It was back in 2013 when my wife Lisa and I collected the keys to our new flat in SengKang. I will never forget the moment when we took over the keys in a black folder. We were so excited that we will finally have a place to call our own.

Lisa and I did the whole pineapple rolling, joss paper burning, holy water blessing thing you do when you first enter the new flat.

The renovation took 2 months and we spent about a month after to slowly source for furnishings and appliances we need.

The anticipation of being able to finally move out kept me awake at night most of the time.

Finally a place where Lisa and I can have sex, make out, cook, do whatever the hell we want without our parents constantly looking over our shoulders.

My wife and I moved in immediately once we have the basic appliances and furniture in.

We have a neighbour moving in around the same time as us too. Our door faces each other at the end of the corridor. Their door has been closed most of the time but from the shoe rack, I could tell they are one of the few early settlers in the block of flats.

Just when I was wondering how I should go introduce ourselves to the neighbour, we bumped into each other two days after Lisa and I shifted in.

Jeff and Diana are the same age as Lisa and me. We hit it off right away.

They are friendly, they don’t smoke, they don’t play mahjong and through their semi opened door, I saw a neat and tidy house that felt really homely.

It’s like my prayers for nice neighbours we can get along with have been answered.

Diana’s shapely figure caught my eye immediately the first time I saw her.

Those curves on her petite 1.55m frame is one to send your mind wandering.

That ‘S’ shape curve when looking at her side profile gave me an immediate hard on.

Her breast is a full C cup while her ass is one bred for non-stop doggy action.

I can feel my wife subtly pinching my waist when she realised my eyes lingered on Diana longer than necessary. Diana’s skin is also really fair, she has nice legs, blemish free skin and when she smiles, she can melt ice in the north pole.

Her eyes has that foxy vixen look that send jolts of electricity into my body when I look at her.

She’s beautiful, a prime specimen of the female species I would say.

Jeff has his own business and he travels frequently.

Over the next few months, as we got to know each other better, Diana will come over to my place regularly at night during the weekends. My wife get along really well with her and the girls have plenty of common topics ranging from makeups to starting a family in the future.

Diana stays for a few hours during weekends when Jeff is away, and as time goes by, she began coming over almost on a daily basis. Sometimes she cooks dinner, sometimes she comes over for a chat, a bit of girl talk and stuff.

I have no complains at all.

That body, that smile, that amazing sweetness. I lost count of the times I get a unprovoked erection while staring at Diana.

In fact, there’s a couple of time when I realised I stared at Diana’s legs and breast for too long that I needed to go wank myself off.

It felt amazing masturbating to her knowing she is just a few metres away.

Usually I leave the girls to their chat while I game in the room.

One day however, I accidentally caught a snippet of their conversation.

As usual, Lisa and Diana are sitting at the dining area near the door, chatting over a cup of tea. I was tasked to go grab some supper and snacks and upon my return, I realised one of my flip flop just gave way.

I’m barely 100 metres away from my block so I just threw the spoilt slippers into the bin and walked barefoot.

As I approached my place, I could hear the girls talking. I usually walk pretty loudly since I dragged my slippers but that day, walking barefoot, I was almost silent.

There was nothing to announce my approach to my place.

That was when I overheard something that made my heart skip a beat.

My wife Lisa and my neighbour Diana is talking about something I never thought girls will openly discuss.

I froze outside my door, too stunt to reach for the keys in my pocket.

“so how does James usually fuck you..?” Diana’s sweet voice reached my ears and I felt a instant rush of blood to my groin when I heard Lisa’s shy giggle. “Shy with me leh…it’s been a while since I had a intimate moment with Jeff.”

Of all the topics under the sun that they can talk about, they chose one that will surely interest every man.

They are talking about sex.

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