This work of fiction contains scenes of extreme violence and gore together with non-consensual sexual acts that might make you feel uncomfortable. Please do not read this if you have a weak heart.

I pulled myself up off the workout mat, panting for air as I finished my last set of workout. My lungs felt as if they were on fire and from a sitting position, I turned and rest on my palms and knees.

Droplets of my perspiration started raining down onto the mat from my forehead and the side of my cheeks.

Turning my head up to look at myself in the full length mirror in the gym, I could see the many pair of eyes looking at me in that position.

The girls probably think I’m pushing myself too hard and perhaps they are wondering if they should push themselves in the same manner as I did in order to get the body I have.

That perfect slim abs, sculpted slim legs that look amazing in shorts and even better in heels.

The men, on the other hand could not help but steal glances at me in that perfect to doggy position.

My perky behind covered only by my short FBT shorts that barely hid the dark coloured pair of underwear I was wearing.

I sat cross legged as I practised my breathing technique.

My phone display read 9pm.

I stared at my reflection in the mirror and could not help but noticed more men using the threadmill on this section of the gym compared to the other. I don’t blame them.

They’re there to look at me, look at my body.

I watched a bead of my perspiration roll down my collarbone, collecting other smaller droplets of sweat before it went into the middle of my ample cleavage. I’ve never paid much attention to my full C cup breast when I’m growing up.

I have plenty of friends with similar cup size or bigger than me when I was growing up. Not that there are a lot of attention on our tits since we go to a girls school.

A pretty cute looking guy came over to me.

“Hi, do you need a workout partner ? “ He asked, hopeful that I will say yes.

“No, I would love to be left alone.” I said coldly.

He raised up his palms, indicating that he meant no harm and was just being friendly as he backed away.

The rather audible rejection dented the hopes of other men in the gym who has been casting glances by way.

I got up and after a bit of cool down stretching, made my way to the locker.

I did not bother to shower or wash up, I’m running late.

Grabbing my bags, I left the gym and drove home.

Opening the door to the 3 room flat I share with my sister, I switched on the lights and dumped my bags on the ground.

“Why didn’t you turn on the lights sis ? “ I asked as I locked the door behind me.

I grabbed myself a drink from the fridge and while taking sips of the cold water, told my sister about my day in office.

“ Yeah, that dick Francis tried to be funny with me today, I think he was trying to take an upskirt picture or something. Can you believe this ? “ I chuckled.

“I caught him with his phone and the camera app on and he suddenly went like. ‘oh hi Juliette, lovely dress!’, I almost rolled my eyes to high heaven.” I spoke loudly towards the living room as I grabbed my towel.

“Have you eaten ? “ I asked while shutting the door to the shower.

Removing my singlet is the easy part. It’s removing the sweat soaked sports bra that is the challenging one. I ripped my sports bra off my body and looked at my topless body through the small bathroom mirror.

Forcing myself to look away, I removed my FBT shorts and my underwear at the same time.

Dropping them into the laundry basket, I turned on the shower and gasped under the freezing cold water. I shampooed my hair and foamed up my body from neck to toe.  

My fingers soaped my abdomen before going down south to my privates. I lingered for a couple of seconds, lathering soap around my neatly trimmed pubes and my clitoris that is started to emerge from under the folds of my vagina lips.

Tonight is the night. I could feel the excitement coursing through my body.

Rinsing myself clean of soap, I towelled dry my body before throwing a bathrobe around myself.

“ I used your soap Sis, hope you don’t mind.” I said, “ I quite like that rainshower series you got.”

Using a hair dryer, I started to blow dry my hair while humming a tune from my childhood days.

Satisfied that my hair is almost dry, I went to my wardrobe and opened the drawers. No, not my pyjamas, not my lingerie.

I took out a pair of white sports bra and slipped it on, adjusting my boobs so that they fit snugly in them while revealing a generous amount of my clevage.

Then I picked out a pair of tights.

Yes, just the tights. No underwear.

A grey pair of long running tights with neon green lines running up the sides of my legs, accentuating the length of one of my greatest asset. At 1.63m, I am blessed with a nice long pair of legs.

I picked out a pair of grey ankle socks before leaving my room.

“ Weather looks good tonight sis. What do you think ? good chance ? “ I said while walking towards the custom built bookshelf with a full height mirror beside it.

I picked a rubber band and started tying my hair up into a high ponytail. Looking at my flawless body, I was truly in the prime of my life. At 30 years old, I have a good career in the finance industry, a few good friends that I can depend on and I have spent 2 years of my life transforming my body into how I look like today.

I used to be a plump couch potato that would rather Netflix and chill after work. It will take a miracle to get me off my feet and into my workout attire.

I’m just not into working out and making myself look good yet here I am, looking every bit the perfect woman that men will lined up in order to date me.

I looked at a photo of my sister Joan and me on the book shelf. A photo taken 2 years ago.

A photo taken a few hours before she went for her jog and lost her life.

My sister Joan was raped and murdered a few metres off a isolated running trail in Punggol 2 years ago. The culprit was never found. He struck a total of 4 times within a span of 2 years and the police never found him.

Not with all the drones, the cameras, the ground work and the investigation.

Not with all the resources the country could throw, the culprit could not be found. Just when then investigation let up a notch, he struck again under everyone’s noses.

“ They can’t catch him not because they are not trying hard enough sis.” I said while adjusting my attire against the mirror.

I pulled my tights higher a notch as my right hand slid downwards and gently tucked the already skin hugging tights in between my vagina lips, making sure my camel toe is showing clearing.

“They can’t catch him because they don’t have the right bait.”I added.

Touching the black and white photo of my twin sister Joan, I rest my fingers on her urn with a smile.

“I have a good feeling about tonight sis, I think tonight is the night.” I said

Retrieving the Karambit knife i kept at the book shelf, I slipped my middle left finger into the hole at the bottom of the handle. Using a white running towel, I covered the weapon and wrapped it around my palm a few times.

If anyone bothered to look, all they will see is a pretty Chinese babe running in the middle of the night in a quiet stretch of a running trail with a towel in her hand.

“ Don’t be silly Sis, haha, of course I’m not trying to catch that mother fucker.” I laughed.

Slipping on my black running shoes with white reflective stripes, I stopped by the door for a second before turning to face my sister’s photo.

“I’m going to kill that mother fucker.”

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