James shares the secret behind his seemingly perfect marriage to a social media influencer. Behind the glitz of the sponsored weddings and jazz of having a beautiful wife every man faps to, there lies a dark secret.

I am the envy of all my friends.

My life pretty much checks all the boxes of what a man should have in this day and age.

At 31, i’m doing reasonably well in my career in the civil service. I live in a condominium, I drive a nice continental car, I have money in the bank, in the stock market, I have a roof over my head.

Perhaps the epitome of my perfect life is my perfect marriage to my perfect wife Lisa.

Lisa too, checks all the boxes of a modern day woman with both beauty and brains.

She is a social media influencer, owns her own brands of skin care products, does the usual branding and stuff whatever it is influencer or key opinion leaders do.

I would say she’s probably one of the top 5 in the country when people talk about influential women under 35 in the social media world.

Lisa is slim with nice B cup breast. With a bit of effort tin her dressing and some help from a push up bra, you will be looking at a full C cup slapped on a slender S shape body that looks gorgeous and proportional in high heels.

Lisa turns heads everywhere she goes.

From the petrol kiosk attendants near our place to café staff, Lisa often captures the attention in the room. It’s partly because of her status as a mini celebrity of course.

Lisa and I had a pretty high profile wedding ceremony. I’m talking the whole shebang with a shitload of sponsored deals. Venue is sponsored, wedding dress and suit is sponsored, food and drinks are sponsored.

It’s almost as if everyone wants to sponsor something just to appear in her social media feed.

Surely you would think this is something to be happy about.

Who doesn’t like free stuff?

Especially when all you have to do is to take some pictures, give them a shout out and a mention in the virtual world.

I just went along with it, it’s not that I get a huge say over any of these trival matters anyway.

I love Lisa, I really do. She is my entire world. I will do anything for her.

Lisa on the other hand, she likes me.

She likes me as a friend, a confidant, a buddy, a companion.

Yes she likes me as a lover, sometimes.

Yes, I used the word sometimes.

On the surface, in front of everyone, we are the example of the perfect union.

Deep beneath however, we have a secret.

A secret that I swore to take to my death bed, because that is the only way Lisa will marry me.

That is the only way she will take the oath of marriage and live with me as husband and wife.

In the eyes of her family, the public and all her followers and sponsors at least.

I am the perfect, sweet and obedience husband every parent is proud to have. However to Lisa, I am not the kind of man she wants in the bedroom.

Yes, I said it.

I admitted it.

I know Lisa loves me. We sleep together at night in the same bed.

We have sex regularly too.

However, I know there is someone else Lisa really craves.

And that someone, is her boyfriend Fauzi.

Inter-racial marriage is nothing to be shy off in Singapore, but the union is something frown upon by both their families. On the surface, Lisa and Fauzi broke off within months of getting together but they secretly remained together.

Under the radar, right under everyone’s nose.

When I came into the picture, I know about Lisa and Fauzi. I thought I stand a chance with Lisa. After a while, even when I manage to secure a spot in Lisa’s heart, I know I will never be able to replace Fauzi.

And the only way Lisa is willing to be with me is if I agree to the secret relationship between her and her other boyfriend.

I could not understand why.

Why would she want to do something like this?

What can Fauzi do that I can’t?

It was something that always puzzled me until Lisa showed me a video recording during one of our couple staycation.

She showed me a video of her and Fauzi making out.

And while I watched, she sucked on my nipple, she played with my rapidly hardening rod.

My eyes were transfixed on the tablet as the video continued playing. I breathed with my mouth instead of my nose as Lisa continued licking and stroking me.

When I came, Lisa whispered and begged for me to accept her.

To accept her for who she is.

She begged for me to accept the role of being her husband.

Of being the man beside her arm in front of the camera, in front of the whole world.

And most important of all, she begged me to accept that she will, always have a boyfriend even after we get married.

I know how crazy it sounds.

Here’s something even more crazy.

I agreed.

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