To finally be free from the lustful grasp of her stepfather and stepbrother, Joan will do whatever it takes.

James looked at his watch and sipped the cold tea in the living area of his stepfather’s place. He could count with one hand the number of times he stepped into the house.

If not for his stepsister Joan, he would never have come up.

James heard the opening of door on level 2 and Joan appeared at the top of the staircase wearing only her panty.

Immediately he felt the rush of blood to his manhood as he looked at his stepsister.

Her body is still as good as he remembered the last time he saw her naked.

The erection pushed painfully against his pants as Joan descended the stairs with a packet of tissue in her hand.

Taking her time to walk to the sofa, Joan quietly picked up her bra and sat down. Turning away from James, she put on her bra before taking a moment to compose herself.

James and Joan first met when they were both 16.

His mother remarried and his stepfather had a daughter from another marriage.

Shortly after the new union, James’ mother passed away in an accident.

Living in a broken family is stressful enough for two young teenagers, however, things were made worse when James’ stepfather Walter, made advances on Joan, his biological daughter.

It happened one night when Walter was drunk. James was studying in his room when he heard Joan scream in hers. Rushing over, he saw his stepfather trying to strip his stepsister of her bra in his drunken state.

James rushed over in an attempt to stop the assault, he ended up fighting with his stepfather.

Punches and kicks were thrown with Joan crying for both to stop.

By the time the police arrived, James was horrified when Joan refused to admit what Walter had tried to do to her.

After a warning was given to both Walter and James, Joan came over to apologise.

“I’m sorry.” Joan said with tears in her eyes. “ I… I can’t let him go to jail.”

“He tried to rape you!” James said, mortified at his stepsister’s refusal to tell the police what happened.

“Please don’t be angry with me James.” Joan sat down beside him and took his arm in hers.

“He is a monster Joan, he deserves to be put away!”

“Then what will happen to us?” She asked. “ Who is going to take care of us ? Who is going to pay the bills? We still need to attend school.”

James sighed, knowing fully well that his stepsister is right. They are still dependent on Walter on a lot of things.

Looking at how helpless Joan is, James was overwhelmed by the urge to protect her. However, that urge soon evolved into something else.

“sleep here with me tonight.” James said.

“what?” Joan asked.

James felt a stir in his pants. As a growing young man, he has his urges too and he too had long tried to contain his feelings for Joan. Well developed at 16 with a sweet face and blemish free legs, James had been secretly masturbating to her in the bathroom.

He also has been secretly sniffing her worn school uniforms and underwear in the toilet.

“Let me protect you.” James said.

Joan, tired and frightened was pulled into her stepbrother’s bed.

She is not oblivious to James’ attention on her as well. The way he looked at her when he thinks she is not looking. She has caught James several times ogling at her legs and breast, especially when she wore something loose.

There are times when she woke up early in the morning without her bra and James was openly starring at her nipples.

Joan felt James snuggle up to her and his hands started sliding up her thigh.

The warmth of their bodies melted into one as the young couple faced each other in the dark room.

Joan is frightened, but the alternative is a drunk father who might intrude into her bedroom anytime.

James knew it was a mistake if he goes further than just caressing his stepsister but the raging hormones of a young adult is hard to tame. They kissed and the rest is history.

Between an old man who is also her father and a young James, Joan’s choice is obvious. If she needs to use her body to survive, she will make sure she chooses the one that gives a better chance over the long term.

And that evening was a wise investment for Joan because she had James hooked.

What transpired then was an affair too taboo to even speak of. One that spanned all the way into adult hood.

Joan eventually gave in to her father’s demand and Walter, not wanting James to be around to keep spoiling his fun, decides to move out with Joan.

At 19 and about to enlist into the army, James finds himself all alone.

Still, he managed to survive, thankful that the small flat he is staying in had been fully paid by his mother before she passed. Taking on odd jobs when he books out from the army, James supplements his income and gives some to Joan who is still studying.

Joan comes over to his place once a month to catch up.

By catching up, it meant something physical, sexual.

James knew it was wrong, but he could not resist Joan’s body. He wanted her, he needed her.

It didn’t matter that she is his stepsister, he still craved the warmth of her body and the tightness of her reproductive organ. If Joan didn’t come over, he would throw a tantrum like a kid.

He tried to make himself feel better by giving Joan some ‘pocket money’

While it appears as if Joan is straddling two men at the same time for her survivor, she has a bigger plan in place.

She has it all thought out from the night she first laid with James.

She will break free from this family.

It will not happen overnight, but one day, one day she will get her freedom.

Turning to face James, Joan smiled as she looked at her stepbrother looking at her almost naked body.

“He’s weak.” Joan said softly.” Help me kill him, and I’ll belong only to you.”

James adjusted his position and his erection.

Walter is a beast. He rapes his own daughter, he deserves to die.

Even while bed ridden, he expects Joan to continue having sex with him.

Surely killing someone like that is akin to accumulating good karma.

“Help me James…please…” Joan pleaded while crossing her long fair legs. “Kill him, and it will be just the two of us.”

It’s been close to a month since they last met. At 25 and already in a stable job, James still seeks solace in the warmth of his stepsister’s body.

And the idea of owning that body forever is too tempting to resist.

“What do you want me to do? How do we get away with it ?” James said, agreeing to Joan’s plan to murder Walter.

“I have a plan.” Joan said as she came over and sit by James’ side.

“Tell me” James mumbled but his hands were already cupping around Joan’s breast as he started to sniff her hair. “tell me what do I have to do.”

“I want you to rape me in front of Walter.” Joan said as she allowed James’ hand to slip under her bra to fondle her nipple.

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