This is a work of fiction

A series of naughty decision ends in an unfortunate manner

This happened when I was barely 18 and it changed my life.

It changed me from the goody 2 shoes girl into the closet slut I am today.

I consider myself to be one of the better students in school. Not just in terms of academic performance, but also in terms of looks.

My hair reaches just beyond my shoulder, and my features are sharp and pleasant. The kind of look that when you are young, people will say I’m cute, but as I grow older, everyone says I’m pretty. People have said I looked like some Korean star in a girl band.

My breast grew faster than many of my classmates too during my puberty years. I think I was one of the few handful that hit a full ‘C’ cup in my cohort.

It may not sound like much but in a girls only school, that is a big deal. The look of envy on some of my less well-endowed schoolmates were evident whenever I see them look at my shapely body in the toilet.

At 17, I hit 1.65m in height and I am truly thankful for that pair of long flawless legs that attracted a lot of attention. I caught several male teachers looking my way many times in school, especially when I was sitting at the canteen with my legs crossed.

I may be young but I know the effect my body is having on the men around me.

I lost count of the times boys from neighbouring schools approach me at the bus stop or malls asking for my Instagram handle.

I don’t know why but I believe it’s something to do with my uniforms.

There’s something about that crisp white blouse that I wear with that signature blue pinafore. The belt around my waist accentuated my shapely figure and my long hairless legs is the cherry on top.

My friends love going out with me to the malls because of the amount of attention we are getting.

Sometimes if we are lucky, some older boys from Junior colleges would pay for our Starbucks drink or Carls Junior lunch.

I can’t explain it but when I notice them looking at my body in that manner, I felt this tinge of electricity. One that gave me the numbing cramps I would get during my period.

It’s not as intense, just a quick jolt that I associate with excitement and pleasure rather than the pain and inconvenience of my monthly cycle.

3 times a week, when we needed to hit the track or do something physical, I would look forward to showing off my sculpted body.

During PE lessons, when I changed into my running shorts and the full glory of my long legs come into view, I could tell my PE teacher had difficulty concentrating. Mr Liu is only 28 years old, one of the younger and better looking ones teaching in the convent school I go to.

I don’t mind being his girlfriend if he asks. He’s quite cute.

However, this story is not about Mr Liu.

It’s also not about my school year, or about my friends, or about the bitchy girls in the neighbouring class I don’t get along with.

This story is about me.

About me on an unfortunate rainy afternoon.

Looks and academic performance aside, I’m quite a good girl on the behaviour front. I only wear white bra under my uniform even though with the pinafore on, you cannot see what the colour is.

Some of my friends would go black, pink, apple green or whatever manner of colour you can possibly imagine. Not for me. I am a rule follower.

The school rules says plain white bra, and that’s what I wear.

Even my undies are plain cotton panty in white or grey.

It’s boring. That’s was my best friend Susanne says of my lingerie choice.


Well, unlike Susanne who has a boyfriend, I don’t. No one would see my lingerie. I know Susanne is trying hard not to show off but I could see it in her eyes. She has done it with her boyfriend before.

Yes, she has tried having sex with her boyfriend at his place.

In fact, I could read her like a book.

Just by asking what is she wearing under her school uniforms that day, I can tell if she is going back home to play the role of a good girl or she is going to get her so call mind blowing orgasm in her boyfriend’s bedroom.

I always pressed her for details but she can be such a tease at times, telling me vague descriptions along the line of ;

“ Not using his hands”

“ tied me with his school tie”

“ he likes me in my school uniforms “

“ the lace is itchy but he likes it”

Susanne is also another one of the good girls in class but beneath that façade, she is naughtier than me.

For my birthday, Susanne gave me a gift card. One from a famous lingerie brand. Too embarrassed to go in on my own, I made Susanne go with me and I regretted it.

The lingerie she picked out and the one I ended up buying, my parents would faint if they see it.

I don’t think I could bring myself to wear it out much less to school.

I thought I would never wear it but one day, I woke up and I felt a little off.

It was a Friday.

The skies were overcast, and the rain clouds were gathering.

My menses is about to come in the next few day and I know during this period, I would feel extra frisky. I probably would have to finger myself in the shower after school that day.

I undressed and somehow, I decided to be naughty that day.

Instead of the usual plain old bra and cotton panty, I took out the sexy lingerie I bought together with Susanne.

The material felt like ice. It’s cold to the touch.

Slipping on the G-string, I felt like a grown woman.

I put on the matching bra with lace trimmings and see through netting and it felt so snug and cooling on my firm breast. I orientated and looked at myself in the mirror, unable to resist how good my body is turning out as I grow.

I put on my white blouse and was suddenly thankful for the pinafore that covers my chest area. If not, the black bra would be so obvious under the white blouse.

I put on my pinafore and clasped my belt before doing a twirl in front of the mirror. A part of me wished someone will know how naughty I was underneath this good girl exterior.

Perhaps next time when I get a boyfriend, I would be able to show him.

I smelled my own socks that has not been changed for 2 days, still smells ok.

It’s Friday anyway. I slipped it on and adjusted it such that my school’s name is showing properly before putting on my canvas shoe.

I picked up my bag, checked that my phone is charged and there’s money in my wallet before I said goodbye to my parents.

Stepping out the door into the cool wind brought by the approaching storm, I felt a sense of exhilaration. Every step I take, I could feel the sensual material of the lingerie I was wearing rubbing against my skin.

If only I knew I chose the wrong day to be naughty.

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