This is a work of fiction

The life of a male domestic worker serving a elite family. A family with a weird and psycho daughter.

There are 2 classes of people in Singapore.

The elites and the farmers.

If you are unsure which one you belong to, I sorry to tell you, you belong to the farmer class like me.

Even within the farmer class, there are many classification.

I belonged to the lowest tier that makes a living doing manual labour.

I have a Polytechnic diploma but a diploma in this day and age is nothing.

I tried looking for a job for 6 months but was overwhelmed by competition.

People who are more hungry, who are smarter, and of course, those who are willing to work for lesser pay.

Not that I’m asking for a lot.

I’m looking for 1.6k a month.

Surely that is not a lot to ask for a guy with a engineering diploma ?

As my savings dwindled, I could feel desperation creeping in.

At 22, I have less than $500 in the bank, no job, and while I’m still staying with my parents, news of their retrenchment during the pandemic hit hard.

I no longer have the luxury of waiting around for my dream job in a industry I like.

I submitted my resume to a employment agency and was informed that I have been shortlisted by an employer for interview.

They were looking for a local domestic worker.

Someone who can help them manage every aspect of their elite lives while remaining invisible.

Why are they not hiring foreign maids you ask ?

The foreign maids had it with Singapore and many are returning home in droves. They no longer find it appealing to work in the country.

Their pay too has increased over the years, factor in the levies, the taxes and insurances, some families find that employing a local domestic worker might make more economical sense.

I went to the agency and I saw 4 other men around my age.

Fresh out of the army, jobless and drawing a blank about our future.

The interview process is crude and demeaning.

We stood in front of a mirror like criminals in a line up. Our prospective employer would stay behind the mirror and talk to us though the microphone.

We were not addressed by names, but by numbers.

I was number 2 that day.

Employer: number 2….. you mentioned you enjoyed gardening… do you have experience tending to gardens and plants…. ?

James : Yes… I do… I was the head of the gardening club back in secondary school …. And I volunteer at a community garden every week….

Employer : are you ok with staying in ? 5 days a week….?

James : Yes I am….

The employer went on to ask the other candidates different questions base on their qualifications and resume but the last question is always the same.

“ Are you ok with staying in ? “

All 4 of us expressed that we are ok to stay in the employer’s house during weekdays.

It’s not too different from the army anyway.

Then he dropped the bomb.

Employer : I have a daughter… she is 18….

I could feel as if someone dropped a stone on my chest.

The lot of us looked at each other in the room.

What does this mean ?

You see, I’m sure the 1st question on your mind is which family would willingly hire a man into their house to do their chores ?

It’s usually a woman’s work.

How could they trust the man to be around the house with their wives, their daughters ? A situation might arise and it can get messy right ?

Actually no.

The policy makers have it all thought out.

Temporary chemical castration.


Just like women taking a pill for birth control, a pill for temporary castration has been commercialised.

It renders your sperm inactive and stops you from getting erection.

When employers notify you upfront that they have a daughter, it’s usually the que to let you know, dude, you want to work for me, you have to take the pill.

You need to fuck up your own cock for money.

Number 1 and number 4 immediately expressed their desires to back out.

Number 1 : sorry… I wish to back out….

Number 4 : me too…

The 2 of them left the room and I shared a look with number 3.

It’s just both of us left.

It comes down to how desperate we are for a job.

Employer : so…. Number 2 and 3…. Are you sure you want to proceed…. ? I want to remind you…. You are expected to work hard…. From general cleaning to maintaining the house…. It’s not going to be a walk in the park…. The plot of land on which the house sits on is 18000 square feet…. The house itself is 3 stories…. And close to 6000 square feet in size….

I had no choice.

I needed the money.

He was offering 1.8k

Lodging and food included. It’s just work. It could not be worse than life in the military.

I nodded and so did number 3.

Employer : ok…. I am fine with both of you…. So I will let my daughter choose… see who she is more comfortable with….

There was a brief pause and then I heard a feminine voice speak out.

“ Number 2 … what is your name ? “

James : My name is James….

There was another pause before she spoke again.

“ alright James…. we choose you… “

I heaved a sigh of relief, finally landing a job.

A job as a local domestic worker.

It’s just domestic work right ?

How hard can it be ?

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