After successfully crossdressing and exploring a shopping mall as a girl, James decides to up the stakes and go to school. Join him as he went from trying to explore a girl’s toilet while in school uniforms to accidentally ending up in the house of a fellow school mate when she tried to skip school.

This is a work of fiction, please do not attempt any of the stunts in this story

The sight of my wife’s old uniforms triggered a series of sick and toxic ideas. Ideas that I cannot seem to get rid off from my head.

I took out her old secondary school uniforms and laid them out on the bed.

She has thrown away the well worn sets, keeping only the one in the best condition as a memento. Of course, the set of innocent uniforms serves more purposes than taking up space in the cupboard. It provided a new dimension to the fun they have in the bedroom.

My wife Alicia goes to a all girls school in Ang Mo Kio. Located in the middle of a housing estate flanked by both private and public housing, it is a short 5 minutes walk from her block to the side gate of the school.

In fact, I can even see the school from the common walkway outside my in law’s place.

From the bird eye view, I just stared and tried to picture the route I will take if I as a school girl. I imagined myself waking up at 6am in the morning. I will brush my teeth, wash my face.

Then I will put on my bra, pull up my panty. Perhaps with a panty liner in place in case I am having my menses.

Just the thought of it is giving me a hardon.

However, there are many challenges in place if I were to pull it off.

It seemed impossible as I list down the challenges I need to overcome in my head.

I have no intention of going into toilets and peeping at girls going about their business. That’s not what turns me on.

It’s the thought and act of fitting in. To be able to blend myself into the cohort of girls that arouses me. When I put on the school uniforms, I want to feel and experience what my wife felt when she was in her school going years.

Needless to say, this stunt comes with deadly consequences if I were to be caught.

My life, my marriage, everything will be over.

Common logic dictates I keep this fantasy and fetish locked in the safety of my head and bedroom but the urge is too strong.

I have to do it or I will go mad. Perhaps, I have already gone mad thinking of it.

Going back to my wife’s room, I picked up her old uniforms and held it up against my body. The white blouse just need a good iron to sooth out the creases. Touching the blue pinafore alone brought back nice memories of her bent over the bed while pretending I was her English teacher punishing her for late homework submission.

The stars will need to be aligned for me to pull this off.

I have to do it.

I have to.

It doesn’t matter if I go into the school for only 5 minutes, make a turn and come right back out. 

I want to feel the soft blouse on my body, I want to wear my wife’s bra and underwear. I want to feel the caress of the breeze against my hairless legs creeping up the underside of my pinafore.

Complete with the warmth of a pair of white schoolgirl socks and canvas shoes, my transformation will be complete.

My mind is set, now it’s just a matter of executing the plan.

9800 words

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