Several individuals, each with their own agendas, seeking to win in their own way in a high stake gamble.

James is your average joe on the street trying to survive in Singapore. As a maintenance technician in a large institution, his diploma gets him $2300 a month. Married, with housing loan, elderly retired parents and plans to get their own flat in the near future, one need not be a mathematician to know that the money he makes is far from enough. James needed more, that is why he took up a second job as a security guard in the evening.Not just any security guard, he took up the post in a upmarket condominium in town.

One where luxury cars line the basement carpark. It’s a simple job, he clocks in at 8pm, fills up the log book and pretty much does nothing. There is only one single patrol at 10pm to make sure the pool and gym lights are off, and there’s no one in the clubhouse.

Other than that, he just need to stay in the security booth.The booth is located in the basement, right by the entrance of the carpark. This meant no one along the street level can see what he is doing. He could be sleeping with his feet up and no one will give a damm. The luxury condo has only 15 units, most are empty all the time. There are only perhaps one or two occupied units. Most of his time in the guard booth is spend watching dramas or sleeping.

At 11pm without fail each evening, James will unfold the foldable stretcher bed he bought, lie down flat in the security booth and snooze till the next morning when his alarm rings at 6am.It gives him enough time to wash up, have a quick coffee before his colleague comes for the next shift at 8am.Leaving his 2nd job at 8am, he will head home, take a quick shower, change into his overall and walk to his work place. The work he does in the institution is easy too, changing of light bulbs, fixing spoilt sockets, basically like a in house handy man.

His life runs in a routine, a boring one too until one day, something happened that disrupted his life.At 10.45pm that work day, James already has his socks and shoes off. It’s raining cats and dogs outside and James is slurping on hot ramen in a cup while enjoying a an adult video. Suddenly, he paused with his chopsticks in mid air as he sees a girl stagger out from a lift lobby into the carpark.

She walked unsteadily like she is either high on drugs or alcohol. Even from a distance, James could tell she is really pretty. The odd thing however, was that the girl is in school uniforms. James eyes the girl who has slouched over a luxury SUV and trying not to throw up.He put down his noodle and looked around the carpark. The uniform the girl is wearing comes from one of the elite Junior college around the area. His eyes darted to the array of screens in the security booth, giving the live camera feed a quick scan.

He was not dreaming, there really is a drunk school girl staggering into the basement carpark.

She supported her body with one hand on the window of the car while swaying like leaves on a tree branch.

James stood up and for reasons he cannot explain, he felt this strange arousal stirring in him. He’s out working more of the time, and while his relationship with his wife is good, the sex was boring. It was always missionary in, before finishing in standing doggy. There were no variations in their routine and James always had fantasy about banging a sweet JC student.

He felt his heart rate increase as he eyes the white blouse that gave a tease of the white bra the girl is wearing underneath. The green skirt has either been altered short or pull up high around the waist to give an impression that it’s short, perhaps to show off the beautiful pair of hairless legs.

James opened the security guard booth and he felt this tingle in his spine. One of both fear and excitement. There’s a lot on his mind, including the possibility of a jail term for what he is considering. However, the more he look at the beautiful girl slumped against the car, the more he stops thinking rationally………Juliette has hid in the house she was helping to clean for the past 5 hours. Working as a daily rated cleaner, she was supposed to leave the house at 5pm. However, she stayed behind to loot the place. The owner of the beautiful house is travelling and they trust her enough to clean it when they are away. However, the array of watches and jewelries are too tempting. She has pocketed 5 watches worth close to half a million in total, not to forget the diamond jewelries that weigh close to the weight of a small coconut.

Then there are also the stacks of cash in the drawers. She estimate that she have ransacked close to a million dollar worth of cash and goods.

Juliette plans to take them all, cross the border back to Malaysia and never returning again. The moment she makes it across, she will return to her home town, start a small business and live comfortably for the rest of her life. She walked along the walls filled with happy pictures of the beautiful couple living in the luxury apartment, life is so unfair she thought.

They are the same age, and while the owner is living it up, she is stuck doing menial labor for a living. She looked at her own reflection in the mirror and compared her body to that of the property owner. They are about the same, she knew that in an intimate manner because Juliette will always put on the owner’s clothes when she is here. Sometimes, she just wants a few moment to feel what life could be life if the tables were turned.

If the owners checked through her phone, she will lose her job immediately because it contained a folder of pictures. All of them of Juliette modelling in clothes that does not belong to her. That day however, Juliette was in no hurry to change out. She did not even clean the place, instead, she changed into the owner’s lounge clothes and have been lazing around the whole day, treating the house as her own.

She is aware of the possibility of being caught for stealing but it was a risk she is willing to take. Before she could leave the house however, she needed to get rid of the bright orange uniform she arrived in. The uniform bearing the corporate colours of the company she works for. It looked like clothes prisoner wear. An orange Polo Tee and black track pants. She could not wear any of those fancy branded dresses too, those will attract too much attention. She needed something to blend into the morning crowd in the upmarket neighbourhood, and another set to cross the causeway.

Juliette went through the wardrobe of the owners and found a set of old school uniforms and an idea crossed her mind. She will change into them and put her loot into a school bag. Then she will wait for a few more hours for day break and walk out like a student heading to school. No one will give her a 2nd look, the security guard will probably not question a student. Then when she is near the causeway, she will change out into a pair of jeans and t-shirt.

Juliette took a shower, and changed into the uniforms, even putting on a fresh pair of socks and helping herself to a pair of branded sneakers.

She looked at herself in the mirror and tied her hair up into a pony tail, chuckling at how good she looks as a school girl despite her 24 years of age.

With time to kill, Juliette made herself some food and helped herself to the drinks at the bar. Without realising, Juliette worked her way through almost a full bottle of aged whisky while snacking on parma ham.High on alcohol and excited by the thought of retiring early, Juliette started prancing around in the house, admiring her own body dressed in the uniforms.

She put on her bag and swirled around like a model doing cat walk, giggling and chuckling. Without realising where she was headed, Juliette walked into the private lift and while admiring herself through the glass mirror, hit the basement button.

When the door opened shortly after, she staggered out drunk into the carpark.

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