the hot spring for the soak before the massage .”

I followed Faye deeper into the spa and was led to a private changing room.

Faye explained that the hotspring is private and no clothes are allowed.

“you won’t be sharing it with anyone else.” Faye added

Looking at my naked body in the mirror, I spent a couple of seconds looking at my own body. My pubes need a shave soon even though they are not exactly a bush.

I changed into the bathrobe and followed Faye to the private hot spring.

I was left alone and the moment I stepped in, I moaned as the warm water engulfed my body.

I could feel the tension and stress slowly melting away.

30 minutes later, Faye came back and she helped me dry my body and put on the bathrobe.

My god, the service at this spa is impeccable. No wonder their charges are so high.

Faye led me to a room that made me feel like I’m a royalty the moment I stepped in. The massage bed is wider and longer than usual. Decked in a layer of towels that looked so soft, I was tempted to jumped onto it and start rolling around.

“ Please remove your bathrobe and lie down, the therapist will be here soon.” Faye added.

I was a little puzzled by what Faye just said.

So she is not the therapist massaging for me.

Faye opened a drawer and handed me a disposable panty.

Sealed in a vacuum bag is a single piece of high quality woven cotton panty adorned with prints of small pink flowers on a white background. It looks decent and comfortable except that it’s so translucent it’s almost see through.

I changed into the panty and I was covering my breast with my arm.

“ Is this your first time with us Madam ? “ Faye asked.

“ Yes. It is. “ I replied.

“ Oh..” Faye did not speak for a couple of seconds before recovering.

“ Just relax ok, please lie down, our therapist will take good care of you. “ Faye added.

“ok. The service has been exceptional so far. Your Spa packages must be very well sought after. “ I added as I climbed onto the bed.

Faye helped me settle down before covering my body with a thick and comfortable towel as I looked at the large rectangle rain shower above the massage bed. Just looking at the nozzle alone sent tingles down my spine as I imagined the strong water jets working it’s magic on my tired body after the massage.

“ We don’t have packages Madam, but we are always fully booked.” Faye added confidently with a smile.

Faye added that there will no be the mandatory hard selling pitch after I’m done too.

That’s now confident they are in their service.

I nodded and closed my eyes.

Well, I look forward to see how good they are then.

A minute later I heard the door to my treatment room opened.

When the therapist spoke, I felt my heart skip a beat as the low and deep voice of a man reached my ears.

I opened my eyes in shock as I realised the therapist is a man.

He’s young, in his early twenties I estimate. He wore a professional looking white scrubs and from his body, I could tell he works out regularly.

I felt a flush of embarrassment hit me and if not for the mood lighting in the room, anyone could see my face turn a bright shade of pink.

This is so embarrassing.

A man, massaging me ?

No way !

No WAY!.

How can I let another man touch my body in this manner ?

My husband would flip. He would get a heart attack and maybe just drop dead.

I was about to say I don’t want to be massaged by a man when I realsised he was already standing by my side.

My lips were trembling and before I could say a word, my heartrate increased 2 fold as the therapist introduced himself as James.

“ My name is James, and I will be your therapist for the rest of the session.”

I don’t know what to do as I looked at him with my eyes wide apart.

If I sit up, the towel will drop and he would see my breast. If I stand up and run, the almost transparent panty would give him a view of my privates, not to mention my messy untrimmed pubes.

Before I could make a decision, I felt James hands reached under the comfortable towel and took hold of my left arm.

I gasped softly as his thumb depressed some nerve endings that sent my fingers twitching like I was having a spasm. A numbing sensation of pain that slowly gave way to relief filled my body as I felt his warm hands rub down my arm.

“ you are a bit stiff Madam. Please Relax.” James added

Of course I’m stiff. How can I not be ?

I’m letting another man touch my body.

However, as James’s hands increased the intensity of his touch and pressure on my arm, I felt my body melting away.

By the, there was only one thought left in my head.

“fuck it.”

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Authored by Juliette

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