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Author : Antyhowacc

Writes on Sammyboyforum

*I edited only the character name, the rest of the content is original as per the writer’s work*

“It’s all coming together” Henry thought.


He had read it on literotica, sex forums, watched it on adult videos sites and whatnot. And now he’s convinced he can do it.

It had taken him weeks and months for the plan to form, edging away at inconsistencies, scenario-planning, emergencies. Coordinating the set-up in order to be perfect.

Subtly, Henry had even been training his girlfriend Wren for it, although he made sure she was none the wiser.

Tonight was the night.

The excitement Henry felt was so tangible that it could leap out of his body any moment but Henry knew he had to hold it in. Had to hold it in to prevent Wren from suspecting anything as they checked into the same budget hotel for the umpteenth time this month.

Wren, for her part, felt the bustling excitement reasonating from Henry beside her as they went through the usual procedures.

Nothing seemed particularly amiss. After all, which girlfriend would mind seeing a little enthusiasm from her partner that she was about to part her legs for right?

Upon reaching the assigned lodging on the second floor, Henry shoved Wren hard inside and begin quickly. Passionate hands and breaths were felt everywhere even before the door swung shut behind them.

“I wanna tie you up and fuck you senseless from behind again” Henry whispered in Wren’s ear.

Henry’s statement turned her insides into mush as memories of the previous times they did that surfaced in her mind.

Offering her wrists behind her back playfully, Wren stood patiently as knot after knot secured her fate.

As the cloth closed over her eyes, Wren realised that her clothes were still on, albeit a little rumpled from the action earlier, which was strange but not altogether surprising.

A beastly ravaging was what Wren anticipated from that, and little did she know how right she was.

“Let me get the condom” Wren heard Henry call out as he walked away from her. She wriggled her fingers, trying to get herself comfortable as the anticipation built. Sometimes Wren felt this was the best part of the foreplay.

Helpless, blind, vulnerable. Not knowing the exact second she was to be used.

Except Wren usually does. Henry is not that silent after all.

Nudging Wren’s legs apart with his feet, Henry rubbed his hands in glee as his leg swept the stocking-covered legs wide apart. Wren does not suspect a thing. Henry has become unbelievably hard at what he was about to do that he could barely put on the condom properly.

But first, he has to play his part.

Lifting Wren’s black pencil skirt upwards and sliding aside her skin-coloured underwear, Henry eased himself into her from the back, earning a sensual moan from the standing Wren.

His palm closed over one of Wren’s breasts, still hidden beneath her white office blouse and her skin-coloured bra. With each thrust, Henry nudged Wren into taking a step.

Wren could only comply, suspecting that Henry was about to place her right in front of the mirror so he could fuck her senseless like he promised.

She was wrong. Though not by much.

Wren’s hands came into contact with flat glass, and she thought she hit bingo.

But Henry quickly burst that bubble.

“I’m going to fuck you in front of the window Wren. Let the whole street see what a horny bitch you are.” Henry exclaimed as he released the top two buttons of Wren’s blouse.

“Nooo… Uungh- ” Wren’s protests were cut short as Henry tilted her face back and engaged her in a passionate tongue fight.

His hand stayed busy, wrenching the right side of Wren’s blouse and her bra strap down, exposing her right shoulder in front of the window. He next peeled back her bra cup, exposing Wren’s right breast to any down below and kneaded it hard.

The helplessness and exploited aspect of the act drove Wren crazy as she clamped down hard, causing Henry to groan out loud at how tight she’d become.

A tensed thrust later, Henry announced that he had unfortunately come, but he wasn’t done.

They still had time after all and Wren was to stay right there as he put on another condom.

Wet with anticipation, Wren stood by the window obediently, feeling kinky at how she was exposing herself while she waited for her boyfriend to fuck her.

It took several minutes, but Wren gasped once again when she was filled fully.

“Henry sure recovered fast this time” Wren thought as a hard rod mercilessly pounded into her.

Naughty hands begin to pluck away at her clothes again, until Wren was cleanly topless, her hands still behind her back and her nipples smashing right into the glass window with each plunge.

Wren was moaning at the top of her lungs when her blindfold was lifted and the body behind her pressed her tightly against the window, the organ within her reaching delightful depths. A strong hand held the back of her head such that Wren couldn’t turn away from the sight in front of her and light rushed in to fill her vision.

Wren could make out several shapes that resemble faces and bodies out on the street looking at her. After all, she remembered that they were only on the second floor.

As her vision cleared, and colours came into focus, what struck Wren was that amongst the various lustful-looking middle-aged men staring at her, there was a suave-looking young man who looked exactly like Henry.

In fact, the guy who looked exactly like Henry was waving at her as if they were acquainted!

“Wait a fucking minute, then who the fuck is fucking me?!” Wren thought as she tried her best to turn her head for a look, an impossible task with the strong hand holding her head in place…