Titles marked with the (FF) prefix are stories which has little to no build up of plot and character. It goes straight into the action. There are requests for stories that dive straight down into the thick of the action rather than go too much into the characters and what they do. I understand it’s different strokes for different folks, but i will try to cater to all preferences. FF, also stands for fast and furious will have shorter intros, just enough to read you into the scene before the action begins.

It will be dirtier, darker, and i may remove the preview altogether, or restrict it for subscribers only for some titles due to the nature of the story.

Facing financial difficulties, James and his wife made a decision. Fiona will allow her friend Benny to fertilise her egg, and she will bear him a child.

I stood at the gate of the large landed property with the two boxes of pizza and waited for the customer to come out. It was my first day delivering food for a new platform and bad luck it seems, has befallen me on the very first job.

I was tasked to send pizza to Benny’s house located along Chun Tin road at Beauty world area. When Benny came out and saw me in the delivery uniform, he sniggered and tried to hide the look of disdain on his face.

Benny : Yo James…deliver food ah…

James : Hi, here’s your pizza…

Benny : i don’t know what Fiona sees in you bro…

I indicated that the food has been delivered on the app and was about to go when Benny stopped me.

Benny : Dude, dude, dude, relax…i’ll give you a 5 star review…stay and talk to me a while la…haha..

James : Benny i have other jobs to go to…

Benny : Is it? show me…

It was a lie and he saw right through it. There were no other jobs but i just want to get away from him.

Benny and my wife grew up in the same neighbourhood, in fact, my in law’s former place was right across his house.

I used the word former because they have since sold it due to a failed business venture. By the time they cleared their debts, they barely have enough for a 3 room flat located at the edge of the country.

The failed business took a toll on their health and the Fiona and my savings were exhausted within a couple of years.

My wife Fiona is an amazing woman. She was brought up well and she attended the best schools the country has to offer. If not for the fact that she needed to take care of her ailing parents, she would have been a high flyer in a corporate career by now.

Yes there is always an option to get a helper but these things are not that straightforward most of the time. My in laws ill health, couple with dementia, made it hard for many helpers to commit more than two months. Their frequent outburst, coupled with bad temper, made it near impossible for outside help, so Fiona quit her job to take care of her parents full time.

I thought my job with a venture startup is secure until the funding stopped coming in. Without warning, i was let go and overnight, i went from being the sole breadwinner in the family to a retrenched professional in his mid thirties wandering around town with a cardboard box of belongings in my hand.

Fiona tried her best not to cry in front of me and she apologised for the predicament her family got us into.

James : Don’t be silly, remember our vows? In sickness and in health, for better or for worse…

Fiona : I’m sorry dear…

James : There’s no need to apologise…

I know the dark days will pass eventually.

Benny kept in frequent contact with Fiona. They text almost on a daily basis. As much as i hate to admit, he’s responsible for keeping the much needed medical supplies and stuff my in laws needed at home. He simply ordered them and have it sent to the flat we shared.

Yes, we are all squeezing into that small flat because the BTO Fiona and i applied for are not ready yet.

Benny not only has been helping Fiona financially, he has also been actively pursuing her despite knowing she is married.

She has said multiple times she just see him as a good friend, she even promise to return the money he lent her. Fiona kept a detailed journal of the things Benny bought, from wheelchair, walking aid, right down to how many cartons of diaper he sent over.

She is well aware of his feelings for her but made it clear she is unable to reciprocate those feelings.

On the surface, Benny is doing all he can to be that good guy friend who expects nothing in return but if you are a guy, you surely could tell what he wanted.

He wants Fiona, not only that, he wants her to bear him a child.

Benny : Let’s have a quick chat la bro…come on…haha

James : What do you want?

Benny : You know what i want. i have told you before.

James : you’re crazy…

I wanted to walk away but Benny held onto my arm.

Benny : I have told Fiona the same thing…if she thought the idea was repulsive, she would have slapped me. Broke off contact, stopped talking to me totally but no…we are still talking , we are still good friends…hahha…she is receptive to the idea…

Benny is the younger of two brothers in the family and his older brother is gay. His grandfather has made it clear that whoever gives him a grandson first, will inherit everything under his name.

Benny : Child takes my surname. He will grow up in the best environment. Money is not an issue. hehehe…

James : Then go find someone else , you have money, i’m sure there are no lack of women willing to do it.

Benny : but i don’t want anyone else…i only want Fiona…heheh…

James: you’re mad…

Benny : I think you need to know something James…

James : What?

Benny sighed and took his time to speak, baiting my curiosity on purpose.

Benny : Fiona said something..

James : What did she say?

Benny : She said, you will never agree to this even if she did…hehehe…

I felt my heart drop as i got ready to call Benny on his bluff. My wife will never say something like this. She will never agree to something as absurd as this.

However, before i could refute that, Benny took out his phone and showed me the conversation he recorded.

I recognised my wife’s voice right away.

‘Even if i agree, James will never agree to something like this…’

‘what if he does? will you do it Fiona? I don’t know who else to go to…you’re my best friend. we know each other since we are kids…i know you, and you know me…i can’t think of any other woman with genes like yours…’

‘i don’t want to talk about this Benny’

‘What if i can convince James? What if he says yes…?’

‘He won’t’

‘what if?’

‘If James says yes…then i’ll do it…’

Benny stopped the playback as i stared at the screen with my mouth apart.

Benny gave my shoulder a couple of taps, and asked me to consider it.

Benny : Don’t worry, i’ll take good care of Fiona, i’ll be gentle. heheh. if you like, i’m fine if you want to watch too…heheh…

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