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Long before Covid19, there is another pandemic sweeping through the country. Now that Covid19 is more or less under control in Singapore, the other pandemic is still going strong.

No it’s not Dengue. Dengue is a concern but it has not reached pandemic stage yet.

We can overcome dengue. There is Project Wolbachia Singapore that has been going on for a while. Go google for it.

With a bit of education and civic mindedness, we can reduce mosquitoes breeding.

The pandemic i am talking about is the upskirt taking, lingerie stealing, shower stall peeping activities that is spreading throughout the country for the past few years.

To deal with this threat, we need a new project urgently.

Project National Upskirt Symposium.

A one day, bare all conference where speakers are invited to give talks, introduce exhibits and artworks and update everyone about the latest trend in upskirt technology.

And i propose for the project to be hosted alongside in a special museum with yours truly as the curator.

Singapore has an acute shortage of publicly available lingerie for viewing up close and this is an indisputable fact. Lingerie shops in the country are not exactly men friendly.

Try walking into one if you are a man and you will be viewed by the staff in a funny manner. It’s all good if you are there to make a purchase, but god forbids if you are just there to ‘look around’.

Although it is not against the law for men to enter a lingerie shop, to look at and touch the lingerie on sale, the judgmental looks cast upon you can deter even the most seasoned adventurer.

HDB estates of former years still allow lingerie connoisseur to stand below while looking up to enjoy the undergarments drying in the sun. However, recent HDB design are less friendly in terms of the openness of the laundry area.

You also risk having slabs of meat dropped on your face with the kind of things people are hanging out the windows these days.

I’m not pretending to be some white knight here, and this article is not meant to condemn or shame anyone, this piece is trying to identify the root of the problem.

Wise men always say, find the root of the problem, and you can find the solution.

So what is the root of the problem here ?

What exactly causes young men with high GPA scores to decide to steal lingerie, take upskirt photos or sneak into female toilets ?

I’m talking educated young men, people who are lucky enough to go to school, to receive a quality education. People who can tell right from wrong. I do not believe for a moment anyone of them thinks they are doing something right when they take an upskirt picture of a woman.

They know it’s wrong, but why do they do it ?

After analyzing terabytes of data from sex forums, porn sites and adult discussion threads, i have come to one conclusion.

Curiosity & lack of access.

I’m serious.

Aside from seeing the lingerie from their family members at home, these men do not have the opportunity to see bra, panty and other body parts of the female species.

They are curious. It’s as simple as that. Sure they can google for it, surf some porn sites or stream some adult videos but it’s not the same. Seeing it on screen is not relatable. If you are unable to feel a connection, you cannot satisfy your curiosity.

This, in turn, causes some of them to steal from their classmates to satisfy their curiousity.

Let’s take a step back and look at how we deal with curiosity at a different age.

Imagine for a moment you are 8 years old. You are given a tablet. You enjoy playing with it, the touch screen, the videos’, the games, the internet. It’s an amazing device no matter how you look at it. While the majority of kids are contended with using it, a select few decides to find out how this device works.

Instead of devouring gigabytes of content like all the others, this particular kid decides to do something else. He understand what the tablet can do, now he wants to understand how the tablet do what it does. He takes it apart.

Now imagine you are the parent of this kid. You come home after a hard day’s work to see your kid dismantling something that you spent a good portion of your salary on. You flip.

You scold the kid, you wack him. He is wrong. He just destroyed something worth a 1000 bucks to satisfy his curiosity.

Granted that destroying a tablet to satisfy your curiosity is not the same as outrage of modesty, we can draw a similarity between the two.

While one kid destroyed something worth a 1000 bucks to satisfy his curiosity, the older kid destroyed his future, his career & his reputation.

The older kid, unlike the others who are content with appreciating the beauty on the surface, decides that he needs to find out who goes on underneath, literally.

Instead of appreciating the poise and grace of the woman in front of him, the individual decides to find out more about the woman on a more intimate level.

He decides to take a picture of her underwear.

This is wrong. Period.

Anyone can tell you that it’s wrong. Then why is it still happening ?

There’s a very simple answer to this.

Because the individual, do not have a safe place to go where he can see, touch and appreciate the different types of underwear that different women wears.

There are no places in the country when one can safety stare at a piece of lingerie for too long without being judged. It’s as simple as that.

What if there is a solution to this problem ?

What if there is a place, a museum where curious young men can explore, learn and educate themselves on lingerie, the human body, both male and female, the different acts of fetishes and most important of all, to understand the law which governs this island ?

We have all sorts of museum in Singapore. Stamp, toy, art, there’s even an ant museum. Why can’t we have a lingerie & upskirt museum?

Why can’t we commission an artwork whereby you fill an entire wall with underwear and bra from girls in tertiary institution ? Imagine a 5 metre rock climbing wall peppered with lingerie, stockings and g-string. Imagine seeing this in the middle of a shopping mall with people working out and touching and feeling the donated lingerie.

You can satisfy your workout and curiosity at the same time.

For the more refined, how about a pair of worn undies properly framed and hung on the wall, initialed by it’s wearer. Include a small white label at the bottom, detailing the story behind it.

Of course, no one would be interested in any plain old panty hanging on the wall. If that was the case, the government would simply issue a female underwear as part of university orientation package. The secret ingredient missing here is the story behind the underwear.

Given a choice to stare at 2 underwear in a museum, which one would you prefer.

Artwork 1

A plain cotton panty produced by a factory in Vietnam. Size S.

Artwork 2.

A plain cotton panty donated by Belle from the cheerleading team in one of the top Girl’s school. Last worn during her championship where her team brought back the gold medal. Unwashed. Size S.

Accompany artwork 2 with a picture of Belle smiling radiantly and this exhibit alone would draw hours of eyeballs.

The story is the main draw. I can write that story. I can craft something that i know will appeal to the curious minds of these men.

Delving into the minds behind every upskirt picture, i can almost visualise the curiosity behind each shot. The shooter wants to know the story beyond the colour of the undergarment. The girl, who she is, where did she come from, where is she going ? Like assigning a zodiac base on the colour and style of the underwear the woman wears, the upskirt taker is able to feel a deeper connection to the victim.

And they want to relive this moment over and over again to satisfy their curiousity. This is why they decide to take the risk for the shot.

A lot of museums these days have interactive exhibits. What if we can have performers, artists, people, part timers, volunteers coming in to allow these curious young men to take upskirt pictures of them ?

After taking the upskirt, they get to interact with the performers. This provides an avenue for potential and serial upskirt takers to expand their energy.

And it’s perfectly legal.

It’s not a lewd act. It’s art.

Those that don’t see this as art is because your mind is dirty.

Have you been to Madam Tussauds wax museum ? Some of the celebrities are so life like. Imagine a gallery filled with wax figurines wearing short skirts covering different types of underwear all positioned on stationary escalators.

Take all the pictures you want. Hell if you like, lie down horizontally under one of them for 30 minutes. As long as you bought a ticket, spend all the time you want in there.

“oh god James you are sick. How can you suggest something like this ? Hanging underwear on the walls ? Upskirt pictures as art ? Displaying worn panties and undergarments ? ”

Am i ?

Go to the sports museum in Singapore. Swimming trunks of national swimmers who brought medal home are on display.

How different is it from Belle’s underwear if both of them brought home a medal ? Both are clothing worn with close contact to your private parts. Why do people only find the one worn by female to be sick ?

What is wrong with displaying a worn underwear ?


Elvis Presley’s worn underwear was put up for auction back in 2012 although it it not hit the reserve price.

Are there no artworks depicting naked bodies in museums ? Are there no naked statues ?

There are tons of them all over. Then why do we not have an avenue for curious men and women to find out more about the different undergarments then the different gender wear ?

In Singapore, and many parts of the world, there are legal and acceptable ways for men to find out the colour of a ladies’ underwear. I offer you 2 options below.

Option 1.

Get to know her. Date her. Marry her. I kid you not, you will get to see the entire range of your wife’s underwear in all it’s glory. You get to touch them, you get to smell them, hell you could even wear them. It’s all good. Just make sure the pictures if any don’t end up online.

Option 2.

Become a Gynaecologist. During checkups, with the presence of another female nursing staff, you can look at your patient remove her underwear and show you her reproductive organ. And the best thing is you get paid for it.

So i strongly suggest all blog readers who have yet to decide on your profession to choose Option 2. There are not many occupation that combines watching women remove underwear and making money.

Aside from the 2 options above, there are not many options open for legal viewing and appreciation of undergarments. Which is why the country needs a museum of such nature urgently.

I know what to put in it, i know what the men want to see. It need not be a permanent exhibit, perhaps one where the offerings get refreshed twice a year.

The faster we get it up and running, the sooner it will rid the country of the upskirt pandemic because as of right now, no drug company is working on a vaccine that will stop men from taking an upskirt picture.

The project may not solve the lingerie stealing, upskirt taking pandemic but one thing we know for sure. If anyone is curious about lingerie from G-string to lacy bras to cotton panty, there is a safe and perfectly legal place for them to go to.

A place for them to see, to feel, to touch and to learn about the different undergarments and how they look.

I also propose that i run an adjacent gift shop staffed with pretty and friendly ladies who have no issues taking request with their personal undergarments’ with proceeds going to charity.

And i don’t want to hear anyone say this is a sick suggestion when it is as practical as it gets.

The country has a ‘four floors of whores’ in town and a street where men can walk in and pay for sex legally. We also have massage parlors offering special services on the side.

Why can’t we have something as simple as a lingerie museum ?

Build the museum and set aside the day to launch it.

Project National Upskirt Symposium is long overdue.


Ja S