James has helped his buddy Adrian get out of countless relationships before, but this time, they have finally met their match.

James poured the bottle of wine into a decanter before bringing it over to the living room. He hummed a melody that was stuck in his head as he prepared a small platter of cheese and cured meats.

It had been a tiring week for him at work and he was looking to catch up on some movies and chill that Friday night.

Before he could sit his ass down on the sofa, his phone rang.

“Yo brother!….”

Adrian’s chirpy voice almost made James groan.

“What the fuck do you want?” He asked.

“Our usual arrangement la…. It’s time for me to ditch another girl, hahaha.”

“I was looking forward to chill tonight leh…” James lamented.

“Just a quick one la. You know these girls… once they see the shit, they’ll bolt.”

“Ok lah, ok lah, how long?” James asked.

Adrian told him he would be arriving back home in an hour.

While the two were not related by blood, they were neighbours and good friends since secondary school. The arrangement here referred to their ploy at helping each other getting out of committing to a relationship.

James unlocked Adrian’s apartment with his passcode and went to the storeroom. He brought out the wheelchair and laid some supplies around in the guest room. He removed the cloth covering the shelf that was stocked full of adult diapers, wet wipes, various creams and medicine. From the drawer he took out some of his photos and placed them on the room desk. Going around Adrian’s place, he left subtle clues around the living and dining area.

After he was done, he sighed and stripped himself. Pulling on an adult diaper and changing into some old clothes, James set out for another evening of acting like a disabled brother to Adrian.

Adrian and James, they were both players. That was perhaps the best description you could use for them. While they actively chased girls for sexual relationships, they had no plans on remaining committed for long.

Once they felt that the girls were getting clingy with the hopes of starting something long term, they would quickly implement the plan they had perfected over the years.

Enter the introduction of the disabled brother.

A sad, sob story about the male lead who on top of managing his career and life, had to take care of his disabled brother.

James sat in front of the TV at Adrian’s place and waited as he forced himself to drink plenty of water. As bizarre as it seemed, peeing himself on the wheelchair and demanding a change of diapers did the trick for many girls.

No one in their right mind would want to marry into a family saddled with such responsibilities.

James heard the door opening and he got ready for a night of playacting. If all went well, the girl would be gone in an hour and he could go back to his Friday evening chill at home.

“And…. this is my place…” Adrian said. “James…. James…. how are you….? I want you to meet my friend Olivia.”

“Erghhhhh… erghhhhhh… erghhhhh!”

James pretended to groan and mumble while having a dazed look on his face.

“I’m sorry I took so long…. They took a while to serve the desserts….” Adrian said as he brought Olivia in front of James.

Olivia was a pretty babe. Her hourglass figure showed clearly under her tight bodycon dress. Her hair was done up nicely with subtle curls and there was an air of sophistication around her.

“Hi James…” Olivia said as she lowered herself a notch, bringing herself down to James’s eye level.

That position parked her ample tits in front of James’s face and he groaned again as blood was sent rushing to his groin when Olivia gave him a good view of her assets.


“He’s been wheelchair bound since 5 years ago… Been degenerating ever since… I can barely understand him sometimes…” Adrian said mournfully.

“Oh dear… poor thing…”

“Yeah… but well… he’s my brother…“ Adrian said while giving James a hug from behind, the que for him to start peeing.

“Ernghhhhhh!” James groaned and peed into his diaper while pretending to throw a tantrum. “Arghhhh.. arghhh!”

“What is wrong with him? Is he ok…?” Olivia asked with concern.

“I think his diaper is wet… I’ll need to change him…”

“He’s wearing diapers…?“ Olivia asked.

“Yeah… bowel movements are a bit… messy…. I mean… sigh…” Adrian said in a sad manner.

He portrayed this as one of the reasons why he chose to remain single. Throughout the ditching process, he would drop subtle hints that whoever decided to stick with him would have to help take care of James.

“Even pooping?“ Olivia asked.

“Yeah… that’s what diapers are for…”

“Poor thing… James must have been through a lot.” Olivia said.

She lowered herself again to eye level with James. Her hands touched James’s palms and that reassuring touch sent electricity into James’s body.

With her kneeling in front of him, James’s erection only got harder as he could not tear his eyes away from her full and supple breasts.

“He must feel so lonely and terrible when you are at work.” Olivia said.

“Sigh…. what to do…? We try to manage…” Adrian said, wondering when Olivia would throw in the towel and leave.

“Come. Let me help you change his diaper.” Olivia offered.

“WHAT!” Adrian exclaimed in shock.

No one had ever offered to do something like that before. In fact, every time when it came to the changing of diapers, the two guys would go inside the room, lock the door and whoever was playing the disabled brother would just change out on his own.

No woman had ever offered to help.

“What’s wrong…?” Olivia asked, with her big innocent eyes looking at Adrian.

“Ernghhhhhh!” James groaned and he hoped his buddy would understand what he was saying. His groan literally translated to: ‘Find a way to get out of this fucking mess.’

“It’s ok… I… erm… I can manage…” Adrian stammered but Olivia was already wheeling James into his room.

“You know what Adrian…. You’re tired… Why don’t you go take a shower…? Let me do this…” Olivia offered.

“No… no.. no! Olivia… no…. wait…”

“It’s ok Adrian… It’s really ok.”

Everything happened so fast that neither man had the time to react.

Before James knew it, the room door was shut and locked with Adrian pounding on the outside of the door.

“Olivia…. Olivia!”

“Go and take a shower Adrian… Trust me… I can do this…” She said.

James was trying hard not to tremble as Olivia slid the armrest of the wheelchair to one side.

“Ergnhhhhhh!” James groaned when Olivia pulled him forward such that he was resting on her body, then in a well-practiced move, she transferred him to the bed which was the same height as the wheelchair seat.

Laying James down, Olivia took a diaper from the shelf. James watched in panic as he tried to keep up his act.

Olivia tore the elastic sideband of his adult pull-up and James could smell his own pee. His erection sprung up in all its glory and he groaned again to hide his embarrassment.


Olivia smiled as she looked at James’s throbbing dick.

“You must really like me…” Olivia said with a warm smile.

James thought Olivia would quickly clean him up, slap a fresh diaper on him and then move on. But he could not be more wrong.

There was something off about the way Olivia was looking at him.

What Adrian and he were doing was sick. It was a sick disgusting trick that they pulled off countless times to many unsuspecting girls. However, this time round it seemed like they had met their match.

Olivia looked towards the door where Adrian was still knocking and told him to go take a shower.

“Don’t worry Adrian… go shower… I’ll take good care of James…” She said with an eerie smile on her face.

The pounding on the door stopped. It was all up to James now.

James tried to force himself to pee and make a mess to scare Olivia off but when Olivia grabbed onto the shaft of his erection as his butt still rested on the soiled diaper, James stopped breathing for a few seconds.

Olivia put a finger to her lips while she looked at James.

“Shhhhhhhhh…..” Olivia whispered. “I know why you are always throwing tantrums…. Let me help you…”

Before James could say ‘what the fuck’ in his head, Olivia started stroking James’s erection.

“Don’t worry James… Even when I become Adrian’s wife…. I will still take good care of you…… Ok…?”


James trembled and groaned, his eyes widening in disbelief when Olivia lowered her dress, slipping out one of her breasts to show James as she played with her own nipple.

While enjoying the free and unexpected handjob, James knew deep down that it was not going to be easy getting rid of Olivia.

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