Everyone who are subscribed should have already receive an invitation to migrate over to the new sub format. It’s in your mail, please do check your spam folder if you didn’t get it.

If you encounter any difficulties, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me too.

Now that all the invite mail has been sent, i’m going to work on getting the gallery in order.

All Premium subscribers will have access to the gallery, it contains a collection of pictures/videos i have amassed over the years. There are no nudes, no porn, and all models are above 18 of age. Some are contributed, some are albums i bought online. Gallery offerings will rotate every month depending on the title released.

Higher tier members who have subscribed for more than a year will have access to more albums.

By October, new title release will no longer be accessible on the old platform, so be sure to come over to the new one. Detailed instructions are in your mail. Or you can refer to them here

For those who have already come on board the new subscription platform, you will be able to explore the new gallery page in the coming days.

James S