James has his eyes set on his housemate’s girlfriend.

I stay in the east of the country but I work in the west. The daily commute alone to and fro work takes close to 3 hours. Getting from Pasir Ris to a industrial estate in Jurong is no joke.

I need to take a feeder bus to the train station, this is followed by a 1 hour 10 minute ride on the train to Jurong East, and I still need to change to another feeder bus service after that.

Job pays well for me to afford a car but I’m not a driver, I don’t have a license.

And the idea of paying for peak hour rides in a private car or taxi is just unbearable. So after working for 2 years, I decided to rent a place in Jurong.

I don’t need anything fancy, just a place for me to rest. And during the weekends, I will go back home to my parents’ place.

I wanted to just rent a bedroom but I found a place I really liked opposite the interchange in Jurong. The nearest bus stop had a direct bus to my work place too.

Owner is retiring to Malaysia and is looking for someone to rent his whole place. All the pieces just fell into place and I made up my decision within hours of stepping in that place.

Fully furnished, there’s not much I need to do except move in. Now it would be such a waste if I have the whole unit to myself so I decided to sublet the spare room out.

I put up an advertisement and Tom was one of the 1st to respond.

Tom is a final year student in university, he too, stays in the east and is looking for accommodation closer to his school.

I met up with him, he’s 5 years younger than me and we hit it off right away.

I was expecting to be just him but Tom asked if his girlfriend could stay over occasionally.

James : Oh…. Ermmmm..

Tom : I mean if you want me to pay additional for her… we can discuss…

James : Ermmm…well.. if it’s just once or twice occasionally, it’s fine…

I meant it, after all, I head back to my parents place on weekends and only use the place for rest during weekdays.

I never expect Tom’s ‘occasionally’ to be 5 days a week or more. Tom is a nice guy, very friendly and he’s not someone who is out to take advantage of anyone, so without me asking, he started paying $100 more for his girlfriend Stephanie.

It’s a token sum, but it’s the thought that counts.

Now, the first time I saw Stephanie, I was mesmerised by how beautiful she is. At 1.67m, she has this pair of amazing long legs that just looks so delicious in her yoga tights.

Yes, she’s perpetually in her athleisure outfit.

Tights, sports bra, cropped top showing off her slim figure. The whole package.

Stephanie is not only beautiful and hot, she is friendly as well. There are nights where the 3 of us will gather for supper and binge on Netflix dramas.

The couple, despite knowing our bedrooms share the same dividing wall, are not shy about the noise they make during sex. The moans, the grunts and the loud orgasms next door sometimes keeps me up at night, especially hearing Stephanie moan at the peak of her orgasm, it aroused me so much that I had to rub one out in the toilet before I sleep.

All is good for us, we enjoyed each other’s company as housemates, do regular dinners and supper, we’re essentially like good friends.

I thought we will continue like this until one day I chanced upon a sex forum.

Reading through what some people do to their landlords and tenants, got me excited. I mean, ideas like those have never crossed my mind before. I wonder how did they come up with them in the first place?

I like Stephanie, she’s really hot and I masturbate to her pictures and social media videos. I thought that’s the furthest I could go, I mean, she is Tom’s girlfriend afterall but after reading the forum and staying up late through the night, something snapped, or rather, something clicked inside me.

I start to think maybe there is something more I can do.

I knew the couple’s schedule, I know when they will be in school, which day they are usually back late and all. I took a day’s leave that Monday morning without telling anyone.

Tom : See you James…

James : See you bro…

I said as a sleepy Stephanie shuffled out of the bedroom and waved at me. Instead of going to work, I went to have breakfast before heading back.

By then, Tom and Stephanie has already left the house for their lectures.

My heart raced as I took out the spare key in my pocket and unlocked Tom’s room.

I hesitated for a second but in the end, I opened their room.

The messy bed and the couple’s belonging stared back at me in the empty house. My eyes knew what my mind was looking for as they drifted to the laundry basket.

Now, I have seen Stephanie doing her laundry, and hanging up her lingerie in the yard before, and it has never struck me to do something to them. Perhaps I’m too innocent in this sense.

However, reading through the forum gave me ideas.  Ideas that I want to put into action.

It did not take a lot of effort to find Stephanie’s bra and underwear in the laundry basket.

I got an instant erection as I held her worn lingerie in my hands. At that moment, it felt as if I got possessed and I plastered her bra cups into my face and took a deep whiff.

James : arhhhhhhh…

I groaned as that sweet scent of her body filled my head. That same scent I get whenever Stephanie is close to me is a lot more concentrated when sniffing it from her bra.

Breathing with my mouth, I picked up her underwear and I hesitated for a couple of seconds before this invisible force beckoned for me to bring it closer. I’ve never thought of myself as a pervert, the idea of doing something like this never occurred to me before but holding that panty in my hand, rubbing that soft fabric through my fingers.

I felt as if I’m in a trance as I pressed Stephanie’s worn underwear against my face.

James: arhghhhhhhh!

I groaned again before I removed my pants and wrapped that innocent looking panty around the tip of my penis. This is what other men do base on what I read on the forums.

Rubbing and wanking myself with Stephanie’s lingerie, I came within 2 minutes, squirting and emptying my load into the cups of her white sports bra that still had a hint of her sweat.

Quickly using wet tissues to clean up the mess I made, I returned everything to it’s original position and left the room after locking up.

Feeling embarrassed and ashamed of what I just did, I went to my room and cursed at my stupidity.

Then something made me go back and read through the thread in the sex forum again. The more I read, the more ideas I have.

The ideas mixed and churned in my head, getting me more and more excited until a final image formed and ingrained itself into my brain.

With a throbbing erection and the cravings of that lingering scent from Stephanie’s body, I felt a shiver through my spine.

I know it’s a matter of time before Stephanie’s worn clothes will not satisfy me anymore. Rather than wait for that day to come, I’m going to start planning for it.

I want Stephanie, even if it’s just once, I want her.


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