I’m in the midst of compiling all the titles i have published into a master booklist.

Should have everything up in a week or so.

They are separated by the years published. Everything beyond 2019 is a bit fuzzy, so i categorized it all into a single group.

It’s just a PDF file now, but i will be embedding the excel into a separate page.

That will allow some level of sorting out by different genres.

Am also working out the details for seasonal/bulk purchases. Eg, All titles published in 2022.

I know some subscribers are keen to keep a hard copy instead of logging in to read, give me some time to iron out the details and work something out.

There are a handful of subscribers that have stayed on the sub since the beginning, and also those who rolled over their subs for a full year. I’m trying to work out a new category of membership for this group of supporters. Perhaps a separate tier that allows them to download the files instead of logging in. Am exploring different plugins and site upgrades, more details will be available soon.

Webchat has been replaced with a direct push to telegram/wechat. If you require assistance, drop me a message, i will try to get back as soon as i can.

Going to work on book 4 now for the rest of the month.

Have a great weekend all.

James S