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Author : Antyhowacc

Writes on Sammyboyforum

Owen took a step back and stared at his doing, mesmerized.

It was the first time he had ever entered a girl raw. The first time he had finished inside a girl. The first time he saw how the milky liquid slowly pooled at the darkish pink base of the opening, forming an opaque droplet, before the weight of it was too much to bear and it diffused into the sheets beneath.

Owen didn’t know how long had passed as he stared. But when his wits returned, he picked up everything and left as quickly as he could. Not knowing how things have turned out this way, or what the consequences will be.

– 6 hours ago –

Owen felt liberated. Now that the exams were over, Owen and a few classmates were hanging out at a chalet. Playing cards, drinking and going out for the occasional smoke with his buddies, life was free and chill. Exactly where Owen wanted to be now that the major weight was lifted off his shoulders.
It was slated to be an-all guys affair, but the party’s attention soon narrowed when Paul walked in with his girlfriend Jen. Needless to say, all eyes were on her, even though she dressed relatively plainly, a simple black crop top and mini-shorts.

Everyone was soon having a merry time, and Paul was getting tipsy. It wasn’t the first time the bunch had been drinking together, but Paul’s signs were always the same. He started to get louder and more uncouth. The topics turned aggressively sexual and appeared to get Jen a little uncomfortable.

“Aiya what Natalie Portman, tell her lie down I sure fuck until she call me daddy ah!” Paul exclaimed proudly.

“Sure bo, don’t talk cock la Paul. Jen here also never say anything.”

“What never say anything, I tell you all ah, that time I doggy her-” *PIAK*

“Haiya! Don’t anyhow say la!” Jen quickly cut in with a vicious slap on Paul’s arm. Her cheeks flushed crimson and her demeanor unease.

“You shuddup, you shuddup. Don’t pretend la jibai. That time tell you outside got people u also moan like nobody’s business.” Paul snapped back.

“Kanina pretend pretend. Tell you all la, she actually sibei daring one. That time we go club, she jitao ask me finger her on the floor until her legs jelly ah.”

“Can you not?” Jen once again cut in, to no avail.

Owen didn’t know about the others, but while Jen sat aside fuming and exasperated, he was growing rock hard under his pants fantasizing about how Jen was getting toyed with by Paul in public.

“Come come come drink drink. Cheers!”

“Eh then Paul, what is the craziest thing you all have done before?”

“Eh, craziest thing ah? Lemme think ah… AH! Got one time we bet on dunno what la. She lose. Then say her punishment is to copy a random porn video we find. The video we find ah, jibai is the kind where the girl go seduce the delivery guy and give him a blowjob. Kanina she really do sia, fucking blew the GrabFood guy. Still come and show me his cum in her mouth after. Caojibai I really fuck her one times good one until she buyao buyao after that ah.”

Everyone stared dumbfounded at Jen after Paul’s narration. To think that beyond her girl-next-door looks she was actually this wild.
“Stare what stare? It was a bet what. The guy was handsome okay. U all think I anyhow blow people one meh.” Jen justified.

“Walan eh Paul your girlfriend sibei gaolat ah. Come drink drink…”

Owen wasn’t sure if everyone had ulterior motives, or was simply toasting Paul round after round because he was the “hero” for sharing such stuff, but Paul naturally was the first to slum onto the floor after all the “heroic” drinks.

Jen herself was getting more relaxed after all the drinking and was now herself bearing the brunt of the questions.

“Wah Jen didn’t know you so power one leh. You and Paul got fuck outdoors before or not?”

“Huh? No la, at most in his car la. Not so siao.” Jen replied. “But that was after a whole day of remote vibrator in my pussy.”

“Wah! Then eh, your blowjob skill good or not?”

“HAHA, you want to try is it. I not so stupid.” Jen scoffed.

“Aiya, you don’t dare is it?”

“Don’t dare your head la. I only blow good-looking guys one okay?” Maybe if its him I okay la.” Jen smiled sheepishly and pointing to one of Owen’s more good-looking classmates.

Before long, Jen was occupied with licking that classmate’s prick on her knees even as Paul lay slumped at the side.

Everyone looked on with arousal and some disbelief as Jen really went to work.

One of the onlookers soon broke the ranks and proceeded to touch Jen in places he really shouldn’t be. However, Jen didn’t seem to mind one bit. In fact, Jen’s unspoken consent spurred others on and she was quickly being relocated to the bed and disrobed. Like a queen, she was occupying all the attention while Owen could only look on from the sidelines, not daring to participate but unwilling to lose sight even for a single second.

It was almost two hours later when everyone was done with the queen bee and left her in the room on the bed, naked. She had dried cum in various parts of her but simply laid there, snoring.

Now then no one is around, Owen could no longer hold back, stepping in and inserting himself into the well-used cave. That caused a slight reaction from Jen, which set alarms flaring all over Owen’s head.

Fortunately, Jen simply went back to sleep while Owen trudged along, until he finished and was mesmerized by what he had done.