Melissa is about to take her all important national exams. It’s not good enough to pass, she must ace it. The tuition center she attends can guarantee she top the exams, but at what price ?

Melissa sat quietly in the office of the tuition centre that she went to, waiting for the principal to come in. It was 5.30am in the morning and in a couple of hours time, she would be taking the 1st paper for one of the key national exams.

Her heart rate went up several notches as the principal Mrs Koh walked into the room.

“Don’t worry, what is there to be worried about?“ Mrs Koh said.

“But… this is wrong… what if…?“ Melissa said but was cut off by Mrs Koh before she could finish.

“Singapore is stupid one… ok? Listen to Mrs Koh. Singapore is stupid and generous… foreign students like you are destined for scholarship… ok? I’m just helping to make sure you get it…!”

Mrs Koh started to fiddle with the gadget she had modified on the table. It was a transmitter and a receiver, complete with a miniature earpiece that would fit right in your ear canal.

She had used something similar over the years for so many students. Gesturing to her wall filled with pictures of students who were awarded scholarships over the past 5 years, she proudly proclaimed that if not for her, none of those students would be awarded.

“Look at their smiling faces…. Just look at them shaking hands with ministers…”

Mrs Koh gestured for Melissa to unbutton her school blouse.

Melissa unbuckled the skirt from her Junior college and let it fall to the ground.

Mrs Koh had reminded her to wear a boyshort panty the night before. They needed a full covered panty to hold the device.

“Unbuckle your bra and…. pull down your panty also…” Mrs Koh ordered and Melissa watched her tear open a condom.

Where was the safest place to hide something that you didn’t want people to see?

Inside your body of course.

The device was shaped like a bullet vibrator with a thin wire attached to it. Melissa watched as Mrs Koh carefully deposited the bullet into the condom before squeezing some lube onto her fingers.

“Lift up your leg… relax… just relax…” Koh massaged and rubbed Melissa’s vagina as she eased the device into her love canal.

“Gasppp… ernghhh….”

“It’s ok, don’t think about it… you won’t even realise it’s there after a while…”

Using surgical tape, Mrs Koh stuck the end of the thin wire against Melissa’s waist. The wire went up until Melissa’s breast. Mrs Koh attached a circular pad that looked like nipple tape to the wire and applied it onto her right nipple.

“Ok, you can put on your clothes now.”

Melissa put on her underwear; she could feel the bullet inside her. The covered panty made her feel safer, if she had been wearing one of her usual g-strings, she would probably be freaking out at the thought of the bullet dropping out halfway through her exam.

She buckled her bra and looked down at her bra cup. The thin pad barely registered on her bra; no way anyone could tell that she had something in there.

She buttoned her blouse and pulled on her skirt, smoothing out the creases as Mrs Koh handed her an earpiece the size of a rice grain.

She put it in for her before stepping back and smiling at one of her top paying students.

“Remember Melissa, you are meant for this path… you are born for this…” Mrs Koh said.

Eermmm…’this’ as in …?“ Melissa asked with a raised eyebrow.

“A scholarship in Singapore! The path to an iron rice bowl in the civil service once you get your citizenship…. Won’t your parents in China be proud of you?“ Mrs Koh said excitedly

“Come let’s test the device “

Melissa jumped as she felt a strange vibration in her vagina and a tingle on her right nipple.

“Relax, it’s just a vibration to let you know we are about to talk in the earpiece.” Mrs Koh said.

Melissa heard a man’s voice inside her ear.

“Testing… testing… 1, 2, 3.”

“Ye… yes… I can hear you…” Melissa replied.

Mrs Koh did a few more diagnostic runs before giving Melissa the thumbs up.

“All good… you’re good to go.” Mrs Koh beamed proudly at Melissa.

She didn’t know how things came to this. Melissa was pretty sure she could pass the exams but as for nailing the top spot for a scholarship, that was pretty farfetched to her. However, her parents paid for the ‘premium’ package according to Mrs Koh.

And Mrs Koh had to deliver.

There was nothing for her to worry about Melissa was told. Just attempt her paper normally and the voice would guide her accordingly. Just listen to the voice and she would breeze through all her papers.

Looking up at the wall of ‘fake scholars’ that Mrs Koh’s tuition centre had produced over the years, Melissa could not help but ask.

“Where do the boys keep their device?“

“Melissa dear…. I’m sure you don’t want to know that…” Mrs Koh replied with a smile.

Ushering her to the door, Mrs Koh told her to make her way to her school.

“I’ll reserve a spot for your picture on the wall yah Melissa?“ Mrs Koh said while showing her two thumbs up.

“Ermm… ok…”

Just listen to the voice and everything would be fine.

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