After a night of clubbing and heavy drinking, James and wife spends the night in a hotel suite along with another couple. With impaired judgement, Larry walks into the wrong room, cuddles up with James’ wife and got naughty with his fingers.

My wife Sara and her bestie Jean have known each other since secondary school. They have a lot in common, both in preferences and hobbies. While Sara is a little more conservative, Jean is the total opposite. She is a party animal. Jean was the one who introduced my wife to the clubbing scene and they were sneaking into clubs well before 18.

You just need to dress up right and look confident enough to get into clubs. Pretty babes often get through the bouncer, they are the magnets that draw men to spend in the establishment.
Needless to say, when i got together with Sara, the first thing she did was to introduce me to Jean. There were plenty of couple dates, outings, and even the occasional holidays. Jean’s partner, Larry, is a very chill and cool guy. He’s very easy to talk to, very easy going. We hit it off well.
When the four of us walk together, i must admit i’m rather proud to see the heads turn. Larry and i, we’re by no means some korean hunks or idol, we’re presentable, we dress well and we take care of our body. It’s the girls that are drawing most of the eyeballs.

My wife Sara and her bestie Jean, they are of the same height at 1.63m. Bless with a pair of nice, long legs, they knew how to dress to bring out the best of their bodies.
I will never forget that evening where my life was turned upside down. We made a date to hit the club after dinner, and then we will spend the night in a hotel suite before waking up to a nice breakfast buffet. Everything was set, we checked in, the girls took their time to change while we guys chilled with beer in the living area of the two bedroom suite.

The two girls dressed sexily for the club. The usual thigh high leather boots ended just above their knees, with the hemline of their dress ending slightly above the knee. The dress hugged the hips and accentuated the breasts. The tightness of the dress meant cleavage was on display. Jean was wearing a red and pink colored dress, while Sara wore a black and blue one. Both dress had spaghetti straps, which showed off their shoulders and neck. The dresses were backless and the zipper were on the side, which meant you could see each other’s spine and the curve of their backs.

Heads were already turning when we queued for a taxi by the hotel lobby. When we get to the clubs, the bouncer saw us and waved our group to the front of the queue, attracting stares of envy and bitterness from others in the long line.

What can i say?

Two beautiful babes in the prime of their life looking they way they do, things are bound to be a little unfair for the rest. In the clubs, men lined up to try their luck, only to turn away when they see Larry and i by the girl’s side.

It’s inevitable. They were two young beauties in a room with a gazillion other beautiful young women. Each one vying for the attention and money of the men dancing and gyrating to the beat of the music.
The dancing, the drinks and the music set the mood for a night of fun. We left the club at 2.30am and when we reached the hotel room, we were all rather tipsy and high. Instead of resting, Jean wanted to play some games and finish up the drinks she brought along. Half a dozen bottles of soju.
James : Are you kidding?

Jean : Don’t be weak leh James…

Larry : That is a lot man.

Sara : Ya…

Despite our protest, Jean still manage to cajole us into playing drinking games. We will each need to finish at least a bottle, with the loser splitting the other two bottles.

Now that Soju came with different flavours and i don’t really like them. Considering we already finished a tower of beer and a bottle of whisky among us at the club, i had enough for the night. Not wanting to be a wet blanket, i went along with the game but i cheated. When no one is looking, i emptied the soju into the sink and filled it with water.
Just as luck would have it, i kept losing.

Jean : JAMES! drink again! hahaha…

I kept pouring the soju into the small plastic cups and tipping it into my mouth. I swallowed fast in order not to give the game away, i even hissed as if the liquid burnt my throat on the way down.
Everyone drank, but i was the first to finish my bottle.

Larry : hahah…another one, another one! hahah
Jean opened the new bottle for me and i took a sip right off the bottle, tasting the soju that was too sweet for my liking.

Sara : Dear you ok?
James : I…i need to go toilet…
Jean : ok…go go go. come back fast ah..

No one suspected a thing as i repeated my trick, filling the bottle with water instead.
Back to the game, it was Sara’s turn to keep losing and 30 minutes later, my wife finished 1.5 bottle while i was given the 3rd bottle.
By then, everyone was too far gone to continue.

Jean was adamant that i finish at least half of the 3rd bottle. I drank direct from the bottle but instead of swallowing, i spilled some from the side of my lips and i held the rest in my mouth before running to the toilet.
Everyone chuckled and i heard my wife say i’m a goner.

Sara : James need to puke already.
I spat out the alcohol and somehow the reflux action hit me. I puke out a barrage of alcohol and bits of my dinner, triggering a smattering of laugh from the living room.

Sara : alright, alright, let’s call it a night la…
I told my wife to go ahead first while i sober up in the toilet.

15 minutes later after i emptied my gut and saved my liver from alcohol poisoning, i was fully awaked. I walked out to see Larry sprawled on the living room floor while Jean is lying in the room still in her clubbing clothes.
I walked into my room and saw my wife with one boot on her and the other thrown onto the side of the bed. She was already gone. I was about to climb into bed when i saw the puke stains on my shirt. It smells bad and i struggled to remove it. When i did, i saw more bits on my body and i just settled onto the sofabed by the side.

I don’t know why, but i was just too lazy to move. I struggled to remove my pants but end up just lying on the sofa bed. My eyes was about to close when i heard some commotion.
The lights were all off but i could clearly see a figure staggering into the bedroom.

It was Larry.

He climbed onto the bed where my wife was and i could hear Sara groan as Larry cuddled up with her.
Sara : ernghhh dear…don’t want…

Don’t want? why would my wife say don’t want?

My heart almost stopped beating as my eyes adjusted to the dark and i saw what Larry was doing.
He spooned my wife from behind and has lifted her right leg over his right while facing me. And his hands.

No his fingers.

His fingers lifted my wife’s black dress up, exposing her black panty, and i saw the unmistakable movement of Larry stroking my wife’s vagina.

I thought i will jump up off the sofa bed to scream at Larry, i thought i will get up and remind him of the mistake. That he is in the wrong room. That he is touching my wife Sara, hot his wife Jean.
However i find myself keeping as still as a statue.

My body was frozen in shock at what i am seeing.

Larry’s hand was rubbing up and down my wife’s pussy, and like a robot with no emotions, i watched his hand go up until it appears that his middle finger is pushing into my wife’s slit.

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